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Necessary Evil Recap 24

March 12, 2017 @ 1:00-6:30 P.M.


Table Set Up Before Game, Modern Warehouse, Print on Demand 11 x 8 tiles. This map is fantastic in modern or near-science fiction games as you got the warehouse/office as interiors and parking lot, sidewalks, and roads to work with as exteriors.


Tuesday October 26, 2004-Saturday October 30, 2004
Setsuna's Secret Brothel, Southpoint, Star City

Wheeljack scrapped the Mbuna and used its lasers to make laser cannon arms for a new walker. Wheeljack used a Medi-Stim to help Ruin recover his wounds but Setsuna had to go to the Medical Bay for rest. Bubbles worked for Setsuna for five days. Ruin researched prosthetics finding out about some very pricey cyberware and used his contact, Dr. Mark Thomas to get a normal prosthetic from Prospect Point Atlantic General Hospital. The Gladiator spent the time recreating his armor after Setsuna had decayed it last time in The Pit.  

[This gives Wheeljack four high tech vehicle points, which he can use to replace the light walker chassis.] 

Lucian and The Gladiator arrived. Lucian explained he was of little use as a double agent until Darb was captured or killed. If the VIP get to him first, he will not be able to return to that role. With some VIP surviving, Darb was wanted by the V'sori now; he may even be holed up somewhere in Southpoint. The Gladiator offered his trident as an ally to Ruin for saving him. As for The Pugilist, he had lost sight of him after they had fled the through the smoky, burning hallways of the high school. 

The Omegans failed to get Darb, but saved many other supers and stopped the bloodsport arena for good by burning it to the ground. After eliminating the Southpoint Slashers, this is another good thing they have done to keep their new secret base safe as V'sori bounty hunters won't be patrolling the region looking for supers to fight in the arena anymore...

The Omegans saw Monolith leave Baron de Villain's room after arguing with him. Setsuna asked her father what was wrong. 

"The Baron does not see reason. He tried to activate the Crown of Atlantis on the Throne of Atlantis and raise The Lost Legion. But he could not. He is not worthy. Only Dr. Destruction can find the one with true Atlantean blood worthy of the title of King of Atlantis. I must meditate on the proper words to appeal to the Baron. Om mani padme hum om..."--Karl Antaeus aka Monolith  

"Why don't you just beat him up and take the crown father?"--Setsuna   

"The path of rage is forbidden by Buddha. Besides the bandana that Baron de Villain gave me fills me with inner peace. I haven't been able to tap into my anger since I put it on my head."--Karl 

Suddenly Bubbles reached for Karl's head. Setsuna tried to grab her but she couldn't move quick enough to interdict her super speed.

Bubbles grabbed the bandana off of Karl's head and it made a skizzt noise. Bubbles dropped the bandana just in time as it exploded. Karl dropped dead, his skull burst into shrapnel of bone and bits of brain matter.  

"Father, No! I can't lose you after mom! I can't be an orphan! You! What have you done?!"--Setsuna

Setsuna barreled into Bubbles head first into her chest. They grappled for a bit as Bubbles explained that she had seen this before. 

[Bobbie played Take 'Em Down (from Dawn of Legends by Daring Entertainment) to try and hit Bubbles hard with her head first torpedo spear type attack (+1d8 damage).

"I didn't kill your father. Look I'm not Baron de Villain or Wheeljack. Do you think I have the technical skill to place a bomb inside a bandana? Besides I've seen this marking before on Karl's temple. It is a kill switch like the one Baron de Villain placed on Mongo's phylactery! The Baron activated Monolith's kill switch. He killed your father not me!"--Bubbles.  

Suddenly a bouncer entered the hallway. 

"Whoa, looks like he got bounced!"--Bouncer    

Setsuna pushed Bubbles away and decayed her white gloves away. She touched her own Bouncer and he decayed into a pile of dust. 

"That's my father you are talking about you fool!"--Setsuna   

[Clearly I gave her a Bennie for killing her bouncer (Killing your own men to look badass is so cliche and super villain don't you think?) and accidentally destroying one of those Vibro Swords they fought for so hard a couple of sessions.

"I'm coming for you Baron! I will avenge my father!"--Setsuna 

Setsuna decayed the door and was immediately hit in the chest by the Baron's CS Mega-Taser. But she shrugged it off and hit him in the chest with her touch, decaying away some of his armor, but watching in frustration as the Nano-armor simply flowed from the other areas back onto his torso.  

