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Character Bios:

Player Name: Chessie

Character Name: Calico O' Malley

Race: Doreen

Archetype: Merchant Salvager

Hindrances: Code of the Deal (M: Code of Honor, must honor all agreements made), Curious (M), Racial Enemy (M: Kehana) 

Notable Edges: Merchant

Character History: She survived the Long Swim and the Savage Kehana. She made her way south to Marsales on the island of Sprith. She met Humans for the first time there and apprenticed to a Human merchant for a time. The Rebecca under Captain Jonas Abraham gave her a contract as a scavenger and merchant.   


Player Name: Andrew

Character Name: Horventerous 

Race: Kraken

Archetype: Fighter/Water Mage

Hindrances: Curious (M), Dehydration (R), Delusional (m), Greedy (m)

Powers: Bolt, Healing, Elemental Manipulation

Character History: Horventerous was tasked by High Admiral Caspian to find a way to save Caribdus by finding a way to foil the curse of the Sea Hags while the Great Ship searched for a legendary Great Sphere that could perhaps help them defeat the Sea Hags. Horventerous joined the crew of The Rebecca at Bluth's Crown.

Player Name: Autumn

Character Name: Rosetta

Race: Atani

Archetype: Sea Rover

Hindrances: Big Mouth (m), Jingoistic (m), Sharkphobia (M), Weak (R)

Notable Edges: Natural Swimmer

Character History: Rosetta believes Atani are the best race in all of Caribdus. To prove it she decided to leave Maroa and became a Sea Rover on The Rebecca when they stopped in Maroa for precious Carroway lumber to trade. With Calico's silver tongue they were able to purchase the lumber at 25% off. 

Player Name: Ellen

Character Name: Red Pirate Roberts

Race: Human

Archetype: Pirate

Hindrances: Code of Honor (M: Pirate's Code, all men/women equal and fair shares for all), One Leg Hindrance (M)

Notable Edges: Ace, Booty (Norwhale Peg Leg)

Notable Allies: Smithers (Sailor) 

Character History: Red Pirate Roberts lost her leg in the initial crash of her ship through the Flotsam Sea. She miraculously survived and found herself beached at Azy Cay. She joined the crew of The Rebecca as they went from Maroa to Bluth's Crown. 

Part 1: Maiden Voyage

Scene 1: Interludes

Path of The Rebecca. The Rebecca started its voyage in Marsales picking up Calico O' Malley, a Doreen before heading to Maroa. I used this interlude to introduce Calico to Mongrel, a Kehana on board, Captain Jonas Abraham, John Smith, Senor Miguel Figuroa, Caras and Cais Cath, and Louis (actually Lois, a French woman masquerading as a man). Calico and Mongrel immediately disliked each other but Calico was forced to stay on board due to her Code of the Deal Hindrance.

At Maroa, they picked up Rosetta, an Atani, and Carroway timber at a 25% discount with Calico's negotiating skills. I introduced her to her brother Vahar who begged her not to go as Rosetta left on The Rebecca mocking Vahar for not believing in her. 

They headed to Azy Cay on the way to Bluth's Crown and picked up Red Pirate Roberts. While at Azy Cay she met Stumpy Pete at the Shipwreck Surprise. Stumpy Pete tried to strike up a conversation with her, but she wouldn't reveal how she lost her leg. Stumpy Pete told her to show a little more "leg" next time and maybe he'd reveal the location of his secret treasure.

At Bluth's Crown, Captian Jonas made a contract to take lumber they gathered in Maroa to the Kieran Empire town of Timin. They also picked up Horventerous in Bluth's Crown. Horventerous had searched throughout Bluth's Crown finding it to have strong elemental magic at the pillars but little else that could help against the Sea Hags. He left with a chance to get to the Kieran Empire to investigate there. 

So rather than card draws for Interludes, I planned out the route of The Rebecca and had the characters picked up at certain points along the itinerary in flashbacks before starting the main story.

The Rebecca tried to skirt the Pirate Sea by going south around Torath-Ka to get to Timin.

Scene 2: Crash landing on Torath-Ka 

The Rebecca crash landed on Torath-Ka. Captain Abraham sent the group to find provisions as the rest of the surviving crew pulled supplies off of the burning, wrecked ship. 

The group headed west along the beach before they were attacked by a yellowback. The yellowback struck at Calico O' Malley and wounded her.  

Rosetta and Red Pirate Roberts shot their bow and crossbow over the head of the yellowback. Horventerous used a water bolt shooting from the ocean to the legs of the yellowback to take down the creature. Calico skinned the yellowback for 10 provisions then rested as Horventerous healed one of her wounds

The group returned to see The Rebecca burned to the ground and the captain and crew gone. They tracked the dragged captain and crew through the jungles of Torath-Ka to a sacrificial Red Pool as the Ugaks and their shaman chanted.

Scene 3:  

I had the group make Stealth rolls, the half that succeeded made it up to near the Red Pool where those that failed started further back. The ones that succeeded at the Stealth roll were in position to get the Drop on the chanting Ugaks in a surprise round. 

