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The I am getting married, Wedding and Honeymoon Map Sale! 75% off select titles.

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Norman Church

Arabian Fortress 2
To Preserve Our Vows

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Medieval Dining Hall

To the Honeymoon Launch Pad via train:
Metro Station
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A launching pad to the moon:
Steel Fort

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Vanguard Shuttle

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Space Station (in Luna orbit)
Lunar Battlemap

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[DramaScape] Abandoned Nuclear Reactor w/33% off coupon link that expires 6/24/2018

Abandoned Nuclear Reactor is a single level exterior and interior map that depicts a four room above ground nuclear reactor and ten underground turbine rooms, with a surrounding fence and southern gate.

Abandoned Nuclear Reactor is intended for use in modern or post-apocalyptic games. It could also be of use in near-future science fiction games or cyberpunk.

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[DramaScape] Fantasy World Map 02 with 75% off coupon link ($1 map) that expires 6/17/2018

Fantasy World Map Two is a fantasy hex-base map of four islands born from dormant volcanoes while a fifth island has a still fuming active volcano. The surrounding ocean itself is rife with hazards like shoals and whirlpools that make navigation throughout the islands difficult.

Fantasy World Map Two is intended for use in fantasy games as a regional map. As a series of islands it makes the most sense for use in fantasy pirate or black powder pirate settings.

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[DramaScape] Abandoned Factory Loading Bay w/33% off coupon link that expires 6/10/2018

Abandoned Factory Loading Bay

Abandoned Factory Loading Bay is a single level exterior 48 x 30 " map map of an outdoor loading area next to a factory. The building is overgrown with vines and the ground covered with rubble. The P has fallen off the sign on the roof which once said Povers, but now looks like Overs from the ground.

Abandoned Factory Loading Bay is intended for use in modern, horror, or post-apocalyptic games. Note that this is an abandoned area with overgrowth and rubble and may also be of use in modern urban fantasy/cyberpunk types of games.
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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Necessary Evil Recap 33: Can we keep it?

May 18, 2018 @ 2:00 P.M. - 6:15 P.M.


Before Game Setup:

     I set up part of DramaScape's Fast Food Diner map for the 19th Hole Restaurant and a part of DramaScape's Golf Course map for the 18th fairway. 

Omega Cell 107 Report 33

Friday January 7, 2005
Junkyard, Southpoint Star City

     The Omegans split the money up 5 ways between themselves and Capone or 120K each. Capone left for The Docks to continue setting up his own version of the Black Market with the money.

Saturday January 8, 2005
Junkyard, Southpoint, Star City   

     I sent the Omegans footage of a fight between the Silver Sentinel and the Cosmic Robot showing the Silver Sentinel's defeat and footage of Champion's victory over the Cosmic Robot in Rolling Hills. Now with my spies reporting a V'sori excavation at Rolling Hills Golf Club in Prospect Point, I fear the V'sori will find the Cosmic Robot and free it from its underground burial. So I decided to send my most destructive Omegan cell to deal with the potential problem. 
     The Omegans needed to get into Prospect Point, the V'sori military stronghold in Star City and the Rolling Hills Country Club, the most heavily defended non-military base in the area. I had arranged for my agents to sabotage a truck filled with greenskeepers due to the club for work. This meant the club would need some additional greenskeepers. The Omegans needed to pass a job interview to get on the crew. Due to metal detectors they would need to discard or disguise metal items meaning most of their weapons and armor wouldn't be available for use on the mission and no walkers or dogs. For this Omegan crew, going on a covert mission like this might be their greatest challenge. I had their interviews scheduled for Monday January 10. 
      Ruin called Capone to get him an invisibility suit. Capone told him he would see what he could do for him. Ruin made a sword cane of sorts disguised to look like a trash grabber but actual hid his katana inside. Ruin prepared by training in stealth techniques.

[An excellent use of McGyver.]

