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NecessaryEvil Recap 17

Necessary Evil Recap 17, July 24, 2016 @ 1:00-7:00 P.M.




Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Docks, Star City

     Setsuna and Ruin headed down an alleyway and faced the Clone of Setsuna and five Colonel Clones.

    The Colonel Clones moved forward and shot at Setsuna. One of the clone guns wounded her and a perfect Clone of Setsuna popped out of the wound. 

     The Clone of Setsuna ran forward and yelled at Setsuna for killing her sister, the Clone of Sonsa. 

"Only a clone would kill my sister, Sonsa; you're a monster!"--Clone of Setsuna


      Ruin turned to his Earth form for the added toughness against the Clone of Setsuna's deadly touch. 

      Setsuna attacked her perfect clone, missing with her first touch but melting her clone with the second connecting touch. 

[She used Ace to get the clone despite her wounds.]

     Setsuna drew out two fusion grenades, popped the pins, and then dropped one at her feet and one to the right of her and Ruin. The fusion grenades exploded setting off a cascade that triggered another fusion grenade on Setsuna's person. Setsuna dropped unconscious from the explosions as Ruin's stone body protected him.

     Ruin unleashed a massive Trench, burying the Colonel Clones in the earthen debris they were using for cover. 

[Kevin spent his Golden Bennie to gain the Trench power from the SPC temporarily.]

     The Clone of Setsuna brushed off the dirt and jumped out of the pit. She ran at Setsuna and tried to kill her but couldn't finish her off.

    Ruin returned to his base form and slashed at the Clone of Setsuna with his katana. She was hit in the stomach and dropped unconscious from the pain. Ruin chopped her head off. He returned to his Stone Form and grabbed Setsuna.


       Ruin took Setsuna to her brothel to rest after removing her last fusion grenade for safe keeping. While she was at her brothel, she got more funds for the month of August.

[Streetwise roll +14 x1K for money. +8 Charisma +3 Lair Power Points for the brothel +3 Minion Power Points for escorts. So she spent like 6 advances and 6 power points for this place. I also let her make a natural healing roll while in her lair at a faster than normal rate (2 days). ]

Monday, August 2, 2004

Uptown, Star City

    The Omegans left their Atlantean Seahorse at Warehouse 19 and headed north towards Prospect Point. 

    I sent a message to Ruin and Setsuna to head north from Southpoint and meet up with them as soon as possible. 

    On the way, they saw The Revenger and his allies fighting V'sori forces around Star City University in Uptown. 

    Predictably, Baron de Villain decided to try and save The Revenger...


    The Revenger and a mix of Phantom Gangers and Undergrounders were pinned down in Star City University, flanked by a squad of Hyper Drones and K'tharen Fins.

[I rolled 2d6 twice for a heavy result on the encounter chart, but rolled very low on the amount of for each group. The Revenger had a Heavy and 12 Quisling Gangers as his allies.]

    The Revenger's group was surprised to find their weapons did not work on the Fins. The Fin heavy armor simply deflected the bullets from their Uzis. However, they were able to damage the Hyper Drones. The Revenger swung around three buildings to deliver a punch that destroyed one of the drones before swinging back behind his men. 
    Baron de Villain drew his Electro-Lance but his thrust went over the head of a drone.

      Suddenly, Shadowpool appeared and knocked out one of the drones before teleporting in front of Bubbles.  

      Bubbles rushed into battle with the Hyper Drones, creating a dupe, and swinging her Vibro-Knife to split one of them in half. 

     Wheeljack teleported to the roof of a building and drew out his Fusion Rifle.  

     B-HOLD-R floated over and opened his mouth to incinerate one of the Fins with his laser while maintaining its invisibility from the power cosmic.

     The Fins shot at the Gangers, managed to take down a few of them. 

     The last remaining drone fired at the dupe of Bubbles, making it vanish. 

     Ruin came from the south, burrowed out of a grassy hill, and unleashed an earthshake that left one of the Fins stunned.   

     Setsuna limped in from the east. She used her powers to turn two of the Fins into lumps of melted flesh.


    Wheeljack moved to the corner of the rooftop and fired his Fusion Rifle at one of the Fins. He shot him in the back and he dropped. Wheeljack then moved to the back of the building. 

    Shadowpool teleported and took down one of the remaining Fins with a flurry of blows. 

    The Fin recovered from being stunned and slashed at Ruin, but his Earth form simply deflected the blow away.

    Bubbles rushed forward and finished off the last Fin with a flurry of Vibro-Knife and sai attacks.

       Ruin changed to his Wind Form and prepared a whirlwind to deal with The Revenger and his men...

       Baron de Villain parleyed with The Revenger and his men. The Revenger agreed to help them get into Prospect Point by starting a distraction. He had one of his men take an unconscious survivor into the sewers to recover before both groups headed north.

[Ted played the Peace card. Chessie played Renown for a +1 Charisma bonus with Phantom Gangers/Undergrounders/The Revenger.]

    Wheeljack used a Med-stim on Setsuna to heal her. 

Monday August 2, 2004

Atlantic General Hospital, Prospect Point

    The Omegans discussed how they were going to get inside to steal the medical supplies. They discussed using teleport, but without eyes inside, only the Baron with Interface could really get inside easily and even this would be difficult with his illness.

    Suddenly, the Baron remembered that Mark Thomas may be able to help. 

[Joshua played The Contact card...]

    Mark Thomas exited the hospital's back entrance and asked the Omegans what they wanted.  They wanted 25K in medical supplies. Mark went inside and took the supplies to give to them after hearing it was to help out The Hippocratic Oath after the Omegans assured him he was still alive. After getting the supplies, they questioned Mark further about the gut illness of Baron de Villain. 

