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Preparing a Savage Worlds session: Necessary Evil 16

Necessary Evil 16 session prep.


I'm releasing this after all the events of this session prep have occurred. It could be one session or could end up being two sessions (or in actuality three sessions).

Before I even begin, I have to advise you to pick up Never Unprepared: The Complete Gamemaster's Guide to Session Prep by Engine Publishing written by Phil Vecchione. Its a great book about prep organization and organizing the time to game prep during a busy week.


First I start with Scene 1. In Necessary Evil 15, we ended with a cliffhanger. The opposition was the remaining Colonel Clones, the clone of Bubbles, and the clone of Setsuna from the first level of Colonel Clone's secret lab that escaped before the clone wake up sequence was aborted. This is to give a chance to Chessie and Bobbie who missed that session to face their clones.

I take out all the NPC cards that I made in PagePlus Starter Edition that may be relevant to the session. Its free but limited to one per e-mail address. Its got better word art and text boxing than MS Word does. All of them have a color of some type on them to distinguish them from the Shaintar cards in case they ever got mixed up.

Scene 1: The Docks, Star City

Time: Saturday, July 31. 2004

Map: DramaScape's Modern Ruins 4. I selected DramaScape's first poster map as the location. Modern Ruins 4 is symbolic of the destruction that the V'sori have wrought in Star City. Plus I may have to use our CityScape Tiles Vol 1 POD for Downtown in the next part of the session.

Opposition: Colonel Clones 5+ extras, Wild Card Clone Bubbles, Wild Card Clone Setsuna

Motivation: Colonel Clones have wandered out of the lab in search of the intruders that the computer has told them to kill. Clone Bubbles wants to kill Bubbles and take her place as she is the 'real' Bubbles. Clone Setsuna wants to kill Setsuna as she is not only a 'fake'; she also killed her twin clone sister, Sonsa. Clone Bubbles and Setsuna are 0 XP Novice wild cards copies of the characters.

I fortunately have a copy of Bubbles from 0 XP when she actually made her character.

With Setsuna I had to take her current character and sort of reduce it back down to 0 XP.

Scene 2: Lemuria

This is a five day rest period from August 1, 2004 to August 5, 2004 while Dr. Destruction fixes the item necessary to initiate Plot Point Six.

On August 1, 2004, Baron de Villain is stricken with a Fatigue Level as his guts feel like they are going to burst...

This could lead to the Savage Tale: The Red Cross.  So I find my cards for this scenario if necessary.  I can use the CityScape Vol 1 Tiles and PWYW Biolab if necessary as the locations for the two potential combats.

Scene 3: Lemuria


Siberian or an Atlantean Seahorse courier returns to Lemuria with the teleportation tube, the device the super villains recovered in Plot Point Four from Hydra's Eyrie and was fixed by the parts they obtained from Willy the Fish in Plot Point Five. Dr. Destruction wants them to use the tube to go to Atlantis, find the Crown of Atlantis, and return with the Crown. Siberian or an Atlantean Seahorse courier will return the crown to him.

Note Crown of Atlantis: Atlantean or Hybrid characters get a CM roll (-4 Hybrids) to recognize the legend of the crown.

Scene 4: Atlantis

Map: DramaScape's Atlantean Temple for the Atlantean Temple of the Four Seas. I spend the time papercrafting the map together by printing it out on cardstock, mounting it with glue to foamcore and then taping the sections all together.

I note that there is a Notice -2 roll to notice bits of Fin armor on the temple steps.

Opposition: As per Plot Point Six

Motivation: As per Plot Point Six

Special: The God of the Four Seas was actually Ifni, a Goddess of Deception from our Atlantean Temple Savage Worlds adventure. Who is actually the god who controls Shadowpool and has recruited Bubbles to her cause. For some reason, the Temple Swarm avoids the holder of the Atlantean Medallion and may avoid those linked to the Dark Goddess...Inside the temple, the group finds the fate wheels of Ifni, a contraption that has four circles or four seas if viewed in the right way.

Scene 5 Lemuria

When they return, Siberian or an Atlantean Seahorse courier takes the Crown and takes it to Dr. Destruction. This is a second rest period from August 6 to August 10, 2004. If not dealt with yet, Baron de Villain gains a second fatigue level on August 7, 2004 as his guts feel like they are spinning in a blender. This may again lead to the Savage Tale: The Red Cross.

If at least one of the supervillains has reached 40 XP (Veteran), Plot Point VII is triggered on August 10, 2004. Otherwise I end the session on August 10, 2004 without a mission yet and determine what Savage Tale or random mission from the table to use.

I note that one of the opponents has Super Sorcery and to read the rules of Super Sorcery before the session, as this would be the first time a such a character would be used in Necessary Evil. 

After writing my full session script, I print it out minus all the fun pics and foreword. It's not 100% linear, as noted above there are two points which may lead to an off shoot Savage Tale, plus whatever the players throw at me.

The funny thing about this session prep script is that it lasted for Necessary Evil 16-18, three total sessions.I actually wrote this well before the 50 Fathoms Campaign Prep blog.

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