Thursday, June 1, 2017

DramaScape June Week One Release Diving Room w/30% off coupon link good till 6/4/2017

Diving Room includes two small maps of an interior diving room in a mobile exploration rig for exploring underwater areas. One map version has an empty center pit while the other map version has the center pit flooded with green water with algae or plants floating on top.

Diving Room is intended for use in near or far-future science fiction games. It could also be a high tech facility in a modern game. The room with the green goo could also be a radioactive sludge in a post-apocalyptic game. Imagine a fight along the walkways surrounding the pit with knockdowns into the pit having crippling or deadly consequences. The map can also be of use in horror games.

This map can also be used as a SciFi sewer map. The green goo represents sewage with it purged in the empty center pit map version.

Finally it can be used in a terrestrial base or even spaceship/star station as a place where the group can sneak into a high tech facility through its pipes. 
And here is the link for 30% off, the link will expire on Sunday 4th June

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