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Return to 50 Fathoms Recap 8

November 4, 2016 @ 8:00-10:00 P.M.


Day 41 
Place: Baltimus, The Port
Time: Early Morning around 4 am
Weather: Thick Fog

Somehow Red Pirate Roberts had the crew weigh anchor and managed to slip out of The Port of Baltimus without crashing into the harbor or other docked ships through the thick fog. Meanwhile, the H.M.S. Selerity, a privateer ship, managed to get the wanted bills and gear up to chase them.

[Red Pirate Roberts faced a -6 boating penalty (-4 fog),  and -2 (night), with +2 from Ace and +1 Handling, managed to get a Raise with a -3 penalty, so got out of the harbor and got a good head start on the H.M.S. Selerity. As for the H.M.S. Selerity it's a Sloop with six cannons/light cargo from a 19 roll on the privateer/pirate chart with 11 privateers and a veteran privateer captain. One funny thing is that with 3 guns on each side but only 11 crew it can fire three guns as a first volley but can only reload and fire 2 guns each round with 10 men on a single side of the ship.]

Day 42
Place: The Pirate Sea
Time: Day
Weather: Clear

The H.M.S. Selerity nearly caught up to The Adrienne but Red Pirate Roberts steered away from them in a chase scene as several cannonballs barely missed their ship

[Pregame setup pics]

[Chase index cards for use with my variant chase rules, the group got away in this encounter getting to the Escape Zone (The Adrienne is the purple ship with the H.M.S. Selerity the second ship).]

The ship carpenter, Joseph, told Red Pirate Roberts, "Looks like no damage this time, captain,"
Horventerous told her, "The next time we see them, we fight." 
Stumpy Pete interjected, "Miss, they are chasing us towards Kuwayway. If they get to our ship when it's moored, we won't be able to get the treasure and get out safely." 
Red Pirate Roberts replied, "Their ship is twice our size, but hey if you wanna commit suicide..."

Day 46
Place: The Pirate Sea
Time: Day
Weather: Clear

The H.M.S. Selerity caught back up with The Adrienne and greeted them with cannon shots that sailed over them as Red Pirate Roberts maneuvered the ship out of the way and one of the cannonballs hit near the bulwark near the rudder but caused no damage to the hull or rudder and Red Pirate Roberts kept control of the ship despite the force of the hit.

[I played Extra Powder due to Pandora's Box and did a pretty sad but average 3d6+1 damage roll of 13, which only caused an out of control roll that Red Pirate Roberts easily passed.]

Horventerous responded by sending a heavy water bolt screaming at the sloop's rudder. Half the rudder exploded as the ship took a major hit. The H.M.S Selerity slowed to a crawl and The Adrienne assumed a boarding position alongside. Unk cut a rope and swung to the other ship, cutting off the head of the center privateer on the middle cannon as he boarded.  

Unk ran forward and attacked one of the other privateers with his hook, but the hook went through his shirt rather than penetrating his flesh.

Next Red Pirate Roberts used her grappling gun on the center mast to pull herself and Smithers aboard the other ship.

[Ellen rolled a 12, so I allowed her to carry Smithers too with a Raise. If another character was close, I would have allowed them to go too for the Double Raise, but no one was close to them on the ship otherwise.] 

Horventerous jumped aboard and cut down a man with his bone sword.

The privateer captain ordered his men to capture but not kill the fugitives. He drew out his musket and took cover behind a crate on the ship's deck. His men drew cutlasses and tried to form a ring around the three wanted men and women worth 9,000 pieces of eight alive to Baltimus. 

Unk growled and charged at the three men in the south, leaving two dead with his long sword and hook, and the third snagged by his hook and left mazed at the speed of the Red Man.   

Horventerous moved towards the other group of three privateers and unleashed three bolts. Horventerous' bolts went every direction, leaving the center privateer befuddled as he was still alive despite three screaming bolts streaking around him to the left, right and above his lead, but leaving him still standing. 

Smithers reloaded Red Pirate Robert's grappling gun and she fired it at one of the men near the port side edge of the ship. It hit him in the chest but he grabbed it and threw it down

[Generally not used as a weapon, Ellen tried a push maneuver with the grapple gun though.  I gave her d6 strength + d6 for her Raise as an opposed strength. But she got a 5 and the extra got a 6, so he stood firm on the deck. Ellen then played Fireworks on her cannon.]

