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Return to 50 Fathoms Recap 14

June 16, 2017 @7:00-11:00 P.M.



As the group neared the volcano, it suddenly erupted!

[Andrew played the Volcano card, so everyone got an extra adventure card/play this session, but an active volcano makes collecting that lava for their Bluth's Crown quest much more difficult!] 

Horventerous had the core group (The three player characters, Manuel, Stripe, and Suzu) drink from an environmental protection potion with six doses. The empty flask shattered upon the sixth dose being used.

[This had a terrible curse on it from a Pandora's Box play, which had me drawing Adventure Cards during most sessions for a long while. I thought about having the flask regenerate doses rather than shattering it, but the Pandora's Box card was used by Matt when playing Lorlo for only one session. I also let the environmental protection essentially confer immunity to heat/fire damage. Which isn't the case with a normal environmental protection spell, but I made it more powerful because of the price they paid from the curse over the course of over half the sessions so far.]

Horventerous also cast succor to rid Fatigue from Stripe. 

The group had the sailors without the protection of the potion retreat into the jungle and they neared the volcano through a grass plateau. Suddenly a cave in the volcano exploded and four fire salamanders were propelled out. The leader of the fire salamanders told his men to get the gold, as he summoned a fire elemental. 

"Get the gold then kill thessse intrudersss!"--Fire Salamander Elementalist

The salamanders went after the melted pieces of eight by swimming in the lava and using their bodies to adhere to the gold. 

[I made sure to make that Greedy Hindrance really "stick".]

Unk overcame his pyrophobia and approached the volcano, but inhaled smoke and was forced to flee into the jungle due to his wounds and increasing exhaustion. Suzu followed and with an incredible Smarts roll knew that a damp cloth would protect against the smoke. She ripped a piece of her dress off and used her canteen to make it wet and then placed it over Unk's mouth. Unk decided to just run away with the rest of the crew and Suzu to the "safety" of the jungle...

[Andrew used Sailor's Faith to help Unk with the Fear Test, but the smoke inhalation and wounds caught up to him in this encounter.]

Manuel and Horventerous used their knowledge of arcana to figure out the weaknesses of the fire salamanders and elemental. Manuel cast stun but missed as he was distracted avoiding an incoming fireball from the volcano.

The fire salamanders moved down the lava river picking up more gold on their bodies. Their elementalist cast smite on their cutlasses and the fire elemental's fist. The fire elemental propelled searing flame forward but Manuel and Horventerous were unaffected.

Horventerous cast blast for the first time, leaving most of the enemies Shaken

[I got a Raise on Abu's Smite but he was Shaken, so I spent a Bennie to prevent a Wound from the blast.] 

Red Pirate Roberts barely dodged a fireball due to her peg leg. She ran up and shot at the fire elemental but the shot didn't seem to affect it. Stripe ran in and used a flask to grab lava from the river. 

The fire salamanders continued down the lava river collecting gold with their bodies. The fire elemental tried to punch Manuel but Manuel was unaffected. 

Manuel cast elemental manipulation to create a gallon of water to try and douse the fire elemental but it didn't seem to be anywhere close to enough water in the present hellish environment. 

Horventerous drew his bone sword but swung and missed the fire elemental. 

Red Pirate Roberts fired her gun at a salamander but the shot was deflected by its melted gold exterior. Stripe avoided a magma burst and ran away with the flask.

"I got it! I got it! Hahaha!"--Stripe 

The fire elementalist dropped the ineffective fire elemental and drew his cutlass, then charged the water elementalist enemies with his men. Manuel and Horventerous parried away their attacks with their swords. Manuel countered by casting stun on their leader. The salamanders seemed to have their golden exterior start to harden after they left the lava...  

[This effect caused Agility and related skills and Pace -1 but +1 Toughness.]


Horventerous stabbed one of the fire salamanders with his bone sword and was pleased after deducing that bone wouldn't be affected by their melting ability. 

