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Necessary Evil Recap 15

#NecessaryEvil Recap 15, July 3, 2016 @ 1:00-7:00 P.M. 


 <<WARNING spoilers for Necessary Evil. >> 

[I started the session out by having Bobbie make a Streetwise roll for Setsuna with a +11 bonus (+8 charisma + 3 escort minions) to determine her money she could collect from her brothel. She rolled a 17 +11 for 28K extracted for the month from her Wealth edge. Note that with Rich/Noble its 150K/12 = 12.5K per month, so that is a particularly good haul. If its Very Rich it might be a little low 500K/12 = 41.6K per month.] 

Omega Cell 107 Report 15

Wednesday July 28, 2004

Lemuria Secret Base

[Joshua started the session by playing the Sidekick/Follower card.]     

      Siberian arrived holding Das Kinderwaffen 2.0. Siberian was here to help save Das Übermensch. He owed him for breaking him out of a V'sori prison.

      "He saved me from V'sori prison. Now it is time to return the favor."--Siberian

      Baron de Villain used Invent to create a Teleportation device. 

      The Omegans decided to take their Yaschuk Aerodyne Flying Car that they procured at Hydra's Eyrie to Norfolk, Virginia to rescue Das Übermensch. Unfortunately, it only had space for a pilot and five crew. This left Siberian to skate over the Atlantic Ocean to reach Virginia. 

[Ironically the top speed of the car was only 55 and Siberian's pace is 48, so the car only had to slow down a little bit for Siberian to keep up.]  

Wednesday July 28, 2004

V'sori Airbase Prison outside of Norfolk, Virginia, USA

    The Omegans passed the ruins of Langley Airforce Base on their way to a V'sori Airbase south of Langley and north of Norfolk.

[I had the group make Driving (as Stealth) or Stealth checks on the way in. 9 for the Flying Car, 7 for Siberian, 2 for my drones, and 7 for my war spheres. This allowed the Flying Car to enter the area undetected. Siberian was discovered by the war spheres however.]

     Baron de Villain landed the Flying Car next to a V'sori Barracuda here for a prisoner drop. Ruin opened the door and changed to his earth form. Bubbles ran as far away from the Yaschuk [due to her Claustrophobia Hindrance, she panicked] just after the door opened. Das Kinderwaffen 2.0 hid behind Ruin. Setsuna used her decay power to make a hole in the Barracuda and then burrowed into it, decaying more of the ship as she crawled inside.

     Mongo leaped into the air and crashed down on top of the V'sori Barracuda, destroying the ship and the eight drones inside. Setsuna rolled out of the ship at the last moment and Mongo landed on his feet after the ship gave way underneath him. 

     Meanwhile, Siberian attacked the front gate twice with icy fists but the door would not budge. Ten war spheres whirred to life, arming their main blaster cannons. 

     Baron de Villain used his Interface power to scan for the location of Das Übermensch. He found him in a cell in Quadrant 4 Southeast.

[Chessie played Shakin' in their Boots.]

     Bubbles got over her fear then threatened everyone that she was going to blow up the facility bluffing that a pack of bubble gum was in fact C4. She used her Rocket Boots to rush to the cell of Das Übermensch. 

[Chessie played Mechanical Malfunction with a Bennie. I allow PCs to play a second card if they spend a Bennie for the additional play.]

     Bubbles used a hairpin to unlock the cell of Das Übermensch. She went inside after opening the door and making a dupe. Her dupe closed the cell door from the outside. 

     The war spheres fired on Siberian and Bubbles, but only managed to kill her dupe.  

     Siberian threw his ice shards, sending two spikes of ice through the center eye of two of the war spheres before retreating using his ice wave.

     Ruin switched to his wind form and started summoning a whirlwind cyclone.  

     Setsuna ran towards the other side of the facility.

     Mongo grabbed Das Kinderwaffen 2.0 after he moved in front of him. He leaped forward and at the top of his jump, hurled Das Kinderwaffen 2.0 at a war sphere. The war sphere shattered and Das Kinderwaffen's spider-like arms grabbed at the wall of the facility, slowing his fall, but leaving him prone.

[This was a crazy roll. Mongo ran for a multi-action penalty or MAP of -2, Long Range throwing penalty of -4 and -2 for his One Eye Hindrance beyond 5". He rolled a 16-8 for a Raise!]

     Das Kinderwaffen 2.0 got up and opened the cell door. He attempted to rouse Das Übermensch but upon seeing his ugly pallid face and seething voice fainted.  

"Das Kinderwaffen I am still awake, come closer boy."--Das Übermensch

     Das Übermensch crawled over to Das Kinderwaffen's prone body. He bit his neck and nearly drained him to death.

