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Return to 50 Fathoms Recap 9

November 11, 2016 @ 7:00-11:00 P.M.


Day 47
Place: Kuwayway
Time: Afternoon
Weather: Clear 

The group decided to head to the fortress to try and harvest lumber from the fort to fix the H.M.S. Selerity. They left Stumpy Pete, Lorlo, and Rosetta behind to watch the prisoner, Goodwin. 

As they got closer to the fort the land turned to a thick bog about knee high. After slogging through the muck, they made it to the fortress. The group had brought the privateer's cutlasses and knives. They used them to attack the fort, ruining the weapons, but prying out lumber and timber from the fort. Joseph and Louis then examined the wood and placed it into two piles, rotted garbage and still salvageable wood.  

[I did this as a dramatic task and watched in bemusement as they used the Fighting skill to fight the fort (for the five successes needed) and then used the Repair skill from Joseph and Louis to vet the wood making sure it was still good rather than rotted. The trip there and the actual process though meant they had their lumber and timber ready to transport as night fell...] 

Day 47
Place: Kuwayway, Old Fort
Time: Night
Weather: Light Fog  

 Just as they were ready to leave as night fell, strange skeletal zombies emerged from the bog behind them with the rotting faces of Ugaks. At first, only Horventerous, Unk, and Natsu Nara saw them. 

This sent Unk screaming off to the north at his fastest pace through the bog. 

[I counted the swampland as somewhat difficult terrain -2 pace when moving rather than each inch = 2 pace as per RAW. Unk's Necrophobia triggered his fear and he panicked.]

The horrific creatures moved towards the group with haphazard motions from shattered pelvises and femurs covered with a thin membrane of rotting flesh moving at impossible angles for living creatures. The bog slowed them a bit and they were only able to reach out their cracked shoulders and arm bones at a few people. Most of them missed, but one arm swipe hit Louis in the back and "he" fell into the bog.

Horventerous sent a screaming water bolt at one of the abominations and its jaw opened wide as if in mocking laughter--as if mere water could harm one from the bog. 

[Andrew rolled a water bolt damage of 3 on three dice.]

Natsu Nara sent an earth cannonball at one of the horrors. It bounced off its ribs, cracking them, but the horror kept coming anyway. 

Red Pirate Roberts and her men turned around and saw the monsters, but they stood their ground. 

The skeletal creatures walked to the fort walls, climbing them easily with sticky bony limbs, and extended their limbs downward cracking them into noose shapes. The nooses closed around Senor Miguel, Red Pirate Roberts, Smithers, and Louis. Louis gasped as "he" got up from nearly drowning by falling in the bog to a skeletal noose around her neck. "He" panicked but there was nowhere to go.

[Louis suddenly woke up as she was being choked, narrowly avoiding a finishing move death from a Flesh Wound play by Andrew.] 

Unk overcame his fear and returned to fight the fiends. He used his hook to tear out one of the fiend's ribs and slashed with his long sword through the sternum up to the neck of a second fiend. The fiend's fell back into the bog as a pile of bones with a rotted Ugak's head on top whose eyes went from open black voids to half closed from decayed eyelids slumping. 

Red Pirate Roberts drew her crossbow and tried to fire it at one of her captors, but the quarrel nicked the rib cage and bounced off, the quarrel lost somewhere in the bog. 

Joseph tried to use his nicked dagger to stab one of the fiends, but it went into the rib cage and nicked two ribs without further harming the fiend.

John Smith drew his spear and used it to stab the sternum of the fiend that Joseph hit and it crumbled into a pile of bones. 

Miguel, Smithers, and Louis struggled with the nooses around their necks and started suffocating.     

Horventerous drew his bone sword and used it to smash the femur of the mocking fiend and its femur shattered in half followed by the falling down of the rest of the fiend. 

[Andrew did something like 42 damage to the fiend.]

Natsu Nara drew his short sword and stabbed one of the fiends in the shoulder blade. The shoulder bone separated in half and the fiend fell into the bog. 

With their nooses around the necks of victims, most of the fiends walked further up the wall to choke them from above beyond the reach of most of the group. A second noose was placed around Red Pirate Roberts and Smithers. Red Pirate Roberts wasn't affected but Miguel, Smithers, and Louis were near death--turning purple from lack of air. 

Unk jumped up to swing at the skeletal fiend holding Louis and used his hook to shatter the noose. Louis dropped into the bog and choked as "he" gasped for air. Unk then turned the corner of the fort and saw three of the crew choking with Smither's near his final gasp. 

Red Pirate Roberts broke the choke holds and used her grappling gun to escape. Fortunately for her she could aim through the gate since they had torn it down for lumber. She fired and attached the grappling gun to the top of the fort's living area and pulled away from the two flotsam fiends near her. They struck at her as she ran from melee and her crossbow was destroyed.  

