Friday, July 1, 2016

DramaScape July Week One Release Jacksons Field w/50% off coupon till 7/3/2016

What do you need to become outstanding in your field?
Well first you need a field, so we have one for you :) Jackson's Field is a western or modern enclosed pasture with a shed, stables, and chicken coop. The farm has a stone wall in the north with a wide dirt road and small ditch/creek that is spanned by a driveway to the pasture and a small walkway that leads around the east fence. Useful for cattle drives in westerns as a beginning or end point and modern (rural) settings. The map could also be used in fantasy settings as the most modern effects on the map are a mailbox and light pole (which could be simply be magic or easily obscured by more appropriate fantasy objects as both are quite small on the map). 
And here is a link to get this for only $1, the link expires on Sunday 3rd July

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