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Return to 50 Fathoms Recap 17

July 7, 2017 @7:00-10:30 P.M.


DAY 118, SCENE 1

The group made it to the nadir of a mountain and began to climb... 

When they reached a mountain pass, they saw three dead men in tattered prisoner clothes in large cages. The cages hung over head attached to the cliff face swaying in the wind as vultures pecked into the cages hoping for a taste of decaying flesh.

"Dead men in cages! Aaaahhh"--Cowardly Escaped Prisoner
This scared one of the escaped prisoners and he ran screaming away from the cages. Unk's face was ashen as he looked on in horror at the scene.
The group spotted a Kieran Empire patrol coming down the mountain pass as they approached. The remaining escaped prisoners moved ahead and screamed a battle cry. 

"Die you Kieran curs!"--Escaped Prisoners

They promptly shot one of their own while bringing down one of the Kieran patrolmen. The two remaining escaped prisoners dived for cover. 

The Kieran patrol was ordered by the Kieran sergeant to fire upon the escaped prisoners. 

"Looks like these escapees found some reinforcements. Use lethal force. We'll put the survivors--if any--to work in the iron mines!"--Kieran sergeant 

They all promptly missed with one of them shooting another guard in the back in the narrow canyon.

Red Pirate Roberts shot at one of the Kieran guards and it barely missed his head. Her sailors moved up next to the escaped prisoners.

Suzu moved forward next to a sailor as Unk was left dazed.

Horventerous moved forward and wielded his scepter of fire, using it to incinerate a Kieran guard.

Suddenly Natsu Nara appeared from the ground and he observed the dead man in the cage. He walked down the cliff face and dropped down on the unsuspecting Kieran guard below. With a brutal lunging attack, he swept the right leg off the guard.

Suddenly Cloud appears and changes the tide of battle!

 Natsu Nara's earth magic came in handy in this session. Especially his new wall walker spell.
Natsu Nara quickly moved across to the other side of the canyon and stabbed a second Kieran guard. Horventerous unleashed a water blast that took out the remaining soldiers and left the Kieran sergeant reeling as he was pushed back into the narrow pass.

The Kieran sergeant attempted to run away but Natsu Nara was able to use his wall walking to get on top of the canyon pass wall and sent an earthen cannonball bolt caroming through the pass and smashing into the sergeant.

"He bravely ran away!"

The group scavenged the soldier's pay and their gear. 

Impressed by their magical strength, the escaped prisoners told the group where the mine they escaped from was located in the hopes of freeing the rest of the escaped prisoners.

Horventerous began drying out due to the high winds of the Coaker Mountains...

DAY 119, SCENE 2

The group made it to the mining quarry. They tried sneaking up on the guards but were spotted. The group saw four guards and over sixteen slaves toiling away with picks to remove stone and open up a new iron ore mine.  

The escaped prisoners moved first again screaming war cries. 

"This is what you get for whipping me! Fire!"--Escaped Prisoners

The escaped prisoners missed the guards completely. The guards on the ground retaliated with musket fire but missed and then dived for cover. The guard on the upper level cut a rope. The tethered rope was the only thing holding a stone slab suspended in midair and it came crashing down on an escaped prisoner, killing him instantly. 

"Hahaha! Such is the fate of escaped prisoners of the Kieran Empire!"--Kieran guard 

Natsu Nara cast wall walker on himself and Unk. Natsu Nara clambered up the quarry wall but missed with a sword slash hitting the rock wall behind the arrogant guard's head.  However Unk climbed up the stone wall with his hook and pierced the guard's chain hauberk and right lung with a lunge from his long sword.  Suzu charged forward. She threw her spear at a guard but missed. 

"You'll never reach me up here! Hahaha!"--Kieran guard"
"Oh really? Aww. No ducking!"--Natsu Nara
"Wha...Impossible!"--Kieran guard"Not for me! Say hello to my large friend Unk!"--Natsu Nara

Red Pirate Roberts and her sailors opened fire but missed the guards. 

Horventerous cast water blast and crushed one of the guards beneath a falling stone block.

Manuel cast stun on the remaining two guards. 

Natsu Nara and Unk moved closer to the guards on the upper platform. Unk freed a prisoner. Natsu Nara cast an earth cannonball bolt at a guard but hit the stone block in front of him instead. Suzu picked up her spear and stabbed a guard. 

Red Pirate Roberts ordered her men forward. The back row reloaded their muskets as the men in front surged ahead with their spears. One of the sailors stabbed the last guard in the right eye, killing him instantly. 

The group freed the rest of the prisoners. Manuel was reunited with his brother Luis and gave La Espada de Vampiro to Horventerous as promised. Manuel, Luis, and the freed prisoners prepared to head back to the ship, with the freed prisoners gathering weapons and armor to defend themselves and food from the sailors to make it back to the ship without starving to death. The group slaughtered the two oxen on the map for food and looted the guard's money. Horventerous found a gold ring with an anchor insignia in the commander's quarters and took a bath inside the quarters to relieve his fatigue.   

E-bay what kind of port of call is that?

The rest of the group rested the night before resuming their trip up to the zenith of the mountain...

[Chessie played New Henchman, giving Suzu an advance and + three wound levels. Andrew played Spurred On! which I'll allow the use of for the descent from the mountain next session.] 

XP: 2; Veteran (3; Seasoned) 


LOOT: Gold ring, 160 pieces of eight 



The map for Scene 1 is DramaScape's Mountain Pass map. Mountain Pass works well as a pass thru the mountains or as a passageway from the nadir to the mid-levels.  The map for Scene 2 is DramaScape's Medieval Quarry. Medieval Quarry works well for mine type scenes in the hills or mountains.


Tri-folds used are from the 50 Fathoms Figure Flat Pack PDF and a metal 50 Fathoms miniature by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Heroclix by WizKids are used for some figures. Some figure flats are from Deadly Missions by Grey Matter Games. I bought the Cloud figure for Summer for Christmas.

Medieval Quarry

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