      Wheeljack created a pair of robotic legs with the Invisibility power by temporarily transferring The Huntress' Invisibility Device to the metal legs.  He created compartments in the legs to store covert items like Capone's special weapons. Capone's special weapons are made of materials meant to get past metal detectors. The Energy Knives have a hilt of wood with leather wrappings with energy cells inside, the Palm Blasters are made of ceramic with energy cells inside, and the Octo Bombs are made of glass.   

[Randall used That One Issue Where... to make the legs + Invisibility 5 PP.]

      Bubbles hid her Energy Knife.

Monday January 10, 2005
Rolling Hills Golf Course, Prospect Point, Star City 
      The Omegans were interviewed by the head greenskeeper Bill Webb. 
     Maxine went first. Bill asked for her resume and she didn't have one prepared. Bill lamented the work ethic of her generation. Maxine took an oddly confrontation approach with Bill and when it didn't work she used her crocodile tears to get him to hire her. 
     Meanwhile, Ruin was listening at the door and found out they needed resumes. Ruin had prepared one as had Wheeljack. 

[Ruin used his Scavenger edge and Wheeljack used Get Savage for Scavenger to pull the resumes out.]  

      Ruin was asked about the trash picker and the megaphone he was wearing by Bill Webb. The trash picker was for cleaning the greens and the megaphone for amplifying his voice. Bill told him he was the head Greenskeeper but he could keep the megaphone to relay orders. When asked about special skills Ruin showed his prowess by fixing a broken leaf blower. Bill didn't ask for a resume, as Ruin had shown enough preparation and skill to get the job. 
        Donald was asked about the metal legs. He made up a story about how he was once in the U.S. Navy. He lost his legs when the V'sori attacked and barely survived. Bill asked for his resume and reviewed his military experience. He claimed to be a skilled driver and demonstrated it with a golf cart. 
       Chloe simply used Mind Control to get the job and a pay raise to pay grade II.

Wednesday January 10, 2005
Junkyard, Southpoint, Star City  

      Capone called Ruin about the invisibility suit. Capone had a stealth suit modified with a Z-belt generator designed to create a field that amplified the stealth suit's cloaking effect and lasted until an attack was performed. The invisibility effect would only work once then it would need to be recharged. Good enough to get in or out of trouble but not both. Capone wanted 200K for the suit, but settled for 130K with 70K later. 

Thursday, January 11, 2005
Rolling Hills Golf Course, Prospect Point, Star City

     The Omegans went to their first day on the job after background checks and drug tests were administered. My agents dealt with these by changing the background checks and making Chloe's drug test negative after she tested positive for Met-Z.  They were working the 18th fairway close to the 19th Hole. 
      The Junkyard Dog and Wheeljack slipped away as Bubbles and Ruin continued working. The Junkyard Dog animated a concrete barricade and used it to kill two of the V'sori patrol drones before moving it towards her. The drones fired back at her but missed, one leaving a hole in the ground just in front of her. The Junkyard Dog used her fists to punch a hole in a drone as her concrete barrier crushed the other drone. 
     Meanwhile an invisible Wheeljack teleported inside the closed restaurant.

     As the laser shots fired, the greenskeepers dropped prone and dove for cover as Bubbles and Ruin slipped away after realizing Wheeljack and the Junkyard Dog had already gone on ahead of them.

     The Junkyard Dog used her concrete barrier as cover to block the laser attacks of two drones.

     The Junkyard Dog knocked out a drone then had her concrete barrier crush the other drone in the corner of the building and then she used it for cover. Wheeljack teleported further into the building and then outside on the left side of the building before teleporting inside the V'sori Mbuna. From the crew section he teleported to the cockpit.
      Bubbles found it hard to make up ground without her rocket boots. So she set up a duplicate, deployed her energy knife, and then used her telekinesis. 
      Ruin summoned a storm and then used his water form's speed to reach the Junkyard Dog's barrier. 
       The V'sori floating on a gravity disc said something excitedly in V'sori. The gravity disc was emitting a light straight down into a large hole. Inside the large hole six Fins were digging furiously.

