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Necessary Evil Recap 18

August 21, 2016 @ 1:00-6:00 P.M.




Saturday August 7, 2004
Lemuria Secret Base

I sent the group a courier in an Atlantean Seahorse. I sent them a note with the Teleportation Tube. Press the Red Button to go to Atlantis and the Blue Button to return after you procure the Crown of Atlantis from the Temple. The Omegans entered the teleportation tube one by one...

The Omegans snuck by a K'tharen patrol and approached the Temple of the Four Seas. They noticed broken bits of Fin armor and weapons on the temple steps. 

Wheeljack summoned The Blood King and then used it to jump to the door. As The Blood King opened the door, a massive swarm of beetles tried to attack the massive robot but couldn't get through its thick armor. 

Suddenly, the Atlantean amulet that Baron de Villain carried shined with bright light as he approached the temple. The guardian beetles seemed to part for the wearer of the amulet. 

The Blood King stomped on the beetles, leaving black and red blood on the robot's legs and feet.

Ruin changed to his fire form and tried to burn the beetles, but they were too tough. 

Bubbles used her telekinesis to "stomp" the beetles on to the temple steps. 

Baron de Villain stepped into the temple and the light of the amulet revealed a temple wall with a star map and a mosaic of two groups of similar humanoids fighting, one with technology and one with magic.  One group stayed and the other fled for the stars. 

Then a madman sitting on the throne screamed.

 "You can't have The Crown of Atlantis! The swarm says so!"--Mad Atlantean Priest.   

He ran forward and launched a bolt of blue-black energy at Baron de Villain. 

[Ted played Not Today!]

The spell missed Baron de Villain and struck the swarm. The blue-black energy seemed to open up a small rift and swallowed up the swarm into some sort of abyss before the rift closed. 

"No, not the swarm! My only friend!"--Mad Atlantean Priest

The priest took cover behind a table with two wheels on top adorned with ancient Atlantean characters. 

Bubbles rushed into the room and tried to mind control the mad priest. Unfortunately for Bubbles, trying to control the mind of a madman backfired. 

"The swarm is gone...I'm all alone...Why friend!"--Mad Atlantean Priest in Bubble's mind from telekinesis

The mad Atlantean priest had Bubbles use her telekinesis to attack Baron de Villain but the bits of rubble bounced off his armored suit. 

[Chessie critically failed her Mind Control roll so Bubbles ended up controlled instead.]

"Bubbles has turned on us. Ruin knock her out with the flat of your katana."--Baron de Villain.    

Ruin changed from his fire form to his human form and knocked Bubbles out by smashing her across the face with the flat of his blade.  

[Very curious behavior/tactics, knocking out your ally rather than the enemy controlling her mind.]

When will Omega Cell 107 stop turning on each other I wonder? By now, one would expect them to fight more effectively as a team. You knock out the mind controlling your ally, not your ally! Fools!

The Blood King couldn't come inside, so Wheeljack simply fired its heavy lasers at the priest. But the mad Atlantean Priest put up a magic force-field that blocked the lasers. 

Then he did it again against Baron de Villain's wrist-mounted bolt thrower.  

A second volley from The Blood King wasn't fully deflected, leaving the mad Atlantean priest bleeding out of his blue-black robes with ancient Atlantean characters.  

"Ruin, I need that priest alive. Don't kill him."--Baron de Villain.  

Ruin used his katana's scabbard to knock out the mad Atlantean priest. 

"No, I've failed you oh Goddess of the Four Seas..."--Mad Atlantean Priest 

Baron de Villain found the Crown of Atlantis; a golden crown embedded with blue gems behind the dais and put it on. As if a mere Hybrid could use the crown. 

"Do you really think you can wield the power of the Crown of Atlantis? You are merely a half breed. Your blood is impure."--The Atlantean Goddess of Darkness and Deception

Ruin grabbed Bubbles and took her outside the Temple of the Four Seas before laying her on the ground.

The Blood King picked her up with its left hand.

Baron de Villain grabbed the mad Atlantean priest and placed him on top the table with the wheels. Then he stabbed him with the priest's own sacrificial dagger right through the heart. He kicked him off the wheel casually, and then spun the wheel. He saved sacrifice him. To some ancient Atlantean God or to merely power the wheel. I don't know which.

