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Return to 50 Fathoms Recap 10

March 17, 2017 @ 7:00-11:00 P.M. 

Day 53
Place: Stumpy Pete's Treasure Island
Time: Dusk
Weather: Foggy

Horventerous examined the magical treasures finding that they had acquired. He learned that they had a Pirate's Pistol and gave it to Red Pirate Roberts. He placed the Thieves' Slippers on his feet. He identified the scroll as some sort of magical healing spell but he couldn't decipher all of it. The triangle with the weird sigils and glyphs was indecipherable. 

"I bet it's a treasure map!"--Unk

Day 54
Place: Northwest of Stumpy Pete's Treasure Island, Whip Islands, The Pirate Sea
Time: Morning
Weather: Storm

The group decided to head northwest to the Kehana Flumes.  As they sailed northwest, a massive storm appeared featuring turbulent waves, heavy rain, thunder and lightning, and a thick mist to boot. 

Suddenly a large galleon appeared next to the H.M.S. Selerity. 

The group saw a ghost with a black, feathered pirate hat, red long coat, a thick, fiery beard and bushy hair with glowing red eyes. His appearance spooked the crew and made both Stumpy Pete and Unk gain pyrophobia as a permanent fear. 

"Give me back my treasure!"--Redbeard Rufus

"Never Redbeard Doofus!"--Red Pirate Roberts

Red Pirate Roberts kept the ship steady in the storm and tried to rally her men to get to the cannons. Most of her men and Stumpy Pete got to the cannons but missed the ghost ship. 

Horventerous blasted two of Redbeard Rufus' zombie crew with bolts. 

Redbeard Rufus moved his ship alongside the H.M.S. Selerity. His remaining zombie crew deployed planks to board them. 

Unk cut a rope and used his rope monkey to get in the middle of the two wooden planks and the first two zombies. He slashed through the two wooden planks, two zombies, and his own rope. The other two wooden planks and zombies fell into the sea. Unk barely jumped to the side of the galleon. He held on to a rotted bulwark covered with barnacles and smile. He almost fell off, but at the last moment did a front flip onto the amidships area of the ghost ship. 

Horventerous hit Redbeard Rufus with a water bolt but he didn't seem affected. 

"You think water would quench the fire and rage of Redbeard? Ahaha!"--Redbeard Rufus

Unk moved across the slick deck and ducked behind the mizzenmast for cover.

Redbeard Rufus drew a scimitar which screamed as it left the scabbard and a pistol. The shot missed as it caromed off the mizzenmast and went through a hole in the deck of the ghost ship. 

Horventerous used a water bolt that gave Redbeard Rufus a chest wound.  

[Andrew played The Duel card.]

Suddenly, the ghost form of Redbeard Rufus coalesced into a zombified form. Unk saw him as a man and then a sallow, pallid undead, flickering between the two forms.

Unk cut a rotted rope and appeared in front of Redbeard Rufus. His screaming scimitar missed as his counterattack swung low and instead Unk had attacked from higher ground. Unk's long sword slashed and cut apart some of Redbeard's ribs.

Redbeard recovered and slashed with his screaming scimitar. As the sword wailed and slashed across Unk's chest, the long sword snagged on Unk's grappling hook, causing him to lose it and the attached rope on the galleon's deck. He tried to pistol whip Unk, but he parried the attack away with his hook.

[Chessie played Lucky Break to avoid two wounds from the scimitar.]

Redbeard cut back with his scimitar and drew his second pistol from his brace and fired. Unk used his hook to grab Redbeard's hand and divert the pistol shot and parried his screaming scimitar away with his long sword.

Unk tore out Redbeard's broken ribs with his hook and then used his long sword to slash into his heart. Redbeard was defeated. 

"You haven't heard the last of Redbeard Rufus! I will have my treasarr..."--Redbeard Rufus

The ghost ship started to fade from existence with Redbeard Rufus gone. Unk went to the rotting crow's nest and looked for an escape route. 

Horventerous used elemental manipulation to make a water bridge from him to Unk. This made for a water slide which Unk failed to navigate with the proper balance. Instead he slipped and slid down the water bridge and barreled into Horventerous, wounding them both. Horventerous though managed to heal the wounds to him and Unk. 

Red Pirate Roberts managed to navigate the ship through the fading storm as the ghost ship disappeared and a suddenly sunny afternoon day brought the remaining afraid sailors to their senses. 

Day 56
Place: Kehana Flumes
Time: Afternoon
Weather: Clear 

A single Kehana approached the ship via swimming.  Horventerous tried to tell Red Pirate Roberts to run over the single Kehana with the ship but she wouldn't do it. Horventerous tried to hit the Kehana with a water bolt, but he dodged it before he was able to swing aboard. 

