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Necessary Evil Recap 21

November 27, 2016 @ 1:00-7:00 P.M.




Friday August 27, 2004-Sunday August 29, 2004
Lemuria Secret Base

The Omegans returned to Lemuria and called me for a prisoner pickup. I sent a courier in an Atlantean Seahorse with a nullifier shackle to transfer the V'sori for interrogation. With any luck he can be tortured until he reveals the location of the facility that created the super drones so we can blow it to Hell.  

As for their capture of the super drone Huntress, they wanted to know if she could be saved. I was blunt. There wasn't much left of her humanity. She was nothing but a brain and a spinal cord with some flesh underneath a metal shell. Her ability to speak ever again had been removed permanently to put a gun in her mouth. If they had a Colonel Clone gel pack and some DNA, we could have Hydra clone her body with some memory loss likely. But her current body was more machine than woman. 

Bubbles said Baron de Villain had some of the gel packs but they couldn't seem to find him. Hmmm I wonder why that is on such a small island base? Maybe the Huntress simply wasn't worth the cost of a gel pack. Holding out on me again, eh Baron?   

Ruin, Bubbles, and Wheeljack performed some surgeries on the Huntress. They sliced open the back of her neck and removed a control module from her spinal cord. It nearly exploded after removal before Ruin disarmed it. They also cut open her throat and disabled the trigger on her mouth blaster cannon. Ruin took one of her Vibro Saws after Wheeljack repaired it. Wheeljack took the invisibility cloaking device and attached it to his chair. Bubbles took the other Vibro Saw and her mesh torso armor.  

Ruin then used a fake Baron de Villain key card to enter his room with the Huntress super drone. He placed manacles around her hands and feet and gagged her. He then tied her to Baron de Villain's bed and left. It was a curious decision to leave a prisoner in the Baron's room but I suppose it was Ruin's way of saying this is your prisoner problem not ours.

[Lockpicking -4 roll against the Secure Access of the Lair but Kevin made it!]

Wheeljack scrapped the grounded V'sori Mbuna and used half of its parts to repair the Dragon Queen. He took the Heavy Lasers off the Mbuna and turned them into shoulder mounted laser cannons for the Dragon Queen. 

[Randall played that One Issue Where. This granted the Dragon Queen the ability to transform into a flying car (500K 3 Power Points) with submersible (1 Power Point) and weapons available in that form (1 Power Point so that it has four load out weapons like a jet). I allowed Stealth Paint to work with the Flying Car as well.]

With some tweaks, he routed the power of the Dragon Queen to the fusion cell of the V'sori Mbuna allowing it to transform into a flying car at least until the fusion cell wears out. 

The Omegans saw a bunch of human refugees and asked them what they were doing in Lemuria. They told them they were the survivors of the Revenger's group and that Baron de Villain offered them refuge. With the death of the Revenger to the super drones, they fled here from Star City University. Mostly they are students that have the courage to fight. Still, they can be of some use to the Omegans, especially the medical and engineering students in their medical and repair bays.

The deaths of the Revenger and the Phantom (the deceased leader of the Phantom Gangers) have severely crippled the Resistance in Uptown. The Phantom Gangers are fighting each other to determine who the new leader will become rather than fighting the V'sori right now. The deaths of the Leper (an Atlantean super villain with poisoned and diseased skin) and Siberian to the super drones trying to defend my Warehouses along with the destruction of another Warehouse during Omega Cell 107's escape from the V'sori has left our operations in The Docks with only one sub pen. This has extended our supply lines and caused a major logistics problem for the Resistance in Star City.  I need that super drone facility destroyed. I fear if it is not destroyed, the V'sori may make more of them--perhaps with the corpses of the super villains they just defeated. 

Monday August 30, 2004
Lemuria Secret Base

I told the Omegans that I needed them to head to the Hoover Dam to destroy a V'sori super weapon being developed by a V'sori warlord and engineer named Magon. Wheeljack had the Omegans enter the Dragon Queen as a submarine and they left for Nevada. 

Tuesday August 31, 2004-Saturday September 4, 2004
Lemuria Secret Base to New Mexico

The Omegans used the transformed Dragon Queen to traverse along the east coast of the United States, skirting around the Florida peninsula and entering the Gulf of Mexico. Wheeljack got a ping as 15K was entered into his bank account on the first of the month. The Dragon Queen took the Rio Grande River up from the Gulf of Mexico to New Mexico. 

Sunday September 5, 2004 to Tuesday September 7, 2004
New Mexico to Nevada 

They flew up from the Rio Grande and flew across New Mexico to submerge in the Colorado River in Arizona. Bubbles had her claustrophobia trigger in the sudden transformation from submersible to flying car and she became acrophobic (fear of heights). They were fortunate that the Dragon Queen's stealth paint deflected V'sori radar and they were not discovered. They took the Colorado River up to the Hoover Dam. 

Wednesday September 8, 2004
Hoover Dam, Nevada  

[Pregame table set up.]

[Sneaking up the Colorado River.] 

