Monday, March 19, 2018

[DramaScape] Downtown with 33% off coupon that expires 3/25/2018

Downtown is a single level exterior and interior map of a downtown intersection that includes a subway entrance with a food court specializing in pizza, an eat-in diner, a small enclosed park, a bank, a movie theater, and a bowling alley.

Downtown is intended for use in high-tech modern or near-future science fiction games. The bank makes it a good map for use in a heist game in a supers game or cyberpunk game.

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Monday, March 12, 2018

[DramaScape] The Clinic w/33% off coupon link that expires 3/18/2018

 The Clinic is a single level exterior and interior map of a longevity clinic.

 The Clinic is intended for use in near or far-future science fiction games such as cyberpunk, mystery, or horror in theme. The Clinic may also be of use as a high-tech facility in modern games such as a supers or spy game, for example a base for a super villain obsessed with the pursuit of ageless beauty.

An interesting twist could also be an anti-aging process at the clinic first resulted in years being taken off the client’s face and skin with wrinkles and stretch lines just disappearing. However, years later the process caused them horrifically fast aging then later death and reanimation, making the place ground zero of a zombie apocalypse in a post-apocalyptic game.

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Necessary Evil Recap 31: Supervillains gonna Supervillain.

March 10, 2018 @ 1:30 P.M. - 6:30 P.M.


Omega Cell 107 Report 31 

Monday January 3, 2005
Setsuna's Secret Brothel, Southpoint Star City

     Wheeljack made some Atlantean fuel and Wheeljack drove them to the docks. They fueled up the Atlantean Seahorse and headed to Maryland. 

Monday January 3, 2005
Maryland east shore, Sea Cave

     The Omegans crawled into the Sea Cave with dwarf-sized The Blood King carrying Wheeljack inside.
     Once inside, Wheeljack deciphered the Atlantean symbols to unfreeze Capone. Once freed, he opened up his secret weapon cache and grabbed some of his weapons including a Tommy gun. He gave the rest of the weapons to the Omegans, including some Energy Knives, Palm Blasters, and Octo Bombs. He told the group he was a clone of the original Al Capone, created by Colonel Clone himself. He also wondered what they did with the million gold bars in his secret safe with the note. The group told him Colonel Clone was dead and the state of the world. Capone asked where the action was at for smuggling and the group told him Star City's Black Market. So Capone asked for a ride to Star City. Ruin fiddled with the Palm Blaster to change it from a shooting weapon to a throwing weapon with the balls of energy created and thrown instead.

[Randall played Folk Hero, so gangsters may act more favorably to them after saving Capone.]

Tuesday January 4, 2005
The Docks, Star City

    Wheeljack took them back to The Docks at Star City and then drove them to the Farmer's Market. The Omegans traded with Willy the Fish and Capone got to see his operations in action. Wheeljack bought some scrap and had it shipped to a Southpoint scrapyard. Ruin and Wheeljack gave Capone some starting cash to begin a secondary Black Market.
Ruin and Wheeljack gave Capone some starting cash
    Suddenly Ruin realized that 1 million in gold bars are greater than 400,000 in gold bars. He asked Capone about the rest of the money. He told him that those crooked cops probably hid the rest of the money in the evidence room at the main police station downtown.
     To prepare to invade the police station, Wheeljack bought a personal computer to integrate into his wheelchair and then used a search engine to download a hacking program.

    Then suddenly, Shadowpool appeared. He grabbed Ruin and teleported away. When he returned, Ruin had been transformed. His base appearance was an Atlantean with blue skin, glowing blue eyes, and silver hair. He gave his Artificial Gills to Setsuna after taking his helmet off. 
    Then Setsuna activated her Decay power and tried to touch his arm. Ruin's danger sense activated and he hit her first with the hilt of his katana, knocking her out. Then Shadowpool grabbed her and took her away. When Shadowpool returned she was gone and he said he had dealt with her.

