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Necessary Evil Recap 16

NecessaryEvil Recap 16, July 10, 2016 @ 1:00-6:00 P.M. 


 <<WARNING spoilers for Necessary Evil. >>

New Character Bios

Player Name: Joshua

Character Name: B-HOLD-R

Race: Guardian, Racial Ability (Float, Flying Level 2 as Pace)

Archetype: Super Sorcerer 

Hindrances: Alien Form (M), Distinctive Appearance (m), Heroic (M), Illiterate (m), Mute (m), One Eye (M)

[You can take as many hindrances as you would like but only the first 4 get you character points and one Major gets you Super Karma.]

Powers: Extra Limbs x2, Ranged Attack (Laser Trapping) when it opens its mouth, Super Sorcery Level 5 (one tentacle only), Paralysis, Telepathy (Touch only, contingent, one tentacle only), Ageless (Very Old)

Appearance: Floating one-eyed monster with four tentacles (two with no powers or abilities) that end in suction cups. 

Background: Claims to be a Guardian, a creature as old as the Earth itself that has been disturbed from its long slumber by the K'tharen attacks on the Earth. Usually forbidden to act, claims that the presence of the aliens on the Earth has forced it to act to save the Atlantean and Human races it is fond of. 

Cannot speak as a laser comes out of its mouth when it 'talks'. Can only communicate with telepathy from a tentacle that also unfortunately injects a paralytic poison into the person it 'speaks' with. Has super sorcery from the power cosmic with one tentacle only. The creature is actually literate in all languages but attempting to write them comes out as an incoherent mess of all languages that have ever existed on Earth in incoherent gibberish resulting in the illiterate trait from actually being 'too literate' in this case. 

Player Name: Randall

Character Name: Wheeljack

Real Name: Donald Lamington

Race: Hybrid, Lemurian

Archetype: Armor-Clad Super 

Hindrances: Loyal (m), Paraplegic (M), Stubborn (m), Vengeful (M)

Powers: Gifted, Invisibility (ends if the character attacks), Lair (Garage), Super Attribute Spirit, Super Skill (Shooting, Piloting, Fighting), Super Speed (Rocket Wheelchair), Teleport (Wheelchair), Vehicle (Walker, Security System, AI, Summonable (like minion)) 

Appearance: Hybrid Atlantean in a wheelchair with built in fusion rifle and movement powers. 

Background: Mongo ripped off his legs and left him for dead after feeding on his daughter. He used his restitution money and a small fortune to build a stealth walker called The Blood King and a wheelchair to compensate for his disability to get revenge on Mongo. With Mongo dead, he wants vengeance against all Vampires for what they did to him and his daughter. 

Vehicle: Stealth Walker called The Blood King from the Science Fiction Companion. Has a massive sword (SciFi Companion Close Combat Option) and a dual linked heavy laser gun (Heavy Laser from Vehicle Weapons of Necessary Evil) for both hands and shoulder mounted missile launchers (same stats as Atlantean Seahorse Torpedoes). Stealth paint and jump jets add camouflage and maneuverability (I dropped most of the rest of the options from the SciFi Companion as most vehicles in NE have about three options in comparison. I also made sure the weapon options were comparable rather than using the weapons from the SciFi Companion directly using Necessary Evil as the power scale of the weapons instead).

Spent an hour or so making characters to begin the session. 

I wasn't aware I was running Savage RIFTs...

Omega Cell 107 Report 16


Saturday July 31, 2004

The Docks, Star City


     After they left the Farmer's Market and headed back towards their submarine, they ran into some familiar faces on the streets of The Docks, Colonel Clones and clones of Bubbles and Setsuna... 

      Ruin and Setsuna ran after half the Colonel Clones and the Clone of Setsuna. 

      That left Baron de Villain and Bubbles to face the other half of the Colonel Clones and the Clone of Bubbles. Baron de Villain activated his slow working Teleportation Device but the piece of junk didn't want to work for over a minute. He ducked behind cover as his plans were delayed. 

      Bubbles created a dupe and lifted a couple of bricks from the partially ruined building and tossed them at her clone but missed. 


     Unexpectedly, a burst of laser fire was heard and three of Colonel Clones farthest in the back dropped dead. 
     B-HOLD-R went invisible and went to investigate the sounds of combat ahead.  

[We used The Blob as the Heroclix for him.] 

