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Return to 50 Fathoms Recap 2

Return to 50 Fathoms Recap 2, August 13, 2016 @ 9:00-11:00 P.M.



Character Bios:

Player Name: Summer

Character Name: Natsu Nara

Race: Masaquani

Archetype: Earth Mage

Hindrances: Bloodthirsty (M), Cautious (m), Habit (m: Responds to questions with sarcasm rather than answers)

Notable Edges: Arcane Background, New Power, Power Points

Powers: Armor, Bolt, Burrow, Elemental Manipulation

Appearance: Purple-haired, golden-eyed man wearing orange-brown robes.  

Personality: Looks down on everyone except Kierans and Kraken. Cannot help but be evasive and sarcastic when people ask him questions.

Character History: Natsu was sent as a guardian of the ship, Hikaru, on a trade voyage from Kiera to Swindon. They were shipping iron for lumber.  However, the ship was torn apart by a Great White shark off the coast of Torath-Ka and Natsu was the only survivor.  


Part 2: Headed out West
Scene 1, Day 6   

Red Pirate Roberts saw a Masaquani holding on to a piece of driftwood. Calico O' Malley removed her leather armor and swam out to rescue him. When the strange Masaquani refused to answer her questions once they were on board, Calico got mad and grabbed him. Calico fought with the struggling Masaquani all the way down to the empty cargo hold. Calico threw him inside and locked the door. Calico proceeded to look through the ship wreckage for salvage. Calico found 160 pieces of eight in a wooden chest, a spyglass, and a weapon crate with six spears inside. She pocketed the coins, gave the spyglass to Red Pirate Roberts, and distributed the spears to the sailor crew.


Equias Logbook Entry 2

Well my slumber during the day was interrupted by Calico grappling and dragging a soaked Masaquani into a cargo hold and locking the door as a makeshift cell 

Why was I asleep during the day? Well remember that I was nearly eaten by sharks and barely could hold on long enough to be rescued, makes a Scurillian real tied especially with me bum leg. Also half the crew gotta rest during the day lest you have no night crew. Even if you are just weighing anchor at night, you still need a skeleton crew to watch for storms and other threats. I also like writing at night, less chance of people peeping over my shoulder.

Calico was fuming. She was asking the male Masaquani questions and he was just insufferable. 

Calico asked, "Where did you head out from? Where were you headed?" He replied, "Somewhere to somewhere."
Calico asked, "Who were you with?" He replied, "People."
Calico asked, "What is your name?" He replied, "Someone."
Calico asked, "How did your ship sink?" He replied, "Check the teeth marks on the wood."
Calico asked, " What were you carrying?" He replied, "Check the bottom of the sea."

That last comment made Calico leave in a huff as she woke up the Atani to guard the new prisoner. The prisoner looked over his meager supplies and ate some rations while sipping from his canteen. The Atani and the Masaquani talked some more, but it played out similar to the conversation Calico had with him. After the conversation died out I got me some more shut eye.

Scene 2, Day 7   

[I drew a red face card which meant the Spanish Guild Junk privateer from last time appeared again.]

The group never saw the Spanish Guild Junk slip up next to them. With no cannons, they were forced to surrender. La Ventura boarded them and its Captain Roderigo demanded ship and cargo papers. Calico remembered that Equias worked for the Spanish Guild as a super in the past and went to get him. By this point, Natsu was running low on water and had gained a Fatigue level for Dehydration after his canteen ran out of water.

Equias Logbook Entry 3

Well my slumber was again interrupted by Calico O' Malley. The Spanish Guild privateers had caught them and demanded papers. Their captain had neglected to tell me that this was not a legal ship. They had scavenged the vessel on Torath-Ka and grabbed some of their original cargo from the wreckage of The Rebecca. The acting captain might be a decent pilot and navigator but she isn't much of a captain. She could have told me that they needed papers and I could have forged some to make the ship and cargo nice and legal and save her some money. 

Oh well, the captain of the Spanish Guild junk, La Ventura, was no fool.  Captain Roderigo saw money in a defenseless skiff. He made them pay for ship papers, 800 pieces of eight. They named the ship The Adrienne.  

[This made me chuckle, as our skiff in the original 50 Fathoms was named Adrien's Reborn.]