The Dragon Queen deflected a sensor sweep by the V'sori. Wheeljack noticed the sensor sweep as he analyzed the ship's sonar/radar panel. Wheeljack wanted to go to space to destroy the satellite but realized that the Dragon Queen wasn't atmospheric or capable of spaceflight to reach the satellite

Wheeljack dropped off Ruin and Bubbles on the west bank of the Colorado River while he pondered what to do. Ruin and Bubbles stealthily approached the Hoover Dam. 

[Kevin used Ace for this.]

Then Ruin turned into his earth form and directed a massive tremor at the Hoover Dam

[I allowed Kevin to make a Trigger roll because of that San Andreas Movie and rule of cool. Then Kevin wanted a re-roll because it failed with a 1. I said the right card play would allow it. He needed Bullseye! from Chessie, but she didn't want to trade it rightfully fearing the repercussions So I offered an extra effort chip to trade it...and she did. Kevin rolled the trigger a second time from Bullseye! + a Bennie to play a second card and got it. Then he rolled 1d4+3 x 2 for Richter scale and 1d20 x 10 X 2 for mileage and 3d6+3 x 2 for the damage. So we ended up with a Richter Scale 12, 260 mile quake that caused 38 damage to the dam.] 
The Hoover Dam shattered. The two V'sori Barracudas on top of the dam fell into the debris and flood that followed. A V'sori Sargasso and patrol were destroyed by the flood downstream. A V'sori Stingray failed to get airborne and was grounded during the earthquake until it eventually exploded from fractures in the fusion core. A second V'sori Stingray had its control's malfunction but was able to take off. A V'sori King Crab was unaffected by the quake and the two V'sori Mbunas took off in time.  Magon leaped on top of the reinforced building with a satellite dish. 

[It cost me like four Bennies for Magon to soak and avoid this.]

[New board post-quake and flood.]

 [Chessie played Here Comes the Cavalry and Hidden Stash + a Bennie.]

A resistance cell had captured a V'sori Barracuda to sneak into the Hoover Dam to help the Omegans but instead came to save them during the quake. 

Ruin changed to his air form to fly up to the captured Barracuda and avoid the flood. He started summoning a storm to cover their eventual retreat. 

Bubbles brought out a surfboard and used it to ride the flood wave down the Colorado River trying to ride the wave and escape due to her new fear of heights. 

Wheeljack surfaced the Dragon Queen from the Colorado River and flew up to avoid the flood and blew up a V'sori Mbuna. 

The resistance cell moved in front of the wave of water and one of them grabbed Bubbles after she got over her fear of heights due to a new fear of crashing into the canyon walls. The captured Barracuda flew to the east bank of the Colorado River

[For the rest of the battle, actions on the ground were at a -6 penalty. Fortunately, V'sori ships have repulsorlift so could avoid it.]

The V'sori Stingray had trouble turning around for a while. The V'sori King Crab and V'sori Mbuna concentrated their fire on the Dragon Queen, hitting it in the chassis. 

Magon hit a switch on a satellite dish and it became a massive cannon. He aimed it at the Dragon Queen but the ginormous green beam went through the ship with no effect.

"I shan't miss a second time! You will die!"--Magon

[I got a Joker for Magon and at -6 on Repair +2, he rolled a crazy 11 to bring the Annihilator Cannon online. Then he fired at the Dragon Queen and hit despite a -4 penalty, but Randall soaked the damage.]

The Dragon Queen fired on the V'sori King Crab, V'sori Mbuna, and the V'sori Stingray, wounding all three

Ruin had the captured Barracuda turn around and fire at the V'sori Mbuna, hitting it and shooting it through the middle, instantly killing a drone passenger.  

The V'sori Stingray managed to turn around and fire at the Dragon Queen but couldn't damage the ship. 

[It was a pretty sad Joker turn for my drones all in all.]

The Dragon Queen fired on the V'sori King Crab, V'sori Stingray and the cannon, wounding all three. The V'sori King Crab skidded backward from the force of the laser and the V'sori Stingray spun around to face the wrong direction to fire again.

The V'sori King Crab and V'sori Mbuna kept firing at the Dragon Queen but couldn't pierce her armor or missed as Wheeljack maneuvered in midair to dodge.  

Magon fired the cannon again but missed badly firing over the Dragon Queen's cockpit.  

The captured Barracuda fired but missed badly. The Dragon Queen just narrowly avoided death from friendly fire by doing a barrel roll.

[Magon was rocking a -9 penalty with a -3 wound on the Annihilator Cannon and the -6 earthquake penalty.] 

Suddenly the storm that Ruin called appeared.

[Adding an additional -1 penalty to everyone.]

The V'sori King Crab fired its weapons and missed. The V'sori King Crab went over the cliff to try and ram the Dragon Queen in midair. Stunned, Wheeljack couldn't avoid it seeing his doom in the form of a giant V'sori tank coming toward him. But Setsuna came out of the storage locker and grabbed the controls turning them up. The V'sori King Crab scrapped the bottom of the Dragon Queen and fell down to the ground below. Amazingly the tank survived the collision and fall. 

