Wednesday, July 20, 2016

DramaScape Week Four Release Arabian Fortress 02 w/33% off coupon till 7/24/2016 and Arabian Nights Bundle

This week’s maps is our 2nd Arabian Fortress, just in case you thought that conquering Arabia was easy, we just made it that bit harder. Arabian Fortress 02 is an exterior map of a fortress in a valley surrounded by mountains to the west and east. The fortress is entered from paths to the north and south that circle around the fortress. The fortress is also surrounded by gorges on three sides making natural moats that are spanned by wooden bridges. Arabian Fortress 02 is intended for use in fantasy games, but can also be used in western games as a fortress in the southwest USA or Mexico or as an archaic fortress in modern games.

And here is a link for 33% off, the link expires on Sunday 24th July.

We also have a new Arabian Nights Bundle of Arabian and Desert locations.

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