Monday, June 26, 2017

Return to 50 Fathoms Recap 15

June 23, 2017 @7:00-10:30 P.M.



As the group went down a different jungle path to avoid the moving tree area, they found a different kind of plant predator. 

Stripe failed to notice the large plant creature and was taken by one of its tendrils into the plant creature's massive maw. 

Red Pirate Roberts shot at the plant creature but couldn't seem to get through its thick, bulbous base. Sailors struck at the tendrils with their spears, managing to stab through one of them. 

Horventerous cast water bolt but the plant creature just gulped the water by opening its large mouth. 

[I soaked for the plant creature.]

Manuel cast stun but the spell didn't seem to affect the plant creature much. 

[Made some Parry -2 markers to keep track of the wild attackers/trick results.]

Unk swung on a vine over to the plant creature's side and tried to slash at the plant creature's bulbous base but couldn't cut through it. Suzu stabbed through one of the plant creature's tendrils with her spear. 

The plant creature sent a tendril at Unk and engulfed him as well. The creature's digestive juices almost stripped the flesh off of Stripe, but Unk shattered a bottle of tequila with his hook and threw the contents on him. The alcohol seemed to neutralize some of the acidic enzymes of the plant and Stripe was left quivering in pain, but alive. 

[Chessie played Lucky Break to save Stripe from being digested.]

[Ellen played Stashed Away to get a final shot for Red Pirate Robert's gun.] 

Red Pirate Roberts shot again, but the plant creature's thick outer cuticle covering and epidermis blocked the bullet. Her sailors continued to battle the tendrils, defeating another couple of them. Stripe struggled but couldn't free himself from inside the plant creature's pitcher.

Horventerous attempted a second water bolt, but the plant creature drank it down in one gulp much like the first attack. 

[I soaked for the plant creature.]

Manuel slashed a tendril in half with L'Espada de Vampiro.

Suzu stabbed through another tendril. Unk struggled but could not free himself from inside the pitcher.  

With over half the tendrils gone, the group noticed many decaying Red Men bodies beneath the plant creature's bulk. It would seem Ugaks (and Half-Ugaks) is its main food source... 


The plant creature sent a tendril at Suzu and put her down its gullet as well. 

[It is getting kind of crowded in the plant creature's pitcher--three characters are inside (on the right)!]

Horventerous stabbed at the base of the plant creature, but his bone sword didn't seem to cut it very well. Manuel slashed another tendril in half with L'Espada de Vampiro.  

Red Pirate Roberts used her grapple gun to fishhook the plant creature's maw on the right side, wounding it. Her sailors stabbed through another tendril. Stripe managed to swim up the plant creature's pitcher through the hole made in the plant creature's mouth and escape. He ran forward along the path screaming in disgust as he was covered in mucus, water, digestive juices, and tequila.

Suzu managed to escape by following Stripe out and using Red Pirate Robert's grappling hook and rope to rappel down to the jungle path after leaving the plant creature's maw. Unk struggled to free himself.

Red Pirate Roberts retrieved her grappling hook.  

Unk used his hook to slash the plant creature from inside and hurt the plant creature's inner pitcher.

Horventerous fired a water bolt at the plant creature's base. This time it pierced the plant creature's pitcher and the gushing water pushed Unk upward out of the creature's mouth and he grabbed a vine and swung down to the ground. 

Horventerous healed Unk and made sure Suzu and Stripe were okay. 

Horventerous and Stripe became more fatigued as the heat wave dehydrated them. 


As the group approached the beach, zombies appeared from the depths of the Torath-Ka Sea! But the remaining giant crab came out of the beachhead and used its pincers to grab one of the zombies and drag it under the sand!

 [I had to use poker chips to weigh the figures down due to fan action; the humidity was unbelievable following the trail of thunderstorms and remnants of Tropical Storm Cindy.]

Horventerous cast water blast to eliminate three of the zombies. 

Red Pirate Roberts ordered her men to surround her.

The zombies trudged forward slowly. 

Suzu charged at a zombie with her spear and stabbed it through the heart. 

Red Pirate Roberts had her men charge forward with their spears and stab the last zombie multiple times. 

After looking for the giant crab, the group ran into the Torath-Ka Sea to cool off from the heat wave and stave off death from dehydration.

DAY 91

The group rested and Unk healed one of his wounds from the bed rest.