       The Junkyard Dog directed her concrete barrier wall forward and looked down into the hole. She saw a golden robot in the center of the pit. She stopped the animation of the concrete barricade and tried to animate the cosmic robot. Her flesh rent and blood seeped out of the wound and entered the pit. This awakened the robot and it whirled in a circle, killing all six Fins. 
        Ruin turned to his fire form and killed the V'sori on the floating disc. The second fireball sent the gravfield generator falling on top of the robot. The generator shattered without a scratch on the Cosmic Robot. The Cosmic Robot seemed to gleam in the sun and gain energy and power. Ruin retreated and returned to his water form to concentrate on bringing the storm. 

       Wheeljack maneuvered the Mbuna and did a spin, killing two of the drones, but the spin was stopped by a concrete barrier. The two remaining drones ran from the Mbuna they were guarding.
       The Cosmic Robot climbed out of the pit and grabbed the concrete barrier. He then swung it at the surprised Junkyard Dog. The concrete barrier struck her and crumbled around her. 

[Bobbie played Out of the Frying Pan Into the Fire.] 

      The Junkyard Dog used her animate object power to create four concrete barrier objects but was wounded by concrete falling debris when she released herself from her concrete prison. 
       Bubbles arrived with her duplicate and attacked the Cosmic Robot at a distance with her energy knife, wounding it.
       Wheeljack maneuvered the Mbuna away from the concrete barrier, teleported to the gunner seat and opened fire on the Cosmic Robot, killing a concrete barrier but wounding the Cosmic Robot. 
       The Cosmic Robot swept with its energy claws and destroyed the concrete barriers and Bubble's duplicate.  
        Ruin's storm brought clouds that blocked the Cosmic Robot's sun absorption. 

       The Junkyard Dog used the rest of the concrete barricade to create another animated concrete monster before retreating. 
       Bubbles made another duplicate and attacked again with her energy knife, wounding the Cosmic Robot again. 
       Wheeljack shot the Cosmic Robot and it fell over while disintegrating the rest of the concrete barrier.
       Ruin's storm arrived and then he used a lightning bolt on the Cosmic Robot. It whirled back to life. 
       The remaining drones fired and killed Bubble's duplicate and missed and hit one of their drone allies. 

        Bubbles sliced open two of the drones. 
        Ruin used his lightning power to kill the last drone. 
        Wheeljack opened fire on the Cosmic Robot and knocked it over again. 
         The Junkyard Dog ripped off the Cosmic Robot's Arm. 

         Ruin used his katana to slice the robot in half and Bubble slashed off its other arm. The three Omegans took the four parts to the Mbuna and they flew out to the Atlantic Ocean, dropping off a leg. They returned to the Junkyard and buried the arm and leg of the robot at separate ends of the facility. Shadowpool took a piece and removed it to his lair. Hopefully in so many pieces it won't reform again so easily. 

      The Omegans managed to defeat the Cosmic Robot even somewhat constrained by my mission orders.  I think the Omegans are finally ready to enact the plan to assault Satellite 15, the primary control station of the V'sori drones and begin a counterattack against the alien scum. This is it. Our last and best chance to save the Earth from alien domination.  

 --Dr. Destruction, personal journal records.

[End of Session]

XP: 2. Miss XP 1, Minimum XP = Heroic (62) 

Loot: V'sori Mbuna had the Fin's gear inside 6 Fin Combat Suits that they took off for being too hot while they were digging.



DramaScape's Fast Food Diner map for the 19th Hole Restaurant with the Parking Lot extended map removed. 1/4 of DramaScape's Golf Course map for the 18th fairway.


Figures and vehicles include those from HeroClix by WizKids and Necessary Evil Figure Flats. Some tri-folds used are from Interface Zero Figure Flats. Golf carts from DramaScape's Golf Course. Note that almost all DramaScape products are 50% off for our 6th year Anniversary until the end of May!

DramaScape's Golf Course