    Bubbles summoned a second decoy to close the cell door again, this time inside the cell. Upon seeing what had just happened, she beheaded Das Kinderwaffen 2.0 to prevent him from becoming a vampiric child. But then Das Kinderwaffen 2.0 exploded with his termination protocol, killing her duplicate as it ran in front of her to take most of the force of the explosion away. 

    Das Übermensch got up from the ground with blood running down both sides of his mouth looking much more refreshed after his snack. Bubbles tensed and her hands griped her sai tightly but Das Übermensch paid her no heed. 

     As a master of minions myself, sometimes you must sacrifice your pawns to save yourself. Lucky for Bubbles that Das Übermensch is known for his heartless nature.

[Randall used Seize the Day]

    Mongo leaped up at the war spheres. He punched two of them and one of the war spheres was knocked back into a third war sphere causing a cascade of destruction ending with three dead war spheres.

     Ruin sent his cyclone at four war spheres. This threw one war sphere over the wall of the facility and sent another smashing into the V'sori command and control.

     Mongo was shot and severely wounded by one of the remaining war spheres. 

     Baron de Villain tried to fly the Yaschuk towards Das Übermensch's cell but a hidden laser cannon from the center command center hit the right wing and wounded the flying car, making his controls only work to move to the left. 

     Setsuna touched the gate open button but her decay power destroyed the controls leaving the gate open but unable to close.     

     Ruin changed to a fire form but couldn't hurt the center command center from outside with his damage field or fire bolts. 

     Das Übermensch strode forward in front of Mongo but was also severely wounded by a war sphere.

[Joshua used a Bennie to play Teamwork to add +4 to his soak roll.]  

    Baron de Villain landed the Yaschuk on the right side of the battlefield and instructed everyone to get inside before teleporting in front of Das Übermensch. Bubbles, Mongo, and Setsuna rushed inside the vehicle. 

    Siberian strode forward and declared his debt to Das Übermensch paid in full.

"Now we are even, tovarish. Dasvidanya."--Siberian

     The war spheres shot at Baron de Villain but his armor absorbed the attacks. Ruin used his flame bolts to take down the last two war spheres.Baron de Villain assisted his friend, Das Übermensch, into the Yaschuk. When Ruin entered the vehicle, Baron de Villain turned the vehicle around and flew it into the hilly wilderness of West Virginia. 

     Meanwhile Siberian used his ice wave to return to Lemuria. 


Wednesday July 28, 2004

Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia, USA

 [Kevin played the Windfall card. He wanted a windfall that would help them out of the current situation.]

      Baron de Villain used his repair skill to fix the controls of the Yaschuk. 

     Mongo and Das Übermensch hunted for food in the Appalachian wilderness. They found a hunting party. They ate a man with a double-barreled shotgun and a woman with a composite longbow by biting them from behind from the shadows. They raided their camping tent and Das Übermensch helped to feed a small boy and girl to Mongo to slake his thirst. 

     Bubbles and Ruin saw a meteor shower. Ruin followed the flaming contrails and found the wreckage of a downed satellite near their camp. He found a still functional solar power core and some shattered solar panels. Using his mechanical genius, he repaired the solar panels and distributed them around the Yaschuk's roof while hooking them to the solar battery. Using the metal from the satellite, Baron de Villain was able to repair the damage to the Yaschuk's right wing.   

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Lemuria Secret Base 

    After returning to base, Das Übermensch and Mongo shared the remaining blood of the last surviving anemic goat.

Friday July 30, 2004

Lemuria Secret Base

    Late at night, Das Übermensch and Mongo snuck into the chambers of Lemurian citizens and ate their children. 

Saturday July 31, 2004

Lemuria Secret Base

     Baron de Villain started flooding the base, forcing Das Übermensch and Mongo on tables to avoid the running water. He warned that further eating of his citizens would not be tolerated. He forced Das Übermensch to pay 40K in reparations to the Lemurian families of the victims. Baron de Villain installed a Nightvision Eye on Mongo's missing eye. It didn't restore his sight, but the cybernetic replacement would be useful for night missions and at least covered that hideous eye socket crater on his face. Baron de Villain gave Das Übermensch the keys to the Yaschuk.

     I sent a message to the Omegans to meet with a female operative named Hardcore by the Docks. She would lead them to the Farmer's Market to get the parts that I require.

     Surprisingly, the Omegans split up.  Das Übermensch and Mongo took the Yaschuk Aerodyne Flying Car and the rest of the team and Siberian took the Atlantean Seahorse. 

"Ve are just going out for a snack. Ve'll be right back"--Das Übermensch

Saturday July 31, 2004

Atlantic Ocean near Star City

      Unfortunately for those in the Yaschuk, the V'sori satellites detected the craft that had just attacked their airbase in the USA and sent a V'sori Manta to take them down. It only took one shot to vaporize their flying car. 

