Friday, June 23, 2017

Tracking those pesky power points.

One of my players, Andrew, was having a tough time of it keeping track of two different characters with power points. Which can be a hassle with paper and a pencil tracking. The simplest hack is a life counter, Magic the Gathering has these, work well for both power point tracking and spell duration. The problem with this solution is how many times these tip over. We also have an evil black cat with a white goatee named Oreo or Ninja (but I call him Meowth, destroyer of game worlds). He likes to jump on the table and completely negates this solution by tipping dice over.

"Oh no, a Gargantuan cat!"

I came up with a different solution with these circumstances in play. I grabbed the dice cups from Liars Dice and got some Axis and Allies small poker chips (you could use pennies too instead for a single mage power point pool, but I needed two different colors for this player to track two different mage power pools). These smaller poker chips won't get confused with Bennies, because their smaller size compared to the normal ones. I brought out 25 small red poker chips (Horventerous' pool) and 15 small blue poker chips (Manuel's pool). So instead of paper tracking or life counters, each chip represents a power point. When you spend power points throw a like number of chips into the cup. When you regenerate power points each hour (or faster with Recharge edges), take a chip out of the cup. Works well for Player Character and Game Master alike. Try it out and see if you like the method on the tabletop! 

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