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Return to 50 Fathoms Recap 13

June 9, 2017 @7:00-10:00 P.M.



After harvesting giant crabs for their meat along the Torath-Ka beach, the group heard rustling in the jungle. Unk ran into the canopy to investigate and found five Red Men with clubs. Unk then hid next to the rocks and heard breathing on the other side. Unk clambered across the rock and found a Half-Ugak woman hiding next to a bush and rocks.

"Little brother is that you? Unk?"--Half-Ugak woman
"Who are you?"--Unk
"Don't you remember your big sister, Suzu?"--Suzu
"Why you still here?"--Unk
"The Redcoats took you and your mother after killing father. I had different mother, didn't survive childbirth. I was out hunting when they found you three. Been on own since then"--Suzu 
"You are not alone anymore, big sis."--Unk 
"The Red Men want to sacrifice me, summon walking god, big fish to eat your boat. Chase me all the way here. Ran out of area to run, so hid."--Suzu 

Red Pirate Roberts stumbled on the rocky beachhead but remained upright. She heard bits and pieces of the conversation between Unk and Suzu. 

The rest of the group entered the foliage and found the Red Men who spotted them as well, as they weren't as stealthy as Unk had been approaching them. 

The Red Men ran at the group and Manuel cast Stun to slow them down. Horventerous hurled three water bolts and took down two of the stunned Red Men. Sailors flanked Manuel and deflected the club strikes with their spears.  One sailor got bashed in the head, but got right back up again shaking his head. 

[Ellen played Flesh Wound to save one of the sailors.]

Red Pirate Roberts walked through a bush to reach Suzu and Unk, but the bush started firing thorny darts at her. The sailors attacked with their spears but missed the Red Men.

"Don't go near that bush, it's a Thorndart Bush!"--Suzu

The Red Men attacked back with their clubs and one of them smashed Manuel in the ribs. A deafening crack was heard and he gasped for air before going unconscious with a faint wheezing the only sign of him remaining alive. 

Horventerous cast a heavy bolt and took out one of the Red Men on the left flank. 

Unk came out of hiding, swinging out of the hiding place with vines as the Thorndart Bush needled him but couldn't pierce his thick hide. Unk swung down on a Red Man and decapitated him with his long sword. Suzu ran away from the Thorndart Bush and followed Unk.  The Thorndart Bush ejected needles at her but hit the rock instead.

One of the sailors stabbed the last Red Man through the chest and he dropped. 

The group gathered 40 pieces of eight from the dead men. Horventerous healed Manuel. They decided to go into the jungle with this crew of nine; Unk, Horventerous, Red Pirate Roberts, Suzu, Manuel, Stripe, and three sailor extras--Emilio, Pedro, and Rafael. 

[Andrew played Renown for saving Suzu.] 

[As is the nature of Savage Worlds, I thought this would be the easiest fight, and it lasted the longest compared to the much more deadly poisonous creatures to come. If the group had made Stealth rolls, the Red Men only rolled a 2 notice, so they could have avoided this fight easily by hiding too but only Unk and Suzu hid.]


The sailors and Stripe were hit with heat exhaustion as they cut through the thick jungle but found a dirt path later in the day. Some of the group thought they saw the trees move that had purple flowers sprouting from their branches. 

Horventerous skipped ahead and thought about any magical trees he may have heard about in his magical studies but couldn't think of any. Unk ran ahead and slashed down one of the trees with his long sword and tripped the other one with his hook to fell the tree creature. Suzu similarly walked forward and couldn't remember anything about tree creatures.

[That Clueless Hindrance kicking in there after her earlier Success.]

Horventerous was horrified when he saw the tree creatures pick up their roots and move towards him on their fronds. The purple tree branch flowers opened up to reveal thorny fronds with poison sacs. Then the trees stabbed Horventerous in his two shoulders, severely wounding him, and he dropped to the ground paralyzed as several poison sacs burst around his face and neck. 

Manuel cast Stun to slow the trees around Horventerous down. 

