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Necessary Evil Recap 26

April 30, 2017 @ 1:00-7:00 P.M.

Before Game Setup: DramaScape's City Hall + CityScape Tiles for the outside streets + Office for interior buildings.

I simply set up the DramaScape City Hall and Office map pieces for later with the outside streets for the first encounter and the street out front for the later mission. If I had more room I would have added in some more DramaScape CityScape Vol 1 tiles to the end of the table, but I only had about 4 inches of table space left to work with so ended up not being able to put the sidewalks in on the other side. The cars are extras from DramaScape's Parking Lot
Wednesday, November 17, 2004
Southpoint City Streets, Southpoint, Star City

The Omegans were returning to Setsuna's Secret Brothel when they saw The Pugilist about to take on eight members of The Family on the streets after they came out of their blue and green four-door Crown Vics and drew their guns. 

The Omegans decided to intercede on behalf of The Pugilist. Bubbles did a backflip out of the V'sori Barracuda and landed on her feet, punched her rocket boots as she landed and propelled herself at two of the gangsters. She used her sai to stab one in the back as her Vibro Saw cut the one in half in front of The Pugilist. 

"You are a right pretty bird, eh? Sawing enemies in half and seeing their blood spurt this way and that is a good show!"--The Pugilist

Setsuna shot the V'sori Barracuda's heavy laser at the gangsters and hit the green Crown Vic instead.   

Wheeljack decided to roll over a Crown Vic and as many gangsters as he could with the V'sori Barracuda. The maneuver ended with a The Family gangster caught between the teeth of The Barracuda with his back to the building. 

[Randall played Here I Come to Save the Day to accelerate the Barracuda 20 to 40 x 2 = 80. So 80/5= 16d6 Collision Damage. The V'sori Barracuda didn't take any damage...crushing people and stationary Crown Vics ain't too much damage to heavy armor vehicles. That spin and hard brake was at -6, Wheeljack still got a Raise with Ace Edge and an Ace on the Wild Die.]  

The Pugilist punched a nearby gangster and laughed at the other gangster trapped by the V'sori Barracuda.

"I'd punch you too but it's not sporting seeing as how you can't move, bloke."--The Pugilist  

"I don't gotta move to wax you, freak!"--The Family Gangster 

The gangster shot at him in response but missed with ricochets off the Barracuda's teeth shattering the glass revolving door of the building. 

"You can't aim either eh? Blind and immobile, not a challenge at all!"--The Pugilist

Bubbles mind-controlled the gangster to not move.

Wheeljack prevented the V'sori Barracuda smashing into the building with a 90-degree spin, eviscerating the last gang member with the teeth of the vehicle and crushing the blue Crown Vic with a hard stop.

The Pugilist and Bubbles got into the vehicle and Setsuna immediately lost it, remembering their previous encounter at the illegal arena in the now demolished Southpoint High School. 

"I am not here for you. We already tumbled in the arena! I'm here for Blondie!"--The Pugilist

Setsuna unexpectedly drew out her Rocket Launcher and aimed it at The Pugilist inside the V'sori Barracuda! Ruin wasn't able to stop her as he suddenly grew a new leg!

[Kevin played Rise Up! Rise Up! to prevent the surprise move after his Danger Sense failed. He then used a Bennie and played That one Issue Where.]

Fortunately, Bubbles was quicker and used her Mind-Control to stop Setsuna. Setsuna couldn't remember why she even drew the rocket launcher and she had forgotten the entire encounter with The Pugilist. 

[Bobbie rolled a critical failure for her opposed Smarts roll, so I added a Mind Wipe, but only for the Arena scene.] 

Setsuna put away the rocket launcher, but The Pugilist wouldn't shut up about the events in the arena even after she claimed she had forgotten them. This made her angry again, so she grabbed Ruin's leg and threw it at him. 

The Pugilist grabbed the leg and hit her with it, but her K'tharen combat suit absorbed the blow. 

"Do you really want me to beat you up again?"--The Pugilist

"You never beat me in the first place!"--Setsuna

"Looks like I done beat you so hard you got brain damage.
"How many fingers I am holding up then?"--The Pugilist 

After some more arguing, Bubbles and Ruin finally got them both to calm down and they headed back to the brothel.

Wednesday November 17, 2004
Setsuna's Secret Brothel, Southpoint, Star City 

Setsuna refused to let The Pugilist inside, so they left him outside. 