Ruin slashed him across the arm with his katana, forcing him to drop his CS-Mega Taser. Then he used his Vibro Saw to saw through his weakened torso armor and eviscerate him

[Kevin was rather surprised when his first slash didn't take out the Baron. So he played Deadly Blow on the second strike.

Bubbles grabbed the Crown of Atlantis and the two green goo vials from his room.  Ruin grabbed a canister of fear gas.

Setsuna would not stop hitting the Baron until his armor, body, and devices were nothing but dust

"Baron! Why did you kill my Daddy? Dadddy!"--Setsuna crying. 

[And a Bennie for overacting!] 

Setsuna was convinced by the rest of the group to have a funeral for Monolith. Instead of burying the body, they decided to cremate him, fearing he might be turned into a Super Hyper Drone if left with a body. 

Lucian levitated Karl's body with the help of Bubbles. Then he set him on fire with his pyrokinesis. Lucian used his telekinesis to place the dust particles in an urn underneath Karl and gave it to Setsuna. 

"I'm sorry about your father, hunny."--Lucian  

"You aren't a complete jerk, Lucian. How oddly disappointing."--Ruin 

Lucian attempted to reason with Bubbles for the crown, including reading her mind, but found her psychic abilities to be nearly a match for him. So instead he used mind control to force her to give him the crown and finally return it to me. I produced a cheap knockoff of the Crown of Atlantis for him to give her back and he wiped her mind of the event to make her think she still had the real crown. Still the cost of possessing the lose both Monolith and Baron de Villain from our cause. Still worth it though, a thousand Atlantean soldiers versus two men, albeit super men.   

With the Baron dead, Wheeljack hacked his account to wire his funds to him instead to maintain his rich lifestyle

[Randall played Ace for Knowledge (Computers) for this.]

[I can't believe the weight of the first part of this session, I could not have expected this but it made for a great opening scene. A great theater of the mind fight sequence. Three characters dead, two super villains and an extra right out the gate in scene 1. I also found it interesting that they didn't decide to clone Monolith since they have the two green goo vials from Colonel Clone...] 

Sunday October 31, 2004 Halloween
Southpoint, Star City

The Omegans decided that they needed to go after Darb. Lucian returned in a ridiculous V'sori mask and explained it was Halloween today. This gave Wheeljack as idea. They went to a costume store and started buying costumes. Five costumes at $200 each for $1,000 total. Wheeljack went as Professor Charlie, Ruin as Mr. V'sori Pool with a V'sori mask on top of another mask, Bubbles as Celebre, Setsuna as Psiloki, and The Gladiator went as The Aquarian... Most of them are from the popular comic book series the Ex-men & Ex-Atlanteans. They disguised themselves as kids going out for candy. Which works for some of the Omegans, but The Gladiator, Wheeljack, and Ruin are quite old in appearance as twenty somethings in comparison to the young Setsuna and the eternally ageless Bubbles.  

The Omegans searched Southpoint and found a strange old warehouse where there was a V'sori in a human mask passing out candy to passerbys. So the Omegans walked up in a single line to trick or treat, as you do normally. 

"Trick or Treat!"--"Psiloki"

Setsuna was first and got chocolate.

"What do you say little girl?"--V'sori

"Do I have to?"--"Psiloki"

"Yes or you will get a trick instead."--V'sori

"Thank you and Hail Lord Grypon."--"Psiloki" mumbled.  

Bubbles was next in line and super-speeded all the bubble gum she could grab. 

Then Wheeljack got some root-beer barrels. 

Ruin was next and looked absolutely flabbergasted by his allies literally acting like children. 

"Hail Peter Gryfon!"--"The V'sori Pool"   

"Who is Peter Gryfon? Auggh!"--V'sori

[From the show Family Dude which was canceled in 2002 by the V'sori attack on Hollywood.]  

He drew his hidden sword and stabbed him in the chest. He placed a hand over his mouth and tried to pull him back silently.     

But The Gladiator blew all pretense of stealth by gloating. 

"Hey V'sori! I got your entire candy bowl! It's all mine! What you gonna do about it?"--"The Aquarian" 

Setsuna ate her chocolate, and then she decayed the door away and the nearest V'sori. The V'sori countered with mindblasts and by kicking over a couple of tables for cover and drawing blaster pistols. Setsuna steeled her mind to protect her from the mental assault. 

"I challenge you to a duel, Omegan!"--V'sori Warlord Darb

Warlord Darb drew his Vibro Blade and slashed at Bubbles but she dodged at the last moment. 