He made them pay for legal cargo manifests for the two Carroway lumber cargo loads for 160 pieces of eight. He had his sailors attempt to woo Senor Miguel to their vessel and cost the captain 50 silvers to pay him off early. He sold the captain a cannon, five casks of gunpowder, and 20 cannonballs for the low price of 1,000 pieces of eight. Well if I did the math right it would have cost 550 pieces of eight in port, a shrewd deal for Roderigo.  He offered to take the prisoner for 50 pieces of eight. The Atani gave him water and let him out for 25 pieces of eight. He offered 100 provisions for 100 silver, but they refused his offer.  Overall he bilked them for 1,960 pieces of eight. They looked demoralized, but maybe they don't realize that he was well within his right to impound our vessel and take it back to New Madrid. Fortunately for us, he is a little corrupt and greedy and would rather barter than waste the time towing a skiff back when there are bigger pirates about. Makes me wonder who he is really after in the area?  It took me most of the night and next day to finish the papers.

Day 10

Horventerous' last wound finally healed. 

Scene 3, Day 12

Red Pirate Roberts spotted a pirate galleon out to get them. With impressive maneuvering, Red Pirate Roberts prevented them from being able to strike the skiff. 

Rosetta fired the ship cannon but the glancing blow didn't affect the galleon.  

Horventerous fired a heavy water bolt but it deflected off the hull. 

Natsu seemed to glow with an orange aura and then fired a massive earth bolt that tore through the hull of enemy galleon. He seemed to use up too much energy and seemed to visibly tire. 

[Arcane Spike for three wounds!] 

The galleon turned to flee but Red Pirate Roberts turned the wheel to pursue. They fired their cannon and heavy bolts at the fleeing galleon, but they missed. 

Red Pirate Roberts maneuvered the ship up close. The cannon and heavy bolts missed again, but Calico O' Malley jumped ship. She swam across the gap between the ships, crawled up the wall of the galleon and then she squeezed inside the cannon porthole to get on the ship. 

Calico O' Malley popped into the galleon and slew two surprised pirates manning cannons below deck with the drop to count coup.   

Cannon fire and more heavy bolts struck the galleon. Horventerous' last water bolt hit the gap in the ship below deck. Suddenly a torrent of water rushed through the hole in the ship. Soon Calico O' Malley found herself below deck as it filled with water. Pirates fled for escape dinghies. Calico O' Malley snuck around the ship and found the pirate captain's quarters. She stole the captain's treasure chest with 300 pieces of eight inside.   

After the pirates fled, The Adrienne sailed alongside the galleon. The rest of the group scavenged the vessel, finding nearly 300 pieces of eight in coins dropped as pirates fled the galleon. Louis (Lois) and Rosetta managed to salvage a cannon and put in on board The Adrienne. The Adrienne was near sinking from weight at this point as they asked to try and salvage more stuff from the galleon that was sinking in four hours.

[Crew is 1 captain + 11, over the 1+7 for Skiff crew, 2 cannons, and 2.5 cargo spaces full. 2 full Carroway wood cargo and 1/2 a cargo hold full of gunpowder]

[At the end of the scene, Ellen used the New Henchmen card to upgrade Smithers to Henchman status (3 wound levels, still an extra) and the Sailors advanced, gaining the Survival skill at d4. They played the Whirlpool card on the Pirates, so several of the fleeing dinghies were lost to a mysterious whirlpool and many pirates and a veteran pirate died before they landed on Torath-Ka

Equias Logbook Entry 4

I woke up to the sound of cannons firing. I stumbled up to above deck and by the time I got up there, I saw that they had somehow destroyed a pirate galleon with one cannon and one mage. I gotta say I am impressed!  

[Equias hasn't seen Natsu use any spells yet.] 

They were strangely merciful, letting the pirates get away in dinghies. But then karma caught up with some of the pirates as whirlpools swallowed them up and sent them to Caribdus' depths. Then they went and scavenged the sinking galleon for a cannon. The skiff nearly sunk into the Pirate Sea when the second cannon came aboard. Any more weight and we are gonna have to start tossing cargo or crew overboard. Been there done that and don't want to do it again!

Scene 4, Day 13

Horventerous explored a sunken ruin and came back with two silver bracelets. Calico attempted to explore as well but came back empty handed. 

Scene 5 Day 14 Noon

The group arrived at Bluth's Crown. We ended session since it was 11:00 P.M.  

[End of Session]

XP: 2 (And it would have been 1 if they had not sunk the galleon, a major accomplishment).

Loot: Spyglass, 6 spears, 2 bracelets, 760 pieces of eight, 8 lb. cannon


   I used our two tablecloths to represent green land and blue sea on the tabletop. DramaScape's River Barge is used for the small fishing boat we are using as a skiff. Tri-folds used are from the 50 Fathoms Figure Flat Pack by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The 50 Fathoms metal miniature is also from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. I also used some HeroClix from WizKids for this one. 

River Barge


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