     The Clone of Bubbles ordered the remaining Colonel Clones to duck behind the wall of the building and to fire their clone guns at Bubbles. One of them hit Bubbles' dupe and created a perfect clone of Bubbles in its place. The Clone of Bubbles created a dupe and tried to hit the real Bubbles with bricks with her telekinesis but also missed. 


     Wheeljack inside The Blood King used the jump jets of the walker to leap next to the Colonel Clones. He swung The Blood King's giant falchion at them but missed. Bubbles got to see the 20 feet tall jet black walker. B-Hold-R and Baron de Villain heard it jump and crash into the area nearby. The Colonel Clones unleashed their clone guns on The Blood King to no effect.

     The Clone of Bubbles, her dupe, and Bubble's clone gun dupe all attacked her at close range. Fortunately for her, her heavy armor protected her from the sai attacks of most of her clones and she dodged out of the way of her clone gun created dupe.  

     Bubbles used Mind Control on her clone. She forced her clone to kiss her and then bit down, causing blood to flow down her Clone's chin.

"I kissed myself and I liked it!"--Bubbles 

    Baron de Villain came out of cover and saw four Bubbles fighting each other at super speed and witnessed the two girls kissing each other. He watched in awe of the moment of two twins kissing but the bite ended his amazement. He simply shrugged and fired his Chitral Systems Mega-Taser into the crowd. The real Bubbles was shocked and paralyzed instead though. 

   Baron de Villain was simply confused as the other Bubbles removed the real Bubble's arm and leg armor. He shrugged and reloaded his Mega-Taser. 

   Wheeljack directed The Blood King to stomp one of the Colonel Clones to death and blood soaked the mech's right leg. The last Colonel Clone continued to try and fight back with his clone gun but it was useless against the walker. 

    Wheeljack swung The Blood King's falchion at the remaining Colonel Clone but missed. The remaining Colonel Clone fired yet again to the same result against the heavy armor of the walker. 

  The Clones of Bubbles removed the rest of Bubbles' armor and her helmet. 

   Bubbles got up off the ground shaking off the taser's effects but finding herself without armor. 

   Baron de Villain aimed his Mega-Taser trying to figure out who was the real Bubbles with a fight happening at super speed. He felt a strange touch on his back right shoulder. 

"I am here to help. You are not yet ready to see me."--B-HOLD-R

    B-HOLD-R touched the real Bubbles on the ground and sensed a primordial darkness within her and a kindred spirit. B-HOLD-R dropped his Invisibility and opened his mouth. A laser bolt struck the two dupes of Bubbles and last Colonel Clone, killing all of them.

    The Clone of Bubbles stabbed Bubbles in the lips with her sai that left her bleeding down her chin and then put on Bubbles' helmet. 

    Bubbles tried to stab her clone in the neck with her sai but missed.

    Baron de Villain used his taser on Bubbles and paralyzed her...again. 

    B-HOLD-R touched the Clone of Bubbles and paralyzed her. It sensed none of the primordial darkness of the real Bubbles.

    Baron de Villain knocked out the real Bubbles with the butt of his Electro-Lance. 

   Wheeljack teleported out of The Blood King and used a police flashlight to knock out the Clone of Bubbles from behind. 


     Wheeljack ordered the AI of The Blood King to stow its heavy laser and giant falchion. He then directed the walker to grab the unconscious Bubbles and her clone. 

     The Omegans returned to Warehouse 21. The Blood King was ordered to hide in the Atlantic Ocean after gently putting Bubbles and her clone on the ground. Baron de Villain took the helm with Wheeljack as acting as navigator of the Atlantean Seahorse. Meanwhile, B-HOLD-R watched over the two prisoners in the back.

     B-HOLD-R touched Baron de Villain and asked to tag along. 

"Floating eyeball with tentacles? Sure you can tag along. You can't be any worse than Mongo."--Baron de Villain

Saturday July 31, 2004

Lemuria, Secret Base

   After they returned to Lemuria, Wheeljack went to the new Lemurian garage and summoned The Blood King. He spent the rest of the night cleaning his walker of the blood on its right leg and fixing the black stealth paint where it had been scratched by deflecting the clone gun hits. 

    Meanwhile, Baron de Villain and B-HOLD-R placed the two Bubbles in two adjacent holding cells after blindfolding and handcuffing them. B-HOLD-R healed both of them to consciousness. Baron de Villain asked questions trying to determine who the real Bubbles was. 