[I had the players roll 12d6+10 damage; they got like 79, not enough to wound the tank. Hey I didn't give it an 80 toughness!]  

Setsuna fired a missile at the cannon but it missed. 

The Dragon Queen flew forward and Wheeljack blew up the cannon. Magon leaped out of the way of the blast

[Magon rolled a crazy 10+ ace to avoid this despite the -7 penalty to get away.]

The captured Barracuda gunner took aim at the V'sori Mbuna rather than firing in the storm. 

The V'sori Stingray fired twice, hitting the Dragon Queen in the chassis and missed The Dragon Queen with the second shot, blowing up the V'sori Mbuna instead from friendly fire. They tried to ram the Dragon Queen, but their ship exploded instead of harming her, sending the drone crew flying everywhere.

Magon took a final shot at the Dragon Queen with his blaster pistol but missed. He used a warp shunt to get inside the V'sori King Crab to escape. 

Their objective met, the Omegans escaped under the cover of a storm and a massive earthquake. 

Thursday September 9, 2004-Saturday September 11, 2004
Nevada to New Mexico

In New Mexico, the Resistance fighters landed and transferred Ruin and Bubbles to the Dragon Queen. They were forced to abandon the captured V'sori Barracuda as its fusion core ran out of fuel The Resistance fighters left for hidden caves hoping their hideouts were still intact. The Dragon Queen's stealth paint protected them from V'sori scanner sweeps as they crossed New Mexico.

Sunday September 12, 2004-Thursday September 16, 2004
New Mexico-Lemuria Secret Base

The Omegans took the Rio Grande River back to the Gulf of Mexico and returned to their Lemuria Secret Base in the Atlantic Ocean. They tuned into the news and got to see the results of their actions.     
The earthquake that Ruin summoned had dire consequences. The San Andreas Fault was triggered and California submerged into the Pacific Ocean in an apocalyptic fashion. Despite the catastrophic loss of life, at least the V'sori's West Coast United States bases were destroyed. I wanted Monolith to do the same thing, but only when the timing was right to distract the V'sori from our true aims. Now the whole plan is in jeopardy.  

[It's not the first time our gaming group has sunk California, we sort of flooded it in Deadlands: The Flood too.]

Worse, the V'sori used the satellite images in the area to show Ruin, Bubbles, and the Resistance ships destroying the Hoover Dam and triggering the quake. Their propaganda machine brought out VEMA, the V'sori Emergency Management Agency, bringing food, fresh water, and medical supplies and transportation to hospitals for the survivors of the cataclysm and decried the event as 9/8/2004 a day that will live in infamy as the worst catastrophe in United States history. What a joke compared to what they did to the world during their initial invasion and afterward. Although we know what really happens to those they put in those hospital ships, why heal useless injured humans when you can turn them into drones for the V'sori cause? But despite the reality, the propaganda likely means the Omegans and especially Ruin will be hated by just about everybody they meet that recognizes them. They've made Mongo seem like a gentle giant by comparison.   

Friday September 17-Saturday September 18, 2004
Lemuria Secret Base

Wheeljack used the rest of the scrapped Mbuna's parts to repair the Dragon Queen. 

Sunday September 19, 2004
Lemuria Secret Base

Suddenly my commslink signal to the Omegans went dead as if it was completely jammed. I fear something awful has happened to them...  

--Dr. Destruction, personal journal records. 

[End of Session]

XP: 3, Miss XP 2, Minimum XP= Veteran (40)

Loot: Huntress' gear.


I used DramaScape's Darkwater Station as the Hoover Dam for this week's map. Darkwater Station is perfect for the Savage Tale Pulling the Plug, even having satellite dishes that can be used for the hidden super weapon. I used DramaScape's The Crater to make some cliffs. I used my green tablecloth and blue tablecloth to create a center river and outer ground areas besides the map pieces. I made the table three leaves (max) for this session. Overall, this does a good job of getting the play area close to the map on page 141 of Necessary Evil. I had to modify the vehicle locations as they wouldn't fit on the board proper the way the map has it set up since my table is long rather than wide. 

Figures and vehicles used are from HeroClix by WizKids and Necessary Evil Figure Flats by Pinnacle Entertainment Group DramaScape's The Partisan Passenger Version was also used for the group's transformed vehicle. We are using Jace from Magic The Gathering Planeswalkers Arena by Wizards of the Coast for Ruin's air form.

Darkwater Station


GM Section

My last gaming session for a while. Probably till January or so. December has the first Sunday being a Rifftrax of Santa Versus the Martians during the bye, then me watching the Browns as they work on their "perfect" season (0-4 preseason and 0-12 regular season so far) as well as Christmas and New Year's when it's hard to get a game going. With 50 Fathoms also on hiatus till February, might be the last recap till 2017. 

With this my last session this year, I went all-in on a huge game set up and Kevin and Randall stepped up and made it work despite Ted being sick and with both Chessie and Bobbie out for most of the session (Chessie had to drop off kids from a sleepover Saturday night so had to leave mid-session and Bobbie was at a kid's birthday party until the late part of the session). I'm pretty sure our group will be talking about this legendary session for a while.   

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