Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Problems of Game Scheduling in your 30s.

Well I had to cancel today's planned session for two reasons.

One is its Father's Day which is a family orientated day for some players.

Second, two of my players are at a little thing called Ragnarok, a week long LARP Dagorhir event in PA, meaning they are unavailable for gaming this Sunday and next Sunday. One of the two players had their character captured by the V'sori last time, so I also feel like they should be at the next session since the goal of the first scene will be to free his character.

Scheduling games in the summer is particularly difficult. It seems like every weekend, Saturday and Sunday are filled with events. Four of my players only have Sunday availability, so that is when we schedule games. But even Sunday has a lot of holidays, birthdays, and other life events that get in the way of gaming. In the teens and 20s, we could play 8 hours on a weekend with no problems (and once played 24 hours all weekend long in a marathon), now we are lucky to get 4-6 hours in on the weekend as everyone's life paths have diverged.

Its gonna be a rough month with no games scheduled. I have a game scheduled July 3, 2016. On the plus side, Ted is going to start Deadlands: The Last Sons after Ragnarok. So I'll get to play for the first time in a while.

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