[Ellen played Relics and sacrificed her crossbow to avoid 21 damage (Incapacitation).]

Louis got up and drew "his" spear. Joseph ran drawing his spear. John Smith turned the corner and stabbed one of the fiends choking out Smithers and one of the nooses on Smithers fell off as the fiend shattered into sticky bones that tumbled down the wall before going into the bog. Smithers gurgled as the noose had nearly finished its work. Miguel got out of his choke hold. 

Horventerous and Natsu Nara cast bolts but they hit the wall instead of the fiends. 

Unk jumped up and shattered the noose holding Smithers with his hook. Smithers was finally released and he slumped down with his back on the wall. Unk moved to get close to the fiends near Natsu Nara.

Horventerous cast a water bolt on one of the fiends on the wall and it was crushed by the water turning into a waterfall of cascading bones that splashed into the marsh. 

Natsu Nara sent an earth cannonball that ricocheted off three of the fiends and the fort wall, managing to shatter one of them. 

Louis, Miguel, and John Smith stabbed at one of the fiends with their spears but hit the wall instead. Joseph stabbed at a different fiend with his spear but missed. Smithers ran and moved around the corner of the fort away from the fiends.

[With three wounds and two fatigue -2 movement for difficult ground, Smithers needed to run just to move 1 inch.]

Red Pirate Roberts reloaded her grapple gun. She tried to grapple to another location but missed hitting the ground in front of her.

Natsu Nara cast an earthen cannonball at the fiend next to her. It shattered its rib cage and the rest of its limbs and head fell to the ground. Then she brought out a rusty bulls-eye lantern and shined its light on the last fiend. The skeletal fiend crumbled to dust in the light before the lantern's light faded. 

[This isn't by RAW, as the Flotsam Fiends aren't Weakness (Light), but it was a fun way to end the fight. Summer played the card Stashed Away for this effect.]

With the fiends defeated, Horventerous cast succor on the fatigued characters and gave his Bleeding Heart potion to Smithers to drink and heal one of his broken ribs. The group grabbed their one and a half cargo hold worth of timber and headed back to the ship. 

Day 48-52
Place: Kuwayway, Beach

The group turned over seven turtles for provisions as Joseph and Louis tried to repair the extensive damage to the rudder of the H.M.S. Selerity. After five days and using all the lumber they had gathered from the old fortress, the H.M.S. Selerity's rudder and hull was repaired. The group gathered 28 provisions from the slaughter of the turtles as sharks were drawn from far away to Kuwayway to the blood in the waters. Stumpy Pete made a deal with Red Pirate Roberts for fifty-fifty on pieces of eight in the treasure if she helped him get it and got him back to Azy Cay for his "retirement". Stumpy Pete said they could keep anything else they found, he was only interested in jewels to hide in his peg legs. With her handshake, he told her that the treasure was on an island 70 miles north of Kuwayway.

[The group literally did almost everything possible on Kuwayway which was kind of cool (with the exception of beach combing).]

Day 53
Place: Stumpy Pete's Treasure Island
Time: Afternoon
Weather: Clear  

Red Pirate Roberts sailed the H.M.S Selerity with the chained The Adrienne to Stumpy Pete's Treasure Island with high cliffs preventing access to a plateau dotted with trees.

Unk free climbed the high cliffs using his hands. 

Red Pirate Roberts used her grapple gun to attach her hook and rope and ride up with Stumpy Pete. After ascending she removed the rope from the grapple gun and left it there for Horventerous and eventually Rosetta to climb up.

Cutting through a sweltering jungle, Horventerous fell behind as he got tired but cast Succor on himself to keep going. 

As they got close to the ruined manor Stumpy Pete started wriggling his hands, casting his eyes back and forth, and getting nervous.  When Red Pirate Roberts called him on it, he said, "Strange being back here is all. Reminds me of my dead shipmates. Come on, the loot's in the ballroom. Let's get it and go."
Red Pirate Roberts questioned him further, "Dead shipmates?"
Stumpy Pete explained, "Not everyone survived coming to this island. Some died climbing the cliffs, others from heat stroke in the jungle. Plus all me mates lost to me when Pierre LaGrange's corsair crashed from the storm near Perck as we approached Shark's Bay. I'm the only one left of the nine crew and the captain that buried the treasure in the first place and with one less leg than last time." 

The group went to the ballroom and Stumpy removed a flagstone that revealed six wooden chests. They found 6,900 pieces of eight worth of diamonds and rubies that they split with Stumpy Pete, a pistol, a pair of slippers, a golden triangle engraved with magical runes and glyphs on its sides, and a scroll illuminated with magical script. Red Pirate Roberts opened the last chest and a disembodied voice came from a mummified 
head, "My magic is yours to command, but only against the three sisters."  