Ruin slashed at Warlord Darb with his katana, disarming him of his Vibro Blade after he wounded his right arm and then sawed off his right leg with his Vibro Saw. He spent the next round dismembering him

[Earning a Vengeance Bennie with a called shot to his leg and making sure he was dead with a finishing move. Remember that Darb ordered the drones to concentrate fire on him and made him lose his leg last session.] 

Bubbles unwrapped and tossed all the bubble gum into her mouth with super speed, giving her the appearance of a squirrel with too many acorns. She used her sai and Vibro Saw to kill two of the V'sori. 

Wheeljack ate his root beer candy after teleporting into the parking lot. 

The Gladiator moved into the room, haughtily eating candy from the bowl in front of the V'sori.  

Setsuna turned a V'sori to dust and the chest armor of a second V'sori. 

Wheeljack used his super speed to enter the room and drew a blaster pistol. He hit the V'sori engaging Setsuna but hit him in the head instead of the chest due to the cover of the tables. Since he didn't use the Overcharge setting, the V'sori helmet absorbed the damage. 

Bubbles made a duplicate and finished off the last two V'sori with sai attacks.   

[This scene added some levity after the much more serious earlier scene. It was also an interesting look at the possibility of a holiday observed under alien occupation. How would Halloween change?] 

With Darb dead, they searched the old warehouse and found a safe. Ruin picked the lock and they gained $10,000.  

When they returned to their base, Lucian was gone as I had sent for him. I'm not sure how I will use him, but it's good to have my double-agent back. I'm sure the head of Darb will get him in good graces with the V'sori Internal Police perhaps...?

Monday November 1, 2004-November 5, 2004
Setsuna's Secret Brothel Lair, Southpoint, Star City

The Omegans attempted to train and all failed. Ruin failed to improve his fighting skills as his prosthetic fell off during his final training. Wheeljack and Setsuna attempted to learn stealth. Wheeljack crawled around for a bit without his wheelchair and got tired and took a nap on the ground. One of Setsuna's ladies found him and took him to his bedroom in his wheelchair. Setsuna had problems with the concept of it compared to her normal bold approach to solving problems by decaying them out of existence. Bubbles tried to learn more knowledge of healing but her brain rebelled against all the knowledge she was trying to cram inside of it in under a month.

[Randall hilariously rolled a critical fail on this training attempt, which seems appropriate considering his Paraplegic Hindrance and the lack of concealment a wheelchair gives a character...]

November 6, 2004
Southpoint, Star City

I got a distress call on my CommLink from an Omega cell under attack. I sent Omega Cell 107 to attempt to save them or avenge them by killing their attackers. 

They entered Wheeljack's heavy van which he had modified by converting the lasers from walker mode into laser turrets in van mode by taking out seats in the vehicle. 

They arrived at an abandoned warehouse smoking from the signs of battle. 

"Targets neutralized. Awaiting new instructions."--Drones 

Setsuna rushed in and decayed one of the drones, leaving nothing but a brain and spine in a puddle of blood. She checked a couple of the downed Omegans for life signs, but it turned them into dust instead.

The Gladiator opened the van door and got to the doorway. 

Ruin turned into his air form and started a cyclone summon. 


Bubbles summoned a dupe and took out two of the drones with sai attacks. 

"New orders accepted. Eliminate new targets. Target identified as Bubbles, updating V'sori database to status ALIVE. New attack mode accepted based on weakness data."--Drone 

Bubbles was countered by a flamethrower from the drone which missed. Bubbles checked one of the Omegans for life signs but there was no pulse, the man known as The Incinerator was snuffed out

Wheeljack teleported inside and blew up the last drone with his fusion rifle.

Ruin turned back into human form and investigated one of the bodies. He had been shot in the shoulder but still breathed. Ruin bandaged the wounds of the one called The Shifter or Edwin Rawls who had some body control powers thus his name. The Shifter told them they had been attacked by drones as they planned a hit on a V'sori ammunition dump. Their team had fought well, managing to kill over a dozen drones before they fell. The Shifter asked for a lift to one of our safehouses nearby run by an Atlantean called Sarna. He would rest and recover there. When he was recovered, he would guide them to the armory.

The Omegans managed to save The Shifter at least and kill a few drones for the fallen. Hopefully Omega Cell 107 can steal what they can from the ammunition storage and blow it to smithereens to help disrupt V'sori supply lines.

--Dr. Destruction, personal journal records. 

[End of Session]
XP: 2, Miss XP 1, Minimum XP = Veteran (40)
Loot: $10,000


Figures and vehicles used are from HeroClix by WizKids and Necessary Evil Figure Flats and Modern Vehicles by Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

Modern Warehouse

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