The sailors on The Adrienne fired their cannon at the group of three privateers. Distracted by Horventerous, they never saw the cannonball coming. It struck all three in a row and landed in the center dinghy, leaving all three dead with broken ribs crushing internal organs.

[This was pretty nasty. A Raise on the Shooting roll plus Fireworks meant 5d6+1 damage...] 

The privateer captain dropped prone and fired his musket at Horventerous, but the shot missed as the smoke of the cannon shot surrounded Horventerous.  

The remaining privateers tried to use the flat of their blades to knock out Unk and Red Pirate Roberts but couldn't pierce Unk's thick hide or get through Red Pirate Robert's bodyguard Smithers' whirling spear protecting her.

Smithers attacked with his spear and managed to stab it through a privateer's belly. Red Pirate Roberts used the butt of the grappling gun as an improvised weapon and hit the privateer in the chin. He stumbled backwards a bit. 

Unk used his hook to take out the remaining privateer attacking him and then used his long sword to stab into the left ribs of the privateer that Red Pirate Roberts had momentarily stunned. 

Horventerous slashed downward with his bone sword but missed the privateer captain as he rolled out of the way. However, this ruined his reloading shot against Horventerous with his musket. He got up and brandished his cutlass. 

Unk cut a rope and then jumped out from behind the privateer captain. The captain took two wounds from a hook and long sword strike to the back in his kidneys. 

Horventerous finished him off by beheading him with his bone sword. 

Smithers slew all the privateers except one on Horventerous' request which the captain didn't rescind. 

Horventerous interrogated the privateer. He found out his name was Goodwin and that they were here for the reward on their heads. Horventerous saw the wanted bills on the privateer captain. Wanted Alive: 6,000 pieces of eight for Murder and Vandalism on Unk, Wanted Alive: 2,000 pieces of eight for Murder on Natsu Nara. Wanted Alive: 1,000 pieces of eight for aiding and abetting fugitives Red Pirate Roberts and Horventerous.  They tied up Goodwin after disrobing him of his uniform and threw him in the cargo hold with only a blouse and long johns covered him

They looted the bodies for a very low 110 pieces of eight, which may be why they had been so desperate to capture them. 

The group removed the uniforms of all the dead privateers and dumped them overboard. Unk triggered by so much death surrounding him remembered the dead Red Man head he still possessed. He panicked and threw it overboard as well.      
The crew set up the H.M.S. Selerity to tow The Adrienne. Only able to turn right, Red Pirate Roberts set course for Kuwayway looking for lumber to fix the H.M.S. Selerity.  

Day 47
Place: Kuwayway
Time: Afternoon
Weather: Clear 

The crew arrived at Kuwayway. They noticed a relatively flat island with a wooden fortress in the center of the island. Perhaps the entire island had been cleared of trees to make the fortress? Horventerous also noticed giant sea turtles on the shore. Sharks had nearly doubled overnight. Was it from the blood of the bodies they dumped yesterday or perhaps the draw of the sea turtles? The group decided to head to the fortress to try and harvest lumber from the fort to fix the H.M.S. Selerity...

[As Game Master I love this story direction as we never step foot on Kuwayway during my play through.]

[End of Session]

XP: 3 (Capturing the H.M.S. Selerity)

Loot: 110 pieces of eight (the group didn't get a relic and rolled 1s on their money rolls). 


I used the blue tablecloth for sea this week on the tabletop.  DramaScape's POD River Barge is used for the small fishing boat we are using as The Adrienne. Cannons are from DramaScape's Western Keep. DramaScape's Above Decks Volume Two: Smuggler's Sloop and The Wave Cutter POD is used for the H.M.S. Selerity The Smuggler's Sloop is very useful for pirate themed games as a merchant or player character ship and The Wave Cutter is useful for steampunk and western games, so a great pack if you play Deadlands: The Flood and 50 Fathoms (or for that matter Solomon Kane or Rippers and want some Barbary Pirates involved in an adventure in Kane's world or a base for water themed monsters or a Ripper team). Tri-folds used are from the 50 Fathoms Figure Flat Pack by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The 50 Fathoms metal miniature is also from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Also a Heroclix figure from WizKids is in here too for Midget's Rosetta Atani character who is asleep with Matt's Lorlo, and Summer's Natsu Nara below deck. The figure for Unk is from Deadly Missions Mercenaries by Grey Matter Games. Finally plastic ships from Letters of Marque by Fantasy Flight Games were used during the chase. 

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