Tuesday January 4, 2005
Setsuna's Secret Brothel, Southpoint Star City

     The Omegans left Capone at The Docks and went to Setsuna's brothel. When two guards at the gate tried to stop them, Bubbles used her mind control to have one open the door and the other one follow the Omegans inside. 
    Inside, the Omegans saw Setsuna next to her last guard. She had been horrifically scarred; covered with wounds, pus, boils, and burnt skin. Where once she had been beautiful, she had become grotesquely ugly. 
    Shadowpool said, "You are still alive, the Plane of Fire should have scorched you to the bone!" 
    Setsuna turned to her guard and said, "Kill them. Kill them all!"
    The guard fired his Herokiller at Shadowpool, but the shot glanced off his armor on his arm. 
    Ruin turned into his fire form and spewed a cone of flame into the hallway. This set the hallway on fire and caused smoke to start to billow forth. 
    The flames made Bubbles hesitate and falter. Bubbles sent the bodyguards in with guns blazing to try and kill Setsuna but they missed.

[She has a weakness against fire so refused to enter the hallway.] 

    Wheeljack teleported outside and he put on a gas mask. 

[This prevents smoke inhalation damage.]

[Setsuna played Here Comes the Cavalry.]
     Suddenly demons appeared out of the flames that Ruin had created. Ruin thought he made them at first but then his danger sense told him they were foes. 

    Shadowpool left and returned with water from the shadowpool. He used it to douse the flames. But the water seemed to knockout Shadowpool and Setsuna's guard.

 [I burned my GM Bennies to keep the demons in it. The water of the Shadowpool had become tainted from Setsuna's disease. By removing it; he purified the Shadowpool while using a Golden Bennie to stay alive.]  

    The Blood King engaged the demons with its tail but missed.

   Setsuna's girls came out with Herokiller guns hidden from underneath the Champagne Stage.  They shot off Shadowpool's right leg and didn't hurt The Blood King. 

   Setsuna decayed away The Blood King's legs, causing immediate knockdown. Her demons attacked The Blood King with their claws and wounded its armor. 

   Ruin threw fusion grenades, blowing up Setsuna's girls and two of the demons but also the two bodyguards that were mind-controlled. 

   Bubbles used telekinesis to throw two fusion grenades which exploded two of the demons and blew off Shadowpool's left leg. 

[Chessie played Bull's-eye.]

    Wheeljack teleported in and grabbed what was left of Shadowpool. 

    Setsuna threw two fireballs, one that hit Wheeljack and Shadowpool but they survived and another one that caused a secondary fire in the hallway.

    The Blood King grew huge and crushed Setsuna before grabbing her and constricting her to death with her tail. 

[Randall played Deadly Blow with his Destiny's Child card play.]

     The Omegans ran from the burning and collapsing wreckage of what was once their home for a time. 

     Wheeljack used a Medi-Stim on Shadowpool which healed his wounds. Wheeljack asked the Dark Goddess if he was alive. She told him he was in a coma but yet lived.

Tuesday January 4, 2005
Junkyard, Southpoint Star City

      The Omegans went to the junkyard that Wheeljack had his purchased scrap sent by Willy the Fish. Miraculously their possessions from the base had been thrown away here by Setsuna trashing them in her red mist. 
      Wheeljack paid the Junkyard owner 100K to get back their possessions, have a right to building on the property, and unlimited scrap for vehicular repairs. 

[The 100K goes to Bobbie's new character who owns the junkyard.] 

      He set up a new workshop and repair center. He used scrap to fix The Blood King's legs and build Shadowpool two new metal legs. Then something strange happened.  The nanobots seemed to integrate the legs into the nervous system of Shadowpool and the legs moved around independent of the sleeping body for a bit before stopping as if stretching. Wheeljack checked and it seemed like the nanites were not degrading naturally and were instead multiplying in Shadowpool's body. He was becoming some sort of cyborg blend of machine and man.

[David took Construct for Shadowpool's Heroic New Powers advance] 

     With that the Omegans began building yet another lair with their third lair destroyed and plotted on how to enter the police station to steal the rest of Capone's gold bars. 

    After they get their affairs back in order maybe we can do something productive like fighting our real enemies in the V'sori and their lackeys.

--Dr. Destruction, personal journal records.

[End of Session]

XP: 2. Miss XP 1, Minimum XP = Heroic (60) 

Loot: None