      This left Mongo hurtling to his death in the Atlantic Ocean below, but Das Übermensch grabbed him in midair and then tried to throw him back at the V'sori Manta. Das Übermensch missed, leaving Mongo to return to his previous predicament once his parabola upward ended and gravity returned him to his descent towards the water.

      The V'sori Manta's K'tharen pilot decided to simply ram Das Übermensch. He had to slow his velocity to effectively hit him. But Das Übermensch was simply too slow to dodge out of the way. The force of the collision left Das Übermensch impaled on the nose of the plane and the front nose of the fighter damaged. 

[I decided upon ramming since I got a King. I reduced the velocity to 50 for 10d6 damage AP 4 as previously Das Übermensch was at Long Range and a ram at higher velocity would simply miss him as the fighter sped past him. But as the roll below shows it just didn't matter. Yeah that is three aces on damage.]

     With Das Übermensch dead, Mongo started falling towards the V'sori Manta. Rather than a smarter course of action, Mongo punched the fighter. It burst into flames and started falling apart. When the K'tharen pilot tried to eject, Mongo punched him. A dead Fin in a parachute floated down to the Atlantic Ocean. Das Übermensch and Mongo hit the water and the Atlantic Ocean washed over their bodies. As vampires, the running current wore away their skin, then muscle, then bones, and internal organs. By the time I could even contact the others in the Atlantean Seahorse; there was nothing left to save. 

     I informed Baron de Villain and the rest of the group of the bad news of their deaths. 

"So they are dead. What is the bad news?"--Baron de Villain 

     Its funny that one would become so indifferent to the death of a man he once called friend. If only Mongo never bit Das Übermensch, perhaps things would be different. And yet, Mongo is Baron de Villain's creation preserved as a vampire lich by the cryo crate he reconfigured. Saving a friend, cost him another friend in the end.

Saturday July 31, 2004

The Docks, Star City

      When the remaining Omegans left the sub they saw a bunch of dead bodies in the streets. Longshoremen with pallid skin and pointy teeth in grey long coats lying in the alleyways.

      They met up with Hardcore and she led them towards the Farmer's Market. On the way there, a mysterious, cloaked hybrid sold Baron de Villain an Atlantean medallion that he found scavenging on the beach of Star City. He sold it for 10K, but by the time he left, he had nearly 50K. The Baron wanted him to head to Lemuria and make a shop there. 

      They waited at the request of Hardcore and Willy's Bodyguards while Willy the Fish was with another customer. The Omegans recognized Micro who gave Willy a picture and a baseball bat. Willy gave him a Fusion Grenade and some cash back. Micro shrunk and bounded off. 

      With his previous negotiation complete, Willy the Fish met with the Omegans. He gave them a crate filled with items necessary for my repairs. They gave the package to Siberian who used his super speed to get me the items quickly.  The Omegans went nearly bankrupt buying things from Willy the Fish. Baron de Villain bought Ruin a suit of V'sori battle armor and a warp shunt for himself. They got a crate of garlic. They took the bat to sharpen into a wooden stake. Bubbles got ten bug bombs to try and kill all of the spiders at their Lemuria base. 

[I rolled Streetwise for Willy and got a Raise, so two rare items for sale this time, plus they had a ton of money to burn and who knows when they'll make it back to the Market.]

     After they left the Farmer's Market and headed back towards their submarine, they ran into some familiar faces on the streets of The Docks, colonel clones and clones of Bubbles and Setsuna...

 --Dr. Destruction, personal journal records.


[End of Session]


XP: 3, Missed= 2 XP, Minimum XP =25.

Loot: 1 composite bow, 1 double-barreled shotgun, quiver (10 arrows), shotgun belt with 10 shells 


     I used DramaScape’s The Facility for the V'sori Airbase Prison. As noted in Session 1, The Facility makes an excellent V'sori Airbase or Prison or both. If you want actual cells on the map, you could even combine it with DramaScape's Cell Block 17 by aligning the cells from that map on the north and south part of the map (note that its west and east in the pics as the map is longways to accommodate our table length x width).
     Figures used are HeroClix by WizKids and Necessary Evil Figure Flats by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The Partisan Spacefighter used for the V'sori Manta from DramaScape's The Partisan Passenger Version. 

The Facility

GM Section:


     I tried out something new when it came to chases. On Disadvantage, rather than being unable to act completely against characters with Advantage, Wild Card characters can act, but they have to take the lesser of their Trait or Wild Die rather the usual highest. It's harsh, but its better than not being able to act at all. Extras can't act at all as usual of they have Disadvantage against a person in the chase with Advantage.  

    It was a bit of a strange session as the second half of the session sort of negated the whole reason for the rescue in the first half. Still everyone had a lot of fun at this session, even those with characters that died at the end. Crazy that a second sidekick and two more player characters died though in one session.

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