Calico O' Malley snuck up behind an Ugak and slew him by cutting his throat, counting coup on a tougher foe

Rosetta drew her crossbow and launched a bolt against one of the Ugaks. He dropped dead with a bolt in the back.

Red Pirate Roberts drew her pistol and fired at the Ugak shaman; he screamed from being wounded.
The Ugak shaman directed one of the Ugaks to kick Captain Abraham into the water. His body dissolved leaving nothing but clothes dropping to the bottom and his floating captain's hat on the surface of the red pool. Suddenly, a Monkape appeared as if the blood of the death of the Captain had powered some sort of summon from the pool.

[I decided that the individual characters would summon normal monkapes rather than a giant monkape. The giant monkape would appear if the Ugaks managed to sacrifice all the survivors. I also had the Ugaks be part of the summon ritual to kick them into the pool, so they could only act if the summon was interrupted or their part in the ritual was over. This essential makes it so one monkape and one Ugak can join the fight each round. This was a necessity to scale the difficulty back, remember that Chessie has played Shaintar, Deadlands, and Necessary Evil which are higher powered settings than 50 Fathoms (Shaintar and Necessary Evil are both over the power level of the core book and Deadlands has higher tech guns with faster reloading than those available in 50 Fathoms), and Ellen, Andrew, and Autumn have never played an RPG before (Autumn is also 12 and her board game RPG experience is limited to a few times of playing Dungeon! and Ellen and Andrew have played some Descent 2e). This meant they would need to deal with two new enemies per round till they understood that they needed to incapacitate/kill the Shaman to end the summoning. That Giant Monkape nearly took us out in the first run through as none of us except Tellah could even damage it. This encounter is actually very tough already with the Ugaks having 7 Parry/7 Toughness.]

Smithers and Horventerous moved up the first flight of stairs towards the sounds of combat. 

The Ugak Shaman directed another Ugak to kick one of the sailors into the water. Mongrel screamed as his body dissolved in the acid

The summoned Monkapes and Ugaks down with their part in the ritual rushed towards Calico O' Malley. Calico O' Malley dodged Monkape claws but took a wound from an Ugak spear thrust.  The wound weakened her and the Ugak blocked her rapier counter attack easily with his spear.

Rosetta reloaded her crossbow and shot one of the Monkapes in between the ribs.  

Red Pirate Roberts dropped her pistol and drew her bow firing at the Ugak shaman but the shaman ducked at the last possible moment. 

Smithers and Tellah moved to the second tier of stairs. Tellah tried to hit the Ugak shaman with a bolt but the water ricocheted off the top stair and went skyward, drenching those below as it returned to earth as localized rain but not harming anyone. 

The Ugak Shaman directed another Ugak to kick one of the sailors into the water. Caras Cath screamed as his body dissolved in the acid and another Monkape appeared. The additional Monkape and Ugak surrounded Calico O' Malley completely. She was skewered on an Ugak spear and dropped unconscious. 

[Calico took a permanent Guts injury to Strength and was bleeding out.] 

Rosetta dropped her crossbow and drew out her knife. She stabbed one of the Monkapes blocking access to helping Calico. 

Horventerous rushed to help Calico and healed one of her wounds as he woke her up. 

Red Pirate Roberts shot the Ugak shaman in the arm. The Ugak shaman dropped his staff. 

Smithers drew his knife and tried to fight off a Monkape but the Monkape darted out of the way unharmed. 


Red Pirate Roberts fired at the Ugak shaman's head. The bolt nearly buried itself deep into the shaman's skull, but his thick forehead partially blocked the bolt. The Ugak shaman started bleeding out. 

The remaining Ugaks abandoned the ritual.  Three of the Ugaks attempted to stop the Ugak shaman from bleeding out. 

[A Healing roll at -2 for extras that ain't too smart. This was a decent way to use up actions rather than send the whole Ugak team at the PCs at once.]

The other Ugaks left the prone Doreen to attack Horventerous.  Horventerous was severely wounded by an Ugak spear as they attempted to kill the enemy "shaman".

One of the Monkapes attacked Red Pirate Roberts but missed.      

Horventerous was severely hurt but started calling upon water magic to try and strike multiple Ugaks at once. One of the water bolts hit and took down a Monkape

Calico O' Malley got up but whiffed with her rapier on an Ugak warrior. Smithers missed another Ugak with his knife.  

Rosetta stabbed with her knives twice and killed two of the Ugaks. 

One of the Ugaks picked up the Ugak Shaman and ran past Red Pirate Roberts. A couple Ugaks flanked her and one of them wounded her with a club hit.  

Red Pirate Roberts aimed her bow at the fleeing Ugak but missed when she was struck from behind by the Ugaks. 

Smithers stabbed an Ugak in the heart with his knife. 

Calico O' Malley limped over to help Red Pirate Roberts and killed the club wielder with her knife. 

Horventerous drew his bone sword and whiffed on an Ugak as he tried to shift tactics to conserve power points.

Rosetta stabbed the last Ugak still fighting. 

Red Pirate Roberts aimed her bow at the fleeing Ugak. The Ugak jumped off the balcony but the arrow hit the skull of the Ugak shaman as he was falling to ground level held up by the Ugak warrior. The Ugak shaman took a second head injury to the back of the neck and bled out before the Ugak warrior could try and staunch the bleeding a second time. 