    After asking Bubbles to tell him about their shared experiences, B-HOLD-R reached out with his telepathic tentacle. Baron de Villain was finally affected by the paralytic poison and dropped unconscious immediately.  Lemurian servants dragged Baron de Villain to his room.

[Baron de Villain had been previously unaffected but this time rolled a Critical Failure on the Vigor roll as if repeated communication attempts had weakened his resistance to the paralytic effect.]

     B-HOLD-R tried to determine who was the real one and touched them both with his telepathic tentacle again. It felt a strange connection to the real Bubbles with a flood of memories about the dark Atlantean god that had contacted her and forced her servitude. This made it open its mouth at the ceiling and sear a laser arrow pointing to her cage. It felt no such memories from the clone. B-HOLD-R took paint from the Garage and used it to 'write' on the walls. A strange hodgepodge of languages dead and alive were painted on the walls and amounted to gibberish to viewers. Two black arrows were painted pointing to the clone's cage.

"Would you date me?"--Baron de Villain

"Not a chance!"--Both Bubbles in Unison

"Yup it could be either one."--Baron de Villain


Sunday August 1, 2004

Lemuria, Secret Base


    Baron de Villain woke up in his room unaware of how he got there. His stomach felt like it was writhing below the skin. In a panic, he invented a medical bay lair. 

 [Joshua played Here Comes The Cavalry.]

    It seemed like all of Lemuria came out to help the Baron create the medical bay, even bringing in an X-Ray machine, 

   Baron de Villain used the X-Ray machine on himself. He found his guts and internal organs being strangled by a clay colored parasite. 

"I've got the Meningaherpacancer!"--Baron de Villain

B-HOLD-R walked into the lab. 

"Did you do this to me?"--Baron de Villain

[B-HOLD-R puts up all four tentacles in a shrug pose as if to say it wasn't me.]

     Meanwhile, Bubbles reached out with telepathy and found her clone. She used her Mind Control on her clone, but she was stronger. The Clone of Bubbles forces her to break her thumbs to get out of her handcuffs then had her remove her blindfold. She walked towards the cell bars, grasped the bars with her fingers, and felt her head going towards the bars before she regained control of herself at the last possible second. 

[Bubbles critically failed her Mind Control attempt...]

     B-HOLD-R, Wheeljack, and Baron de Villain arrived and saw Bubbles with both her thumbs broken without her blindfold. The other Bubbles was calmly sitting there with a bit of a smirk.  After trying to figure it out, all of them left and then opened both cells. The real Bubbles used Mind Control on her clone and made her break her thumbs to escape the handcuffs. This knocked her out. The real Bubbles sat on her clone's back and called for the rest of the Omegans to return. Baron de Villain and Wheeljack both shot the fake Bubbles. Afterward, Wheeljack injected Bubbles with a Med-Stim which healed her broken thumbs.

      Baron de Villain called a League of Super Evil doctor and learned that his condition is unique. Only The Hippocratic Oath may be able to save him. 

"Isn't The Hippocratic Oath dead?"--Baron de Villain

       The contact responded that he is alive having faking his own death but is in dire need of medical supplies. If the Omegans can get 25K or more of medical supplies, perhaps they can gain the help of The Hippocratic Oath with this and further medical problems.

Monday August 2, 2004

Lemuria, Secret Base


    The Omegans left for Star City to get medical supplies to bribe The Hippocratic Oath to help Baron de Villain. 

Monday August 2, 2004

Uptown, Star City


     The Omegans left their Atlantean Seahorse at Warehouse 19 and headed north towards Prospect Point. On the way, they saw The Revenger and his allies fighting The V'sori around Star City University. 

     Predictably, Baron de Villain decided to try and save The Revenger...

--Dr. Destruction, personal journal records.


[End of Session]

XP: 2, Missed= 1 XP, Minimum XP =26.

Loot: None


     I used DramaScape’s Modern Ruins 4 for a ruined block of The Docks on the way to Warehouse 21. The Modern Ruins 4 version here is a print on demand poster map. It's a very high quality map. Had some beer and water spilled on it on Sunday, but no water damage because of the UV coating. DramaScape's Atlantean Temple is peeking out from beneath the map.

     Figures used are HeroClix by WizKids and Necessary Evil Figure Flats by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. 

Modern Ruins 4

   On the way to Prospect Point, I drew three cards for encounters. I got a Joker for Uptown. In my games, usually this means a three sided combat with one ally group, one enemy group, and the PCs. I also weighed in the Here Comes the Cavalry card that Joshua played earlier into the encounter.

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