Friday, August 19, 2016

DramaScape Week Three August Release The Lair with 30% off coupon till 8/21/2016

Does your Super Hero need a home? Or perhaps you are looking for the Lair of a Super Criminal, then look no further. The Lair is an interior map of a hideout or secret base with a large disc-like structure (a vehicle site (a dock for boats and subs, ground car lift, or a launch pad for VTOL, helicopters, or even space shuttles) or large communications array, you decide), an upper platform detective/office room, a middle platform recovery/armory room, a lower platform (mostly substructures for the upper platform such as ducts and wires, but has a small satellite or surveillance dish), and a walkway that leads to an elevator. The lair is built into rock walls with murky water below. The lair is intended for use in modern or near-future SciFi games and makes a great addition to a supers or spy game in particular as a super hero/super spy or super villain lair.

And here is a link for 30% off, the link expires on Sunday 21st August

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