[Randall played Get A Clue.]

     Mark told them it was some sort of gut parasite and that there was a machine inside Atlantic General Hospital that can heal such crippling injuries but only a V'sori can operate the machine. With that, Mark went back inside.

     Bubbles used her rocket boots to get inside and tried to will a V'sori doctor to do her bidding but failed. The doctor turned on the alarm and she pushed him into a closet and sealed him inside by locking the door through telekinesis without the key. She ran outside and told the Baron what had happened. 

     With the medical supplies in hand, Baron de Villain called his contact from last time and learned that The Hippocratic Oath was in a shop called Heroes in Westpoint under the name Mitch Powers. 

      The Omegans ran out of Prospect Point and headed towards Westpoint, as the V'sori flew in reinforcements to Atlantic General Hospital.

[Meanwhile, the Revenger's squad lost four members in the distraction, but the Revenger, the heavy, and the six remaining gangers managed to escape.]

Monday August 2, 2004

Heroes Comic Shop, Westpoint

      The Omegans met Eugene Freeman who was running the comic book register. Baron de Villain asked for Mitch Powers. After some discussion, Mitch closed the shop and sent Eugene into the back to do some inventory work for him.
     The Hippocratic Oath's hands glowed with blue light and he pushed them inside Baron de Villain and ripped out the gut parasite. The Baron was heavily wounded in his guts externally and internally, but the doctor's hands merely left two scars where they went inside the Baron's body.

    The gut parasite reformed its clay body in the shape of a K'tharen mixed with an Atlantean Hybrid.  

     Ruin slashed the creature with his katana. 

     Setsuna attacked the creature but her touch powers didn't faze the creature at all. 

     The creature's wound resealed. The creature attacked Setsuna and left her wounded.

      Wheeljack used a Med-Stim on Baron de Villain.

      B-HOLD-R, Shadowpool, and Bubbles seemed shocked by what happened and accessed the situation.

     The creature attacked Ruin but couldn't get through his whirling katana defense.

      Bubbles slashed at the creature but fell into its body and dropped prone after bouncing off the creature's bizarre elastic body. 

      Ruin slashed the creature again and wounded it a second time. 

      Shadowpool popped the pin of a fusion grenade and forced it down the throat of the creature. The fusion grenade exploded and the creature separated into multiple bits of goo that smeared all the comic books and racks. 

"NOOOO! Not Aquarian and Champion #1!"--Eugene Freeman

      B-HOLD-R touched Ruin and told him not to burn the comic book shop down. Sensing he was going to do it, B-HOLD-R used his cosmic powers to completely negate his fire form. When he slashed at B-HOLD-R, it put Ruin to sleep and then dumped all of his memories inside Ruin. Ruin's subconscious discarded all the information except for the glorious destruction of history. He drooled in his sleep seeing the depredations of the Mongolian Empire, the pestilence of the black plague, the extinction of the dinosaurs from famine, the destruction and mutation unleashed by the atomic bomb, and other instances of historic tragedy. 

     Wheeljack bought Aquarian #1 for 1K, as Baron de Villain gave him the stink eye. 

     When Setsuna attacked B-HOLD-R, Shadowpool grabbed her and teleported her to his home, leaving her to drown. Baron de Villain negotiated with Shadowpool and asked her to save Setsuna. The dark god of the Shadowpool realm made a deal with the Baron. 

"Serve me and I will save this pathetic Human."--Dark God of Atlantis
[Bobbie used her Golden Bennie to save her character's life from drowning.]

     The Omegans returned to Warehouse 19 to return to Lemuria in an Atlantean Seahorse.      

Tuesday August 3, 2004-August 7,2004

Lemuria Secret Base

      On the first day, Shadowpool grabbed Wheeljack and brought him to his home realm on the orders of Baron de Villain. Wheeljack shot at him with his fusion rifle and then teleported south at random. He found himself in a plane of fire, with all the water on his body turning to steam. Taking a breath, oxygen brought fire down his throat and he choked from pain before teleporting back to the north. The Dark God simply laughed as Wheeljack capitulated.

    Wheeljack returned to navigating the Atlantean Seahorse.

[He gained a d4-1 in boating from training.]

    Ruin spent the five days swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. 

[He gained d4-1 in swimming from training.]  

Baron de Villain, Shadowpool, and Setsuna spent the time resting from fatigue and wounds. Setsuna was still slightly injured at the end of this time. 

I sent the group a courier in an Atlantean Seahorse. I sent them a note with the Teleportation Tube. Press the Red Button to go to Atlantis and the Blue Button to return after you procure the Crown of Atlantis from the Temple. The Omegans entered the teleportation tube one by one... 

--Dr. Destruction, personal journal records. 

[End of Session]

XP: 3, Minimum XP: 30

Loot: None 


    I used DramaScape's City Slums for the first map and DramaScape's Campus Blocks for the second map (Star City University). Rest of the combat was in the theater of the mind (I don't use battlemaps for one opponent or intra-group conflicts). City Slums make an excellent back alley for modern games from crime to supers. Campus Blocks are best for 13 mm miniatures or if you want a really big area for large armies, monsters vs. robots, etc. It's also really good for planning an entire campus out for a game set at a college or university. Its scale made the 28 mm and larger figures look huge. The Campus Blocks also can be used for a Savage Tale I have yet to run.

     Figures used are HeroClix by WizKids and Necessary Evil Figure Flats by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. D&D Beholder Figure from an unknown source (Randall has it on loan from his DnD Dungeon Master, so I didn't purchase it to know the source.)

Campus Blocks

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