Tuesday, June 21, 2016

DramaScape June Week Four Release: City Blocks 02

People have been asking us for another City Blocks map, so your wish is our command. City Blocks 02 is the second set of our popular City Blocks (one of our few Electrum titles on DTRPG), which features an older city block with brick roads and signs of urban decay such as cracks on the streets and sidewalks. The City Blocks can be used to make chase scenes come to life, urban city warfare in military games or wargaming, city planning for urban games (with 50 + buildings on the maps, you can plan out a whole area of an urban game as to building purposes, who lives where, major NPC locations), or a setting for a gonzo destructive Kaiju versus giant robots game with the city as terrain for destruction and backdrop to the fight.

We recommend that you buy the Bundle deal, as you will get City Blocks 1 & 2 at half price or if you already have City Blocks 1, you will only pay $1 for City Blocks 02.

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