Once he was aboard he offered a gold ingot to Red Pirate Roberts which she accepted after hearing it was mined from the Kehana Flumes. He went downstairs and got some old clothing from Calico's old room and got into a heated argument with Lorlo the Doreen down below deck.

Day 57

Place: Kehana Flumes
Time: Afternoon
Weather: Overcast

The Kehana spotted a large Kehana war band and steered the group away from them. The crew slapped him on the back. 

"Good job, Stripe!"--Crew

Day 57-58

Place: Marsales
Time: Dusk to Dawn
Weather: Overcast

The group met with Harbor Master Miguel Ferrara and tried to use their fake papers to get through.  He noticed the forgeries of Equias immediately and asked for 250 pieces of eight. He asked about what happened to old Equias and was horrified to learn that the British East India Company had captured him in Baltimus and threw him in Baltimus Prison. He made the group feel dishonorable about leaving him to be tortured despite Equias helping them with his forged documents. 

Unk replaced his grappling hook, line, and rope at a general store. The group recruited Pedro, Sanchez, and Jesus as sailor extras. 

The group caroused at the Armada Inn where they were treated like heroes after hearing their tale of facing down the H.M.S. Selerity and stealing the ship to boot as well as their trail of destruction in Baltimus. 

When the group got back to their ship the next day, they found a new paint job on it courtesy of Miguel Ferrara and a new name, Rojo Cazadora written in red lettering. Miguel Ferrara gave them new papers for the ship and explained that the disguise should help them avoid British East India Company ships and privateers for a time, provided they ditch their old ship. 

Day 62
Place: Pirate Sea
Time: Morning
Weather: Light Rain 

The group found a fishing hot spot that was sorely needed after finding fifteen provisions had become spoiled or so solid that they were inedible. The group managed to catch a lot of fresh fish.

Day 65-66

Place: Sunken Ruins, Pirate Sea
Time: Afternoon to Afternoon
Weather: Clear

At a sunken treasure spot, the group found a sunken library of some kind. They sent Stripe and Horventerous down twice to look for salvage in the ruins. Stripe brought up a gold ingot and a silvered pen with a faded gold inscription which he gave to Red Pirate Roberts. Horventerous got a scroll case and ink vial sealed with wax.

[I rolled a 14 and it just rolled onto a 20 for a Sunken Treasure spot. So close to a ship encounter, instead loot for the players.]

Day 68
Place: North of Azy Cay off the coast of Perck, Pirate Sea
Time: Dusk
Weather: Overcast

Horventerous and Unk spotted a swarm of Razor Wings. Unk ran below deck as Horventerous fizzled a spell causing a pint of water to fall on him from above. The Razor Wings battered most of the crew and gave Smithers a wound before cannon fire split the swarm in half.

 "What are these but paper playthings to Meowth?"--Meowth the Cat aka Ninja the Cat aka Oreo the Cat.

After the swarm split in half, a second round of cannon fire destroyed the two smaller swarms. 

Red Pirate Roberts brought out a cask of her finest wine. She used it to treat the sailors' pain and celebrate their victory over the Razor Wings. Jesus died from the wounds sustained in the fight though. 

[Ellen played Fine Wine, which I allowed her to use as a second Vigor check to see if her extras survived the fight, miraculously recovered by imbibing fine wine.]

The group continued to proceed south to Azy Cay to drop off Stumpy Pete on the way to Bluth's Crown. 

[End of Session]

XP: 3

Loot: A scroll case sealed with wax, 2 gold ingots from Stripe (250 pieces of eight), an ink flask sealed with wax (600 pieces of eight), and a silver pen inscribed with faded gold lettering (300 pieces of eight). 


I used the blue tablecloth for sea this week on the tabletop.  I used DramaScape's print on demand (POD) maps from Above Decks Volume I: 18th Century Corvette, Ghost Ship side for The Incinerator and Above Decks Volume II: The Smuggler's Sloop and The Wave Cutter, Smuggler's Sloop Side for the H.M.S. Selerity.

Tri-folds and Razor Wings burst template used are from the 50 Fathoms Figure Flat Pack by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The 50 Fathoms metal miniature is also from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Heroclix figure from WizKids is in here too for the Redbeard Rufus. The figure for Unk is from Deadly Missions Mercenaries by Grey Matter Games. The planks are actual modified drawbridges from DramaScape's Western Keep.

Sailing Ships [Bundle] includes Above Decks Volume I: 18th Century Corvette/Ghost Ship Corvette and Above Decks Volume II: Smuggler's Sloop and The Wave Cutter.

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