Thursday, June 16, 2016

DramaScape June Week Three Release: Shattered Vista w/30% off coupon till 6/19

A Modern map for you this week, Shattered Vista. Shattered Vista is a modern building that has partially survived an earthquake with part of its tower destroyed and vines and other growth covering the building. The courtyard has a large chasm running through it and has become filled with water over time and a ruined building with nothing but the foundation left. This map can be used in a post-post apocalyptic setting (one after an apocalypse but with the land recovering), as a modern map of a disaster area that has been uninhabited for a long while, or a lost world of a building that was swallowed up by the earth and is part of a subterranean underworld.

And here is the link for 30% off, the link expires on Sunday 19th June

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