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[DramaScape] Fantasy World Map One w/50% off coupon that expires Sunday April 22, 2018

Fantasy World Map One

DramaScape World Maps Volume 01

This map product is a full-color, 48 x 30 inch, Fantasy World Map. The ZIP file includes VTT (virtual Table Top Images for online play).
Fantasy World Map One is a fantasy hex-base map of untamed northern tundra, muddy north center swamplands, arid center salt flats and desert encircled by a mountain range, landlocked western plains, and temperate south and east coasts.

Fantasy World Map One is intended for use in fantasy games as a regional map.

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Product Link

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[DramaScape] Gateway to the Underworld w/33% off coupon till 4/15/2018

Gateway to the Underworld is a single level exterior map with a west and east side of volcanic rock bisected by a river of fire. The river of fire is spanned by a bridge of stone and brick lined with spikes along its railings. The bridge leads to a path that ends at a hollowed out statue’s belly which has a cave inside that seems to lead inside the volcano or somewhere else.

Gateway to the Underworld is intended for use in fantasy or horror games. It could also be an interesting modern pulp map of an archeological ruin next to a volcano with a slow magma flow.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

[DramaScape] Submerged Highway w/33% off coupon that expires on 4/8/2018

Submerged Highway is a single level exterior map of a buried highway with vegetation growing on high ground and swampy water forming earthen islands in the center of the map.

Submerged Highway is intended for use in modern post-apocalyptic games. It could also be of use in a primordial or fantasy game set well after the apocalypse.

Below is the link for 33% off, this offer expires on Sunday April 8th

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[DramaScape] Magic Effects Figure Flats only $1

Magic Effects Figure Flats features twenty-four figure flat effects that can be used as ongoing spell effects by hanging them on top of other figure flats without basing them. The game master can also base them and use them as various elemental monsters, hazards, or traps. Magic using players could use these figures for keeping track of their character’s remaining magic strength or indicate various memorized spells with different color spell effects.

Magic Effects Figure Flats can be used in just about any setting as the fire and smoke effects can be used even in settings without magic.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Necessary Evil Recap 32: Junkyard Blues

March 24, 2018 @ 2:00 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.


Character Bio

Super-villain Name: Junkyard Dog
Secret Identity: Mad Maxine
Player Name: Bobbie
Race: Human
Archetype: Mechromancer (repairs and animates mechanical objects)
Hindrances: Greedy (M), Mean (Thus the Mad part of her name, sort of an angry grumpy character), Stubborn, Vengeful (M)

Powers: Animate Object, Attack Melee, Lair (Junkyard), Minion
Background: Maxine's mother died in childbirth and her father always resented her for it and treated her poorly. Maxine didn't really have any friends and instead loved the dogs in the junkyard. Her father shot the dogs and killed them. If he couldn't have the love of his wife, Maxine would be denied love as well. Maxine discovered her powers and turned scrap into Ash and Cinder, her two favorite metal dogs. She cornered her father and animated the baling press, forcing him onto the conveyor belt and crushing him into a bloody cube of flesh and bone. After her father's death, she owns the scrapyard. 

Before Game Setup:

I set up DramaScape's Junkyard map for the Junkyard Dog's lair.

Omega Cell 107 Report 32 

Wednesday January 5, 2005
Junkyard, Southpoint Star City

The Junkyard Dog noticed all sorts of smoke pouring out of the disabled school bus in the middle of her yard and investigated. There was a costume on a hangar outside the bus hanging from the busted left mirror. She saw an elderly German man wearing a gas mask and lederhosen inside with a smell of chemical smoke combined with vomit. The man introduced himself as Needlenose aka Valter Vittenbrink and wanted to know why she was bothering him while he was cooking combat drugs.   

Then some members of The Family appeared and tried to extort her for money. 

[Bobbie played sidekick on Ash, turning him into a wild card.]

Needlenose screamed out if any dregs wanted some combat drugs and several appeared behind The Family gangsters. The dregs and The Family fought with the Junkyard Dog looking on flabbergasted at a grand melee at her front gates. 

Needlenose put on his costume and attacked one of The Family gangsters with razor sharp threads but missed. He then closed into melee with one of the gangsters and his threads tipped with needles, nails, and screws ripped him into pieces. 

The Junkyard Dog, Ash, and Cinder opened fire on The Family gangsters, killing the last three men.  Ash and Cinder have fusion rifles placed in their mouths, an idea probably stolen from the V'sori hyper-drones.

Needlenose gave the three surviving dregs some combat drugs which they ate as they walked away, their reward for their protection of the scrapyard.  

[Bobbie played Spill the Beans on Needlenose.] 

Needlenose removed his mask showing a sallow, wrinkly face with sunken eyes consistent with drug addiction and told her his name was Valter Vittenbrink. He told the Junkyard Dog that there was a rent contract with his father in the junkyard office. The rental contract was a lease for the bus and free rent in exchange for services rendered including free combat drugs, medical expertise, and repair work.  

The Junkyard Dog realized that her father was a drug addict who had acted irrationally towards her because of his drug abuse. The death of her mother had driven her father into a spiral of depression and this man, Valter Vittenbrink, had supplied all the drugs he needed to continue further down the spiral. 

The Junkyard Dog asked to sample some of his free combat drugs. She took them to the rest of the Omegans and asked for a volunteer to try them for $100. Bubbles said yes despite nursing two wounds. She ate them and then zoomed around the room for a minute before barfing and weeping in the corner of the warehouse.

[It took Chessie's Extra Effort chip and Inspiration to succeed at the Vigor check after the drugs wore off with a Vigor -5 roll to prevent gaining yet another Hindrance.] 

The Junkyard Dog then went back to Needlenose and asked her if vomiting after was a normal side effect. The mad scientist told her that is was a normal side effect and the best result. Usually he ended up passed out in a pool of his own vomit after using. 