"It's rather rude to close the door in the face of a guest!"--The Pugilist 

They heard some loud banging outside. When Setsuna's bouncer tried to stop him knocking, The Pugilist disarmed him of his Vibro blade and shoved it in his gut. Then he punched right through the front door.  

"Knock Knock and all that then. Well well this is nice place you got here, look at all the birds in this nest of iniquity."--The Pugilist

Ruin saved the bouncer and fixed the front door.  

Setsuna was infuriated but Ruin got her to see reason and they decided to make him a new bouncer for the brothel. 

Thursday November 18, 2004-Wednesday November 24, 2004
Setsuna's Secret Brothel, Southpoint, Star City 

Wheeljack made some modifications to his vehicle. He used the spare scrap from the V'sori Barracuda to make a separate van and remove the transformation ability from his walker as well as add a tail to the walker as an extra limb. He equipped the heavy laser of the Barracuda to his walker and kept the light lasers in the van. He removed The Huntress' invisibility device amplification from himself and instead modulated it to cloak his walker to substitute for the now gone stealth paint at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean with Lemuria. Wheeljack purchased Secure Access technology from Setsuna to replace the lost feature on his walker. The only thing missing was his AI. He got some supplies from the medical bay and his workshop and made some Atlantean fuel to put into the Atlantean Seahorse in Warehouse 21.

[Randall got a Raise on Knowledge (Chemistry) despite his d4 from Gifted and he played Hidden Stash with a Bennie to gain 2 fuel canisters worth of Atlantean fuel.]

Ruin rested for five days to heal a wound in the med bay.  Ruin tinkered with the VR helmet to bring it back online for Bubbles after hearing about Wheeljack's plan to recover The Blood Queen's AI. 

Bubbles trained for five days by throwing rocks into the windows of abandoned buildings.

Setsuna sulked for many days, unhappy about The Pugilist being at her lair and his mouth that never shuts up.  

Thursday November 25-Sunday November 28, 2004
Setsuna's Secret Brothel, Southpoint, Star City to Warehouse 21, The Docks, Southpoint, Star City to Lemuria Ruins, Atlantic Ocean Floor and back. 

The Omegans left The Gladiator to watch The Pugilist and they took the van to Warehouse 21. They unloaded the two fuel canisters, putting one in the fuel tank and the other one into storage on the Atlantean Seahorse. Ruin placed the VR helmet on Bubbles to avoid her claustrophobia again, loading the OpenField.exe program. 

They spent Thanksgiving on an Atlantean Submarine eating TV dinners. No one felt particularly thankful. The planet was still under the control of the V'sori and their K'tharen pawns. Human, Hybrids, and Atlanteans still sold out each other to the aliens for their own survival. Lemuria was gone, destroyed by the V'sori. So many Omegans dead because of the traitor, Edwin Rawls or killed trying to fight the alien invaders.

The Omegans found the remains of Lemuria at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean after a day of searching. They spent another day searching through the wreckage until they found The Blood Queen's Black Box and AI before returning to Star City.
Monday November 29, 2004
Setsuna's Secret Brothel, Southpoint, Star City

Wheeljack reprogrammed the AI of The Blood Queen, making the voice masculine and changing it back to The Blood King. After pieces of the old AI resurfaced he reprogrammed the walker a second time, leaving it a blank slate. 

I told them that their next mission was to kill the mayor of Star City, Jerry Perez on live television during his State of Star City  Speech. I wanted to show the world the fate of those quislings who cooperate with the V'sori and become their lapdogs like Edwin Rawls. I even offered Omega Cell 107 a bounty of $50,000 each to assassinate the mayor.  

They planned to have Setsuna infiltrate the audience for the speech, dropping her off with the van.  They left The Pugilist and The Gladiator at their lair.

[Bobbie played Windfall for the perfect outfit and Dressed to Kill with a Bennie. She ended up with a white dress, sun hat, panty hose, and white gloves in an outfit that Marilyn Monroe would have been proud to wear.]  

Tuesday November 30, 2004
City Hall, Downtown, Star City 

Setsuna managed to get through the metal detectors without a problem and get into the audience.  
Meanwhile, Ruin snuck onto the second floor just above the mayor, avoiding a security guard.  


"In 2004, Star City has had one of our best years ever aided by our V'sori and K'tharen friends. We purged much rebel scum from the streets of Star City and destroyed their main base near Star City..."--Star City Mayor Jerry Perez

Ten minutes into his speech, Setsuna ran towards the mayor. The SO Corp Elite Bodyguards drew their stun batons but couldn't move fast enough to intercept her. She offered the mayor flowers.