DAY 92-94

Stripe spotted a pirate ship twice on their journey, allowing the group to avoid it twice.


The pirate ship that had been pursuing them turned away after watching them approach The Gullet. 

Red Pirate Roberts navigated The Gullet despite nearly crashing into the rocks at one point in the journey. The group spotted a ship in The Gullet with a green figurehead but decided they would get it on the way back. 

After entering The Teeth, Unk and Horventerous took off their armor. Stripe, Unk, and Horventerous swam to the geyser in the center with Unk managing to hold his breath despite the rough waters. The trio was shot up to the bottom of the island seemingly suspended in midair by the geyser, but both Unk and Stripe couldn't hold on to the slick bottom of the island. They both plummeted to the water below but managed to dive in perfectly. 

Unk tried again to ride the geyser up but failed to cling to the rock a second time and nearly died from his second fall. Unk returned to the ship and Manuel healed one of his wounds. 

Horventerous climbed a third of the way up the slick bottom of the island before tiring. He decided to cast fly from his scroll to get up the rest of the way.

[Fortunately, the scroll case from the sunken library was waterproof with wax ends and Horventerous quickly replaced the wax cap after removing the fly scroll.]

When Horventerous made it to the top side of the island, he was accosted by a red, green, and blue-colored bird. After enduring the bird's chatter and telling it he wanted to save the world, Horventerous strode past the annoying bird and entered the tower door. 

"So you figured out how to use the front door, how novel!"--Talking Bird

Horventerous had already passed the wind trial by reaching the tower and then figured out the puzzles and traps of the trials of earth and fire. He then easily swam through the water trial to reach Tressa the Red's chamber. 

[Andrew wondered why the rest of the three trials were so easy, and I told him it was because how difficult The Gullet (Red Pirate Roberts on a complication faced a Boating roll of -5 at one point) and the wind trial featured multiple -4 rolls. I'm not writing out what happened during the Earth and Fire trials, because I don't want to give the puzzles away.]

Tressa the Red explained that after the initial flood, the world continued to flood albeit more slowly, likely because of the Sea Hags' dark magic and how she was trying to slow it down with her powers. She told Horventerous that the group would need a container of water from Earth untouched by the waters of Caribdus, the True names of the Sea Hags, and a ritual of spreading the water and saying the True names of the Sea Hags over Ograpog, now the Devil's Cross in the Flotsam Sea. She said that water from Earth may be found in a new ship arriving in the Flotsam Sea and that a gem called the Tears of Lys was capable of granting visions to those in great need and may be able to lead them to the True names of the Sea Hags. She told him that the Tears of Lys were last in the possession of a fire mage called Tomas de Orinjo serving on a privateer vessel patrolling the Grey Isles. Tressa gave Horventerous a book called The Strange Tale of Tarth. Horventerous soon figured out that it was a tome that when read would grant the reader a new spell. She also told him of the Wreck of the Carcanus in the Teeth below that had magical sails that may be of use to their ship if they could be cut from the sunken wreckage. The Teeth would part for them to allow them to return to the Torath-Ka Sea and continue their journey.

With that Horventerous flew down to the ship aided by Tressa the Red's magic. He tried to heal Unk but could not. 

Stripe used his spyglass and found sharks infesting the water near the sunken Carcanus. Red Pirate Roberts turned the ship wheel and they headed towards the crashed ship... 

[End of session]

XP: 3


LOOT: Tome



I used our green tablecloth for the land of Torath-Ka with DramaScape's Fantasy Roads for the Jungle Path in Scene 1 and made some tendrils using Armor Grid Games and Miniatures Hex Grid Print Bases Blank Field freebie from the WarGamersVault. DramaScape's The Landing is used for Scene 2. 


Tri-folds used are from the 50 Fathoms Figure Flat Pack PDF and a metal 50 Fathoms miniature by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Heroclix by WizKids are used for some figures. The figure flat for Unk is from Deadly Missions Mercenaries by Grey Matter Games. I used a VHS tape of the Little Shop of Horrors for the massive Snapjaw. 

Fantasy Roads

GM Section

Well it took fourteen more sessions, but the group made it to Plot Point 2! It's funny seeing how similar this was to my original group. A captain who refused to even try to swim up there. A Kehana who tried hard to get up there but failed. And only the Kraken mage succeeding to get up there.