As the wheel spun, a small ball engraved with an ancient Atlantean rune bounced from section to section, like an ancient roulette wheel, getting bloodier with each spin round. When it landed, Baron de Villain ripped off his helmet in triumph. His face changed from the light blue of Hybrid to the full blue of an Atlantean.
"I am pureblood now! Ah ha ha!"--Baron de Villain 

Wheeljack stared in shock as the Baron changed from Lemurian to Atlantean. 

Meanwhile, sixteen K'tharen Fins had come to investigate the commotion in two squads of eight from two directions


Setsuna rushed to one of the groups of four Fins. She used her touch powers to decay the armor and kill one of the Fins as well as weaken the armor of the second Fin. 

Ruin changed to his fire form and threw two balls of fire, missing one Fin on the left and killing the one on the right with the weakened armor.   

Baron de Villain started working on modifying his invention to use the healing power. 

The K'tharens on the left walked up and threw Fusion grenades at The Blood King and Ruin. Ruin was wounded with smoke pouring out of the wounds, but The Blood King was left unharmed. 

The remaining Fins on the right fired their blaster rifles at Setsuna. 

[Bobbie played Get Savage for Improved Dodge]

Suddenly Setsuna flipped out of the way of one of the blasts but the flip sent her into the other blast in the crossfire. She was shot in the back and bleeding. 

The other Fins ran towards the fight from the other side of the Temple.

[Randall played that One Issue Where...]

The Blood King jumped up into the air and fired its heavy laser three times. Instead of a single shot, a large blast of energy was fired three times. Four Fins were immediately killed, four were left stumbling as their armor held, and it missed another Fin group completely. 

Setsuna decayed the armor of a Fin and then killed him with her deadly touch. 

Ruin tossed two more fireballs killing one Fin and leaving the other sweating in his suit as his armor barely absorbed the heat of the fireball. Then he walked next to them to expose them to his fiery damage field, killing another Fin.  

Baron de Villain used his healing device to heal Bubbles and wake her up. 

A Fin shot Setsuna a second time and she was wounded in the chest. She was bleeding all over her torso and back, so woozy she could barely stand.  

Setsuna limped forward and killed the Fin who shot her by decaying his torso armor and infecting him with her death disease.

The Blood King put down Bubbles gently, then jumped into the air and fired three single shots at the K'tharens, killing three of them. 

The last Fin went into a corner of the Atlantean Temple to hide. 

Ruin turned back to his human form and walked towards the temple. Baron de Villain healed his cauterized wounds

Bubbles got up and adjusted her jaw. She spat out her bloody gum and put in a fresh stick.

The Blood King leaped at the last Fin. The Blood King drew its falchion and slashed downward missing to the right of the Fin.

The last Fin knew he was dead. So he pulled a Fusion Grenade out and pulled the pin. It didn't kill him or even scratch The Blood King. However, the explosion was heard by Bubbles

Bubbles ignited her rocket boots to speed over there and her Vibro Knife sawed the last Fin in half. 

Baron de Villain used his Healing Device to finish up healing Bubbles and Ruin. 

Wheeljack teleported out of The Blood King and injected a Medi-Stim into Setsuna.   

With the group healed, they used the teleportation tube to return to Lemuria.  

My envoy asked for the Crown of Atlantis and was refused. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, Baron. Keep it for now if you wish. I will take it when I need it. Just like Monolith and everything else I need to defeat the V'sori when the time comes

Sunday August 8-Thursday August 12, 2004
Lemuria Secret Base

Baron de Villain installed an aquarium in his room. Welcome to the perks of being full-blooded like sleeping in the "waterbed".

Wheeljack continued training in submerging and diving the Atlantean Seahorse. 

Ruin learned how to swim.  

Dejected Bubbles used her time to train in fighting for the next combat. 

Friday August 13, 2004 

I contacted them to go to The Docks in Star City and perform an extraction of a V'sori scientist named Dr. Aden who wanted to defect to our side. I told them to kill everyone else. No witnesses...  

--Dr. Destruction, personal journal records. 

[End of Session]

XP: 3 Veteran, 4 Seasoned, Minimum XP: 32

Loot: None 


    I used DramaScape's Atlantean Temple for the map of the Temple of the Four Seas. Our Atlantean Temple map works perfectly for Plot Point Six of Necessary Evil. 

     Figures used are HeroClix by WizKids and Necessary Evil Figure Flats/50 Fathoms Figure Flats (Swarm Template) by Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

Atlantean Temple

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