Friday, November 25, 2016

DramaScape Fourth November Release Parking Garage with five cars with 50% off link till 11/27/2016

Where do most of the Shady Meeting and Deals take place?
In quiet Parking Places, so this weeks map is a Parking Garage, with a few cars to print and use. Includes five VTT cars. The printed page of cars has ten cars (includes color swapped versions of a couple cars, with the basic five cars included).
Parking Garage uses United Kingdom style driving on the left traffic flow. Parking Garage is intended for modern games, with its best use as a map in criminal or spy games as a meeting place. It can make an excellent chase location. Another idea is a post-apocalyptic parking garage where the survivors need to find a working vehicle to get away from a large zombie mob and head here. It can also work as a racing kind of map.

And here is a link for 50% off, the link expires on Sunday 27th November

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