[It's also effectively a magic item in a Kraken's hand with Bone Sword & Armor Edge.]   

Red Pirate Roberts fired at their leader but it seemed like it was absorbed by its golden exterior. Stripes ran into the jungle with the flask of cooling lava. 

Manuel stabbed a fire salamander and his body crumpled. Blood was drawn along La Espada de Vampiro's blade to the vampire's mouth on the hilt, and Manuel seemed to grow in musculature suddenly.

The fire elementalist and his last salamander stabbed at Manuel desperately, now afraid of being absorbed into the blade. Manuel was wounded in the gut but managed to block the other salamander's attack.

[Chessie used We Stand Together to stop another wound to Manuel by spending player character Bennies. The smite effect and fiery body didn't work, but they could still do d10+d6 or 2d6 damage each with their cutlasses.]

Horventerous cut down another fire salamander after dodging a fireball. 

Red Pirate Roberts fired a parting shot at the fire salamander before retreating after a couple of fireballs battered her.  

Horventerous cast a heavy water bolt that left the fire salamander wounded just before Manuel stabbed him to death with L'Espada de Vampiro. The blade was left bloodied but the vampire on the hilt didn't absorb the blood. Horventerous grabbed the fire staff of the fire elementalist and lent an arm to the wounded Manuel as they fled more fireballs and choking smoke. 

Horventerous cast succor on those who had inhaled smoke and healing on Manuel. With the lava of a Torath-Ka volcano in their possession, the group headed south through the jungle to return to their ship. 

Horventerous and Stripe became heavily dehydrated as they walked through the much hotter jungle as a massive heat wave from the volcano made the jungle sweltering.


As the group approached a jungle river, Stripe spotted a large 30' tall reptilian creature eating the remains of the giant centipedes. The group decided to quietly get into the river to cool off from the heat and dehydration. Unfortunately they cannon balled into the river and made a lot of noise, drawing the attention of a form that shimmered with the waves which bit one of the sailors, poisoning him into near total paralysis. After biting, the creature became visible as a banded red, yellow, and black 20' long snake.

Horventerous used his new fire staff to barbecue the snake but the smell of charred meat brought the attention of the other creature in the area. The reptile let out a mighty roar as it stepped on the hard carapace of one of the giant centipedes which left the sailors all shaking in terror. 

[Andrew played A Stone in My Boot on the Tyrex.]

With a sudden burst of effort, the creature shook off the giant centipede and ran towards the group at full speed.

Unk used climbing to get out of the water and grabbed Suzu first and Red Pirate Roberts later out of the water. 

[Chessie rolled a 12 on Climbing so she got to hoist two other characters out of the water when they failed their Climbing rolls.]

[Ellen played Cursed Zone on the Tyrex.]

The sailors swam out of the water and started to retreat from the creature to the other side of the river on Red Pirate Roberts orders.

Horventerous cast a heavy water bolt which merely seemed to make the creature mad. 

Manuel swam to shore. He tried to taunt the creature but it merely roared in response.

The creature charged at Horventerous but came up short.

Red Pirate Roberts shot at the creature but its thick hide and mass simply blocked the shot. Her crew continued to retreat.

Unk used rope monkey to jump on top of the reptile's head with a vine swing. He jumped on top of the creature's head repeatedly to fluster it. He thrusted his long sword into its right eye and scratched its cornea. Suzu tried to jam her spear into its unmentionables but fell just short as it whiffed in between the leg and unmentionables. 

[Chessie used Barrel of Monkeys to get free Trick rolls for Unk. Unk has D10+2 Agility from Acrobatics, so pretty good chance with no MA penalty.]

Horventerous cast a heavy water bolt at the reptilian creature's mouth but it simply drank the water down its massive gullet.  

Manuel fired his grapple gun and hit the creature in its right shoulder. Red Pirate Roberts followed with a hit to its left shoulder with her grapple gun. One of her sailor's disobeyed her order and came back to her and tried to pull the creature down with the attached rope but had no chance against the creature's great bulk.