The group freed the surviving sailors. John Smith, Senor Miguel Figuroa, Louis (Lois), and Caras Cath were still alive. Caras Cath bawled after seeing what was left of his brother's clothes in the acid pool. Horventerous tried to use healing on himself and Red Pirate Roberts but could not heal anyone with so many wounds

[I gave Lois Repair d4 but she lost Stealth d4.]         

The group asked the sailors what they should do. Louis suggested getting lumber from the jungles of Torath-Ka and a sail from the wreckage of The Rebecca

After gathering the required materials for five hours, Louis repaired the skiff. The group took the skiff to the wreckage of The Rebecca and grabbed the provisions and Carroway lumber (2 cargo spaces) that Captain Abraham and his crew managed to salvage before being captured by the Ugaks.  

After resting the night, the group discussed which way to go. They decided to go east following the Captain's original sailing path. 

Scene 4:  

As they sailed east, the group ran into a Scurillian holding on for dear life on a floating piece of driftwood surrounded by man-eating sharks.

The sharks moved in to bite at the Scurillian, but his thick shell protected him. 

Rosetta was deathly afraid of sharks and seeing the Scurillian surrounded and being bitten by them changed her hair color to a stark white. She drew her crossbow and sent a bolt that pierced two of the man-eating sharks.

[Mark of Fear from Sharkphobia Hindrance.] 

Calico O' Malley jumped in front of the ship. This forced Red Pirate Roberts to do a Hard Stop Maneuver and barely decelerate to 2 pace to not run over Calico. The unexpected maneuver threw two of the sailors off the ship into the water. They swam to the bulwark and other sailors dragged them back aboard

Horventerous moved towards the front of the ship, but his pace was hindered by being severely wounded. 

The man-eating sharks turned away from the Scurillian's tough shell and attacked Calico O' Malley. The wounded Calico was leaking blood in the water that made the sharks frenzy. Calico barely avoided being eaten by the two sharks by parrying their noses away with her rapier but this left her unable to counterattack them. 

Red Pirate Roberts completed her maneuver and fully stopped the ship to prevent running over Calico O' Malley. The rest of the crew were braced at the bulwarks and easily stayed on board this time. 

Horventerous taunted one of the man-eating sharks in Kraken.  The shark seemed agitated

Rosetta reloaded her crossbow and shot one of the man-eating sharks. 

Horventerous used a water bolt to crush the last man-eating shark. 

Calico O' Malley rushed to Equias and helped him get on board the skiff. 

Calico O' Malley searched for salvage and found a crate of provisions floating amidst the wreckage of Lala's Pride.

Equias Logbook Entry 1 


I thanked Calico O' Malley for saving me from shark infested waters. I told them about the destruction of Lala's Pride by an Ugak shark monster, my time as a Spanish Guild Super, and my measurements of the sea level of Caribdus as surveyor. I showed Calico O' Malley all my measurements in my logbooks. Everything points to the complete drowning of Caribdus in a decade or less by my calculations. 

The Kraken Horventerous asked how we can save the world. I tell them of Tressa the Red and navigating through The Gullet of The Teeth to get to her through a maze of rocks and currents and her magnificent sky island held up by a column of water. As a powerful Archmage, she may have a clue or an answer to that question. I tell them about going to the Archmage once with Carroway Fruit from Maroa. 

Rosetta tells them about the power of Carroway Fruits to stave off the need for rest and sleep and the power of Bloodfruit to heal wounds. They hatch an absolutely bizarre plan. They want the Atani on board, Rosetta to betray her own people by stealing a Carroway seedling to give to Tressa the Red The crew decided to turn around and head for Maroa.

Well we were practically two days away from The Teeth and now heading west. Can't say that I blame them. They were all heavily wounded and not in any state to get through The Gullet. 

A couple days later, a Spanish Guild Privateer was spotted. The captain turned us north towards Torath-Ka away from them. The old junk couldn't catch up to the skiff amidst all the rocky shoals. Still such behavior makes me think I may have been saved by pirates instead of heroes. Well its not like I have much choice for now.  I'll watch them all closely especially the captain as we head west towards Bluth's Crown. 

The next day most of their wounds had healed up completely  except for the Kraken's spear wound which was still a small gash.  We head west to Bluth's Crown and from there likely to Maroa.  

[Equias and his constant note taking make him an excellent character to act as a GM perspective on events.]

[End of Session]

XP: 5 (They gained a ship (a major milestone) and I wanted to introduce advancement to the players. Further sessions will be the 2-3 XP normal).

Loot: None



   I used our two tablecloths to represent green land and blue sea on the tabletop. This worked well for Scene 2 (Yellowback) on land and Scene 4 (Man-Eater Sharks attacking Equias) on the water. DramaScape's Sacrificial Pool is used for the Red Pool in Scene 3.  DramaScape's River Barge is used for the small fishing boat we are using as a skiff. Tri-folds used are from the 50 Fathoms Figure Flat Pack by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The 50 Fathoms metal miniature is also from Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Sacrificial Pool

River Barge


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