This freaked out Unk whose fear triggered an adrenaline surge and he attacked the head! Red Pirate Roberts shut the chest and protected the head. Unk's hook hit the chest and shattered it. Horventerous dived and saved the mummified head and placed it in one of the remaining five wooden chests. Rather than examining the chests, they decided to leave immediately. As they left the ruined manor, they were confronted with a horrible sight, a massive undead monkape with its rotting flesh falling off its still large frame. 

Despite this, Unk held his ground.  


One massive sweep of the monstrosity's tree club hit Unk in the junk and he cried out in pain and immediately passed out while also wounding Horventerous. 

Suddenly Rosetta appeared, gliding from the treetops. She fired her crossbow at the horror's eye but the quarrel lodged in its brow ridge instead. 

[I allowed Chessie to play Midget's character with her character downed in the first round.]

Horventerous drank a Potion of Speed and cast a screaming water bolt at the monstrosity's ear but it seemed unaffected as water mixed with maggots dripped out of its ear. 

Red Pirate Roberts and Stumpy Pete drew out pistols but the small explosions barely seemed to even affect the monster. 

The monster grabbed a piece of the masonry and hurled it at Rosetta. It struck her in the wings and she dropped into the forest, heavily wounded. 

Rosetta countered by loading her crossbow and firing it, but quarrel stuck to the rotting chest of the beast. She retreated further into the forest.  

Horventerous tried taunting the monster but seemed to realize that the beast didn't care about his words. He attempted three light water bolts but they simply hit its chest and made more maggots and worms seep out of the beast. 

Stumpy Pete drew out his second pistol but missed and nearly killed Unk. 

Red Pirate Roberts slid underneath the beast and fired her second pistol at the beast's junk crying out, "For my Unk!" But the undead creature seemed to not care very much about the shot to his genitals.   

"In retrospect this might not be the best place to be."--Red Pirate Roberts

Horventerous concentrated and started hurling heavy bolts at the beast. The beast roared in pain as chunks of flesh slid off its body from the water assault. The beast swung down with its tree at Horventerous but he dodged the attack. 

Stumpy Pete walked forward with his crutches and tried to stab the beast in the leg with his cutlass but it seemed unaffected by the blade.  

Red Pirate Roberts reloaded her pistol. 

Rosetta reloaded her crossbow and fired but hit a tree instead as she kept moving backwards into the forest. 

Horventerous concentrated a second time and cast two more heavy bolts, toppling the beast over with the force of the last screaming water bolt.    

Horventerous gave his Potion of Restoration to Unk and he woke up. Horventerous used his healing powers to restore wounds to himself, Unk, and Rosetta and then his healing kit to suture the damage to Unk's junk. He couldn't mend Rosetta's wing all the way but she confirmed she could still glide after climbing a tree and drifting down. 

The group used the hook and rope to climb down and then Rosetta took off the hook and glided back down to the H.M.S. Selerity. Red Pirate Roberts put the hook and rope back inside the grappling gun with Louis' help. With the treasure found, Stumpy Pete requested to be returned to Azy Cay to enjoy his retirement. The group decided to head to the Kehana Flumes to gain the gold and then promised to return Stumpy Pete to Azy Cay on the way to Bluff's Crown for their reward from Pars Portri.  Horventerous was out of potions and was grumpy about it. 

[We are going on hiatus with this quest for a while, till February probably, so last 50 Fathoms for a bit as Ellen is going to have to work weekends during her job's busy season. At least going out with a bang with them fighting unique foes and a big bad boss monster. I allowed Ellen to roll 2d6 for advancement for her sailors and ship carpenter and 1d6 for Stumpy Pete, but only Joseph advanced. It was 2d6 because she missed the advancement roll at the end of last session as she was very tired]
[End of Session]

XP: 2 Seasoned, 3 Novice (This got Unk to Seasoned and Natsu Nara close). 

Loot: 3,450 pieces of eight in diamonds and rubies, pistol, slippers, scroll, golden triangle, mummified head. 


I used the green tablecloth for land this week on the tabletop.  I used DramaScape's FREE Border Fort for the Old Fortress on Kuwayway. For the ruined manor on Treasure Island, I used DramaScape's PAY WHAT YOU WANT Abandoned Riad. I also used DramaScape's Grove of Hands map (for the forest part sticking out at the entrance of the riad). 

Tri-folds used are from the 50 Fathoms Figure Flat Pack by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The 50 Fathoms metal miniature is also from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Also a Heroclix figure from WizKids is in here too for the Atani Rosetta. The figure for Unk is from Deadly Missions Mercenaries by Grey Matter Games

Pay What You Want: Abandoned Riad

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