With the bodies starting to stink, Ruin made a chasm with his Earthquake power in his Earth form and started piling bodies inside. He grabbed three dregs outside who had passed out in a pool of their own vomit and threw them in as well. He turned into his fire form and burned the bodies, waking up the still alive dregs that ran screaming towards the gate only to be incinerated by Ruin's next cone of flame. Ruin threw the bodies back inside the grave. The Blood King pushed a bloody bale into the grave. Ruin turned back into his earth form and buried them. Needlenose asked them to stop shaking his bus while he was cooking and stop burning his customers. 

Ruin, "Looks like they are baked now." 
Needlenose, "Oh zat ist a good vone, carry on."  

Apparently, Needlenose just loves a good pun about a villainous act. 

Thursday January 6, 2005
Junkyard, Southpoint Star City

Wheeljack created a water purification system to make some brackish water he found in the junkyard pool into clean, clear water for the mostly Atlantean Omegans to re-hydrate inside a chipped bath tub he found.  

Ruin integrated a stealth suit into his fin combat armor and night vision goggles into his helmet's visor.

Wheeljack negotiated with Needlenose for help with his hacking device and he agreed for $2,000 at night after he was done cooking. Needlenose put a ridiculously looking satellite dish on the computer that was bigger than the computer itself and sent him on his way. 

The Junkyard Dog, Ash, and Cinder opened fire on The Family gangsters. 

Friday January 7, 2005
Junkyard, Southpoint Star City

Ruin got impatient waiting for Bubbles to heal so injected her with a Medi-Stim. 

[This was funny to me because a couple of days more would have given her a natural healing roll.]

Bubbles managed to approach The Blood King and the Junkyard Dog's mechanical dogs despite her robophobia. 

Ruin convinced the Junkyard Dog to go with them to get the rest of Capone's stash.

Friday January 7, 2005
The Docks, Southpoint Star City

After searching all over for Capone, they finally found him. Capone seemed shocked that the Longshoremen were all vampires, including the mob boss. What was news to Capone was stale to the Omegans though. Ruin gave Capone a cellular phone to contact the Omegans and vice versa so they wouldn't need to track him down next time. Then the Omegans headed downtown.

Friday January 7, 2005
Downtown, Star City

In downtown Star City, the Omegans saw a police cruiser sitting at a light. When the light changed the car's engine shut down. 

[Randall played Mechanical Malfunction.]

The SoCorp driver popped the hood and got out of the car, while his partner got out of the car and looked at the engine. 

The Junkyard Dog got out of the van and used her animate object power to animate the police car and make it cross the intersection while the light was green. The car hit the officer in the chest and he fell to the ground. Ash and Cinder used their fusion rifles in their mouths to shoot the two officers dead.

Ruin summoned a storm. He got in the car with the Junkyard Dog with Ash and Cinder in the back. As they approached the intersection he bailed and hit the parked car next to the cruiser just before it entered the intersection. 

[With the sudden storm, the Junkyard Dog failed to see the traffic light change and didn't put on the cruiser lights to gain control of the intersection with her critical failure on a Notice roll.]

Two cars smashed into the cruiser from both directions in the intersection. They were sent caroming into the fast food joints on opposite sides of the intersection. Somehow the police cruiser was fine, whether from its bulletproof armor, great control by the Junkyard Dog, or just plain dumb luck. 

[This was two collisions at 8d6 each, but only 4d6 twice to the cruiser due to the heavy armor of the elite police cruiser. Bobbie used Ace to get out of trouble on the high damage roll.]

She restarted the car and Ruin got back inside the passenger side of the car. Then they entered the police parking deck.

They found a blue spot that said handicapped and parked anyway. Ruin started a small fire to start the sprinkler system and set off the fire alarm. Wheeljack hacked into the police computer system to get a layout map of the police station and then hack into the cameras to cause a feedback loop on the security cameras. Ruin saw that the elevator took them close to the evidence room and they opened the door. Bubbles raced inside and had an immediate heart attack feeling her claustrophobia take hold of her but managed to recover as the elevator began moving up. Ruin took the elevator nearly to the second floor before engaging the emergency stop. The SoCorp elite police reacted by sending half their nearby men downstairs to check the parking garage and the other half aiming at the elevator door expecting subterfuge.

When the elevator door opened, the SoCorp elite opened fire but only managed to graze Cinder and the Junkyard Dog. Ruin countered by turning into his fire form and burning four of them to death with a cone of flame and activating the sprinkler system in the police station. 

When the police downstairs realized the Parking Garage and the cars were fine they headed back upstairs only to be sliced into pieces by Bubbles with her energy knife and Vibro saw. 

Ruin turned back into his human form and sliced the last SoCorp officer in half with his katana. 

The lone remaining officers in that part of the building guarded the prisoners and didn't leave their posts. Ruin turned into his earth form and grabbed the safe.

The Omegans took the stairs back down to the parking garage and headed to the van to put the vault inside. The van sped away and Bubbles used her rocket boots to follow the van. They used the cover of the storm to get away and headed back to the junkyard. 

--Dr. Destruction, personal journal records.

[End of Session]

XP: 2. Miss XP 1, Minimum XP = Heroic (61) 

Loot: $600,000 in gold bars



For the Junkyard Dog's base, DramaScape's Junkyard was used.  I used DramaScape's Downtown map for Downtown Star City, part of DramaScape's Parking Garage for the police station parking, and DramaScape's SciFi Police Station for the police station proper.


Figures and vehicles include those from HeroClix by WizKids and Necessary Evil Figure Flats and Modern Vehicles freebie by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. One of the police cruisers and the cars used are from DramaScape's Parking Garage

DramaScape's SciFi Police Station