"Mayor Perez I am your biggest fan, please accept these flowers...and a hug!"--Setsuna 

The Mayor tried to grab the flowers but jumped back as she tried to touch him. Setsuna activated her decay power. Her gloves disintegrated and the flowers she was holding wilted away. She hugged the mayor and he screamed in pain as his suit disintegrated and flesh, tissue, and muscle on his back atrophied.

Bubbles sprang into action, opening the door of the van, moving through the revolving door, up the handicap ramp and right up to the mayor with her super speed rocket boots as the SOCorp guards drew their stun batons but couldn't catch her. She stabbed the Mayor with her sai in the side of his ribs and he fell over on to the podium taking Setsuna with him. Bubbles used her Vibro Saw to cut one of the mayor's SOCorp bodyguards in half.    

[Chessie used Deadly Blow to double her damage on the Mayor. It was pretty brutal, he was bleeding out.]

Ruin tried to stab through the floor with his katana, making a sword-sized whole in the floor with cracks.  He used his Vibro saw to cut a circle into the floor and it fell downward onto the first floor. The chunk of marble smashed into the mayor's head and Setsuna's back. The podium beneath them splintered and the mayor's head burst like a watermelon hit by Gallagher. Setsuna was left disorientated and in pain as her spine twisted from the marble hitting her back, lying on top of the headless mayor. The SOCorp techs cut the satellite live feed but not in time to prevent the gruesome scene from playing out on live TV. Let all those Quislings who work with the enemy know that there will come a reckoning. 

[I still can't believe I rolled like 20 Agility rolls for Interrupt an Action and didn't get a single Ace on the Extras with held actions. So they all lost their turns while drawing weapons as the PCs just obliterated the Mayor.] 

Bubbles grabbed Setsuna and used her super speed to get them back to the van. The citizens got down on the ground cowering under their seats as SOCorp officers dropped their stun batons and brought out their light machine guns with HeroKiller ammunition, using the doors as cover as they fired at Wheeljack's getaway van. The van was too heavily armored but they did scratch the paint of their own police car with errant shots. The Blood King fired upon the SOCorp police and killed a few of them. Wheeljack waited for Ruin to get back to the van.

Meanwhile, the guard upstairs drew his pistol and told Ruin to freeze or he would shoot him. Ruin turned into his fire form upstairs and killed the security guard with fireballs while setting the office on fire. The smoke detectors and fire alarms went off and the sprinkler system was activated. Ruin got back to the window he entered through and slammed to the ground in true super villain fashion. He turned into his wind form and used his super speed to getaway.   

More and more SOCorp police got to the doors and started firing. With too many bullets firing at his van, Wheeljack decided to drive off without Ruin. The SOCorp police got to their squad cars but weren't fast enough to catch Wheeljack with his head start and their cars sluggish from all the bullet holes in them.

Ruin and Wheeljack's van headed back towards Setsuna's Secret Brothel. I wired $50,000 to their bank accounts; hopefully they use the money wisely to prepare themselves for even more dangerous missions to come.  

[Randall played Sidekick on The Blood King with a Bennie, which gives him a wild die and two Bennies starting next time]. 

--Dr. Destruction, personal journal records.

[End of Session]

XP: 2 Heroic, 3 Veteran. Miss XP 1, Minimum XP = Veteran (50) 

Loot: 50K each


Figures and vehicles include those from HeroClix by WizKids and Necessary Evil Figure Flats by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Van and police cars are from Pinnacle Entertainment Group free Modern Vehicles available for download on the PEG website. DramaScape maps and figures used are from City Hall, CityScape Vol 1, Office, and Parking Garage (see setup).  

City Hall

City Hall and Office are also part of our Modern Floorplans Bundle which is a bundle that is 75% off for our Fifth year DramaScape May Anniversary Sale. $240 dollars of maps for $60 (65 maps, less than $1 per map too!)


GM Notes:

Interesting session as the combat was maybe six rounds total over the three separate scenes with the rest roleplaying, downtime, and preparation.  

The group has asked to play Saturday rather than Sunday, so I don't know when the next session will be due to many factors, one is I don't want to miss any Cleveland Cavalier playoff games if I can help it. The other is two holidays this month, Mother's Day and Memorial Day so are skip weeks in general too.

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