The monster swept its head low and bit Suzu. She fell over bleeding out of her right shoulder. Unk barely held on due to the hooks and ropes giving him hand holds. 

Manuel tried pulling on the rope too, but couldn't move the monstrosity's massive weight. 

Unk seemed to get extremely mad and pulled at the two ropes around the reptile's neck in a V pattern to entangle the creature's head and neck. Then he stabbed it in its left eye and shoved his long sword into its brain. The beast fell forward dead and Unk grabbed the two ropes to rappel down to the ground. The huge falling creature barely missed crushing Suzu as it landed.

Horventerous healed Suzu and they cooled down in the river before walking south through the jungle.  

[End of session]

XP: 3


LOOT: Scepter of Fire



I used our green tablecloth for the land of Torath-Ka with DramaScape's The Crypts and a Chessex map for Scene 1 for the Torath-Ka volcano with some alterations to the map using Armor Grid Games and Miniatures Hex Grid Print Bases Lava Field freebie from the WarGamersVault. The Crypts has a lava river in the middle of its third map (the volcanic crypt) which I used as the main lava flow in the scene. These freebies are pretty awesome for bases you can use to alter terrain on the tabletop (Circles, squares, hexes, pills, etc.). The 50 mm circular bases are also the same size as Small Burst Templates, so you can use them for SBTs with fire, ice, or entangle effects with the lava, ice, or jungle fields. They even have blank ones that you can draw on and modify as well for free! DramaScape's Tropical Cataract is used for Scene 2. 


Tri-folds used are from the 50 Fathoms Figure Flat Pack PDF and a metal 50 Fathoms miniature by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Heroclix by WizKids are used for some figures. The figure flat for Unk is from Deadly Missions Mercenaries by Grey Matter Games. Stun tokens and Abu also from Deadly Missions. DramaScape's Lost World Miniatures were used for the Tyrex in Scene 2.  

The Crypts

GM Section

Hazard Table for Scene 1
Roll 1d6
1-2: Agility roll or be hit with 3d10 Magma damage from a Fireball from the Volcanic Eruption (Fire +Earth damage)
3-4 Vigor roll -2 or gain 1 Fatigue level from Heat (As per the Heat Wave Torath-Ka Hazard)
5-6 Vigor roll or gain 1 Fatigue level from Smoke Inhalation from ash

Style-wise this is similar to some Shaintar Epic Combat Hazard Tables but specific to this encounter. Essentially its Fire/Heat/Smoke.

Stats for the Wild Card Salamander from Scene 1 if any 50 Fathoms GMs want an interesting opponent of about Seasoned Rank/30 XP. I choose Relics to fit the picture and equipped them to this character. As for the pieces of eight, they melted in the lava flow when their volcanic lair exploded.

♠ Abu, Fire Salamander Elementalist
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills: Climbing d6, Fighting d8, Notice d10, Spellcasting d10, Stealth d8, Swimming d4 (Lava only) 
Pace 10 +d10 Run, Parry 6,
Toughness 9 (4) or 13 (8) Head 50% chance

Hindrances: Greedy (M), Small
Edges: Arcane Background (Magic), Combat Reflexes, Command,
Fleet-Footed, New Power Points x 2, New Power: blast  

Gear: Magical Cutlass (Str+d6, Fireproof),
Magical Pot Helm (Armor +4, Head, 50% chance, Fireproof, WT 2), Scepter of Fire (Range 5/10/20, Damage 2d6-3d6 Fire, RoF 1-3, 10 Power Points, Fireproof), 600 pieces of eight in lair

Special Abilities:
  • Fiery Body: See 50 Fathoms Explorer's Edition
  • Spells: Abu has 20 power points and knows the following spells: blast, burst, smite, summon fire elemental 
  • Weakness (Water, See 50 Fathoms Explorer's Edition)  

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