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Deadlands: The Last Sons Recap 3

I missed Deadlands: The Last Sons Session 2 for a family event

Deadlands: The Last Sons Recap 3, August 28, 2016 @ 1:00 P.M.

Doyle's Journal Entry 2 (written in Algonkian)

Friday September 10th, 1880-Thursday September 16th, 1880

After the combat, I went with Jim-Bob to check on the carriage and my condition once inside alone. My body has absorbed something, a power from the spirit world from one of the defeated spirits summoned by the cursed one. Most prominently, the veins around my heart wound had formed like shards of earth and less pronounced throughout the body. Looking close, you could certainly see the difference under the skin. I had absorbed a spirit's power as well, the ability to form a rocky armor around myself. With no one looking, I performed my nightly sacrifices to the loas with my sacrificial bone knife in the forest with my portable shrine. Don't be worrying, it just be chickens.

When we arrived in Deadwood, I spent time looking for leads on the exact location of Cheyenne territory. Learning that Cheyenne territory is further to the west I bought more cheap whiskey and perfume to mask my scent with the others. 

Friday September 17th, 1880

I met up with the others at Nuttal and Mann's Number 10 Saloon. The bartender, Tom "the Tell" Nuttal, told us that there were ghostly miners not to be confused with the living ghost rock miners. These angry spirits had died trying to gain a fortune in life and wanted to kill the living if they dared enter and make a claim on their mine. 

The others were looking for a miner named Wallace Blount who had gone missing. They had a map of where his claim was at in the Black Hills. They feared that the spirits may kill him at the mine, so we set out immediately.
Friday September 17th, 1880
Deadwood Trail
We headed along the south trail. There were two more people with the group, a German man in a very curious white long-coat and a man riding a bike fueled by ghost rock. Fueled by screams of the damned. I stayed away. It reminded me of my own torment and my Oath to the Old WaysNeither talked very much as we traveled. A storm rolled in and added freezing rain to make the trip even more miserable.

We saw two rows of ten corpses strung out on poles. The Sioux were given us a warning for trespassing on these lands and committing crimes. It be bad juju. The German man poked one of the corpses and its stomach ripped open, spilling out its intestines, leaving him puking his own guts out from the smell of decomposing wastes.

The other black man besides me wandered forward inspecting each of the corpses. Then two of the corpses moved and he ran forward screaming nearly into Deadwood Creek. The vain woman's cat ran off into the hills and she chased after it. The corpses turned into monsters as they extended their arms, legs...and necks. 

[Joshua played Rise Up so none of us was surprised, but it also meant Fear checks for everybody as we noticed them.]

The cursed man drew his gun and slapped it hard. The shots wounded one of the monsters and hit the terrified black man in the back.

I used my new power to form a rocky shell around myself and went to help the wounded man

The man on the bike propelled forward and punched the abomination into a pole. The corpse on the pole fell off and the noose went around the horror's neck. Its eyes bulged out as it was strangled to death, perhaps a second time. 

[Randall used a push with his character and scored a success, raise, and second raise, and dealt 5d6 damage from the push back. 

The other monster grabbed the cursed man and lashed him to a pole. Foolish monstrosity. You can't hang a Harrowed but you can try. 

Jim-Bob threw a couple exploding flasks but it didn't hurt the bike, the rider, the cursed man, or the last monster.

The monster ran over to Jim-Bob and tried to grab him next, but Jim Bob dodged out of the way while trying to stab the creature with his Bowie knife. 

Then the cursed man used the under-barrel shotgun and caused an explosion that hit Jim-Bob and the monster. Then Jim-Bob's dynamite exploded again. He was unconscious and bleeding out, and I had just enough time to save his life with my healing charms. He was left naked again in the icy rain and started freezing. I placed a bit of animal fur on his skin and used succor to warm him up. Don't ask where I got that fur from. 

By the time I got to the other black man, the wound in his back had closed. He also touched Jim-Bob and I watched as burn wounds on his chest became new skin. This one has a powerful knack for healing.

We moved on to Blount's Claim.     

Friday September 17th, 1880
Blount's Claim

We found a series of shallow caves in a gully with a small creek. The creek had a shed next to it with some mining equipment. The cave walls were covered in blood. The cursed man said no shots were fired here. Well he would know the smell of gunpowder and death best. The vain woman told us there were all sorts of tracks, to many to track individually

We found a drunken miner in the cave. He was passed out next to a bottle of whiskey that said Rotgut on it. The cursed man kicked him awake but his incoherent ramblings were unintelligible. I used a handkerchief to wipe his forehead and cast succor to draw the alcohol from his body and mind. With that done, we finally got some information out of him

The man's name was Gideon Gorrell, a ghost rock miner and friend of Wallace Blount. Wallace Blount had left for a place called Dusky Jewel, a mining town he claimed was east of Cheslow Fork. Gideon was here to see Wallace, but not finding him, found his half-drunk bottle of whiskey instead and decided to finish it before heading back to his claim. The other black man seemed to think Gideon was a threat to Wallace. I pointed out that if I was aiming to ambush a man and jump his claim, I would lie in wait sober, not passed out drunk. With all the information we could glean out of him, I "found" a bottle of whiskey on the floor and gave Gideon back the alcohol the succor charm had taken from him.        

We headed to Cheslow Fork. 

Friday September 17th, 1880
Cheslow Fork

We headed east at Cheslow Fork. The other black man spotted Indians on a ridge just off Deadwood Trail. We passed them and they didn't anything. 

Friday September 17th, 1880
Dusky Jewel 

I approached the front gate and screamed up at the guards that I was looking for Wallace Blount as the rest of the group stayed back. The guards threatened to shoot me so I put my hands up and backed away from there. 

We skirted Dusky Jewel and found a drainage ditch that dumped waste into Deadwood Creek. I started adding new features to my doll to incorporate the two others into the weave of the pattern, but by the time I was done everyone had left except Jim-Bob. Some people just don't know how to wait. The only other thing left behind was the rider's bike.

I started a small campfire and used a red hot poker and whiskey to seal Jim-Bob's last chest wound. It'll leave a permanent scar, but he'll live.

[I played Hot Iron and Whiskey.] 

We wondered if the others had found Wallace Blount, but it was too late to follow them and the guards had already threatened to shoot me so we waited their return...

[My girlfriend had a nasty tooth ache and we had to leave early, so I don't know how the city infiltration played out fully either in or out of character]


DramaScape's CityScape Print On Demand (POD) Tiles is used for Deadwood Creek (River Tiles from the set), Wagons Roll for the Deadwood Trail, and Garden of the Unknown Warrior (East Side) is used for hilly brush to the west. The eastern side of Garden of the Unknown Warrior can be used as forest/swamp terrain (the western and central side has the temple walls, pagoda, pavilion, and statue). The Garden of the Unknown Warrior could be very useful in Deadlands, as a Chinese Garden Temple it could be used as a master martial artist's base, a Shan Fan location, a peaceful place that Kang's men have taken over and turned into a fort mounting steam cannons on the walls, etc.  

Velocipede is from Deadlands Figures: Infernal Devices by Pinnacle Entertainment Group (As for the cardstock tri-folds I don't know which set). Most of the metal miniatures used are Deadlands Miniatures from Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Garden of the Unknown Warrior





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