[One great thing about paper miniatures is that you can modify them as needed with sharpies. I added the flowers to the branch limbs with sharpies. These tree creatures are from DramaScape's Fantasy Creatures Paper Miniatures set with printable top downs and figure flats for the tabletop.]

Unk swung ahead using jungle vines and slashed down the tree that had injured Horventerous the most. Suzu charged and stabbed with her spear but missed. 

Red Pirate Roberts, Stripe, and the crew ran ahead to help Horventerous. Red Pirate Roberts fired her pirate pistol at the other tree to the right of Horventerous.  Her shot splintered the tree trunk and felled the tree creature. 

The remaining tree creatures moved forward and struck Unk and Suzu. Unk was severely injured but shook off the poison. Suzu was paralyzed by the other tree creature. 

Manuel cast Stun to slow the remaining tree creatures down. 

Red Pirate Roberts directed Stripe and her crew to spear the tree creature attacking Unk. The tree creature fell to multiple spear punctures but Stripe fell over after missing his attack. Then she aimed at the tree creature attacking Suzu and shot off its left branch with her pocket pistol.

Manuel healed Horventerous, who then healed himself, and then they patched Unk up together.

As the day wore on, Horventerous and Stripe grew more tired as they began to suffer from dehydration. 


As the group approached a jungle river to help stave off the jungle heat and save Stripe from death, they were ambushed by giant centipedes. 


The giant centipedes surprised the entire group. One giant centipede bit a sailor in the neck and he dropped. Then he vomited while unconscious. The same thing happened to poor Stripe. Unk was bit in the neck and vomited too, but remained standing despite being severely wounded.

Red Pirate Roberts fired at the giant centipede and her shot simply bounced off the creature's thick carapace. The sailor's spears likewise simply deflected off the giant centipede's exoskeleton.

Horventerous directed a heavy bolt at one of the giant centipedes and the wave of water crushed it in between the force of the wave and the rock the giant centipede was crawling on. This squished all of its legs and it slid off the rock dead. 

Unk seemed enraged and directed a flurry of blows at the giant centipede that bit him. His initial strikes were blocked by the insect's armor, but then he grabbed the centipede's head with his hook and flipped the creature, sliding his long sword into the creature's mouth and slashing down the creature's weak underbelly. 

[Chessie played Adrenaline Surge to have Unk make four attacks!]

Suzu stabbed the remaining giant centipede with her spear right down the creature's throat, disemboweling it.

Horventerous and Manuel healed the sailors and Unk. 

[Ellen made sure her sailors survived with Bennie use to get the Vigor 8 roll needed to stay alive. Why 8? Both Wounded + Poisoned, so much harder to survive.]

The group swam in the Jungle River to remove their heat exhaustion and dehydration for the moment.

DAY 87

The sailors tired again as the group approached the volcano.

As the group neared the volcano, it suddenly erupted!

[Andrew played the Volcano card, so everyone will get an extra adventure card next session, but an active volcano makes collecting that lava for their Bluth's Crown quest much more difficult!] 

XP: 2


LOOT: 40 pieces of eight from the Red Men


I used our green tablecloth for the land of Torath-Ka with DramaScape's The Landing for Scene 1 for the Torath-Ka beachhead, Jungle Path from Fantasy Roads for Scene 2, and Tropical Cataract for Scene 3. Tropical Cataract is fairly useful in Torath-Ka as a location for Kraken and Kehana to get a chance to hydrate by immersing themselves in water and for characters to get fresh water, but also a good spot for ambushes. 

Tri-folds used are from the 50 Fathoms Figure Flat Pack PDF and a metal 50 Fathoms miniature by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Heroclix by WizKids are used for some figures. The figure flat for Unk is from Deadly Missions Mercenaries by Grey Matter Games. Stun tokens also from Deadly Missions. DramaScape's Fantasy Creatures Paper Miniatures tree figure flats were used for the Slap Trees in Scene 2.  

Tropical Cataract


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