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Necessary Evil 25 Recap

March 26, 2017 @ 1:00-8:00 P.M.


Before Game Setup: DramaScape's Steel Fort

I reprised the use of my shortened Steel Fort map for this one. By shortened, I mean I removed a section of the map in the middle in order to make the map smaller (There are six platforms in the original map; the shortening process makes two longer platforms by removing some of the center map pieces).  Steel Fort is an excellent map for an ammunition dump as it has a built in armory as an interior room. It is also cool because it has the tops for the command center/armory so you can peel them off and reveal the interiors during play. Steel Fort also includes a futuristic APC and helicopter, not so useful here since I have V'sori vehicles, but very useful for a futuristic human military scene.

November 7, 2004-November 16, 2004
Setsuna's Secret Brothel Southpoint, Star City

Setsuna and Wheeljack checked into their bank accounts and found themselves a bit richer. 

[Randall played Dressed to Kill and Renown + a Bennie to gain a Charisma bonus to Wheeljack's Streetwise for his Income roll for the month. Income roll is Streetwise roll +/- Charisma x $1,000. Setsuna gets an additional +$6,000 bonus for her 3 lair points and 3 minion points [brothel + employees] as her minions are non-combatants who only work in the brothel. The rest of the cash gets put back into Setsuna's business and maintenance costs for Wheeljack's vehicle repairs and vehicle weapon ammunition.] 

Bubbles trained a bit in throwing to work with her telekinesis. Ruin trained in fighting techniques compensating for his one leg hindrance by giving his prosthetic the flying power as a device.  Setsuna and Wheeljack worked the streets of Southpoint looking for more contacts and information.

Wheeljack used his new found contacts to get a hold of Micro and get a vehicular capable Shrink equipment capsule for $2,000.  Wheeljack visited the black market and got a Medi-Stim for $8,000. 

November 17, 2004
Southpoint, Sarna's Safe-House

The Omegans picked up the Shifter from Sarna's Safe-House. The Shifter had a plan that involved stealing a SOCorp vehicle, disguising themselves as SOCorp operatives with the rest of the group their prisoners.  

November 17, 2004

The Omegans found a police van parked in downtown that was unoccupied which hadn't been used recently.

[The Mutation Deck dropped a 3 of spades for encounter possibilities which had a cold effect on it, so I ruled the engine cold and no SOCorp around.]

Ruin got into the police van and hot-wired it. 

[Kevin used Mechanical Malfunction to bypass the lock on the police van.]

Wheeljack converted his van into a walker. He teleported out of it and shrank it. This made it into a lifeless robot, but he could fit in the police van this way.

Setsuna put herself into a SOCorp uniform including a tactical helmet, Duraweave Suit, and a stun-baton.  

The Shifter turned himself into a SOCorp operative with chameleon.  

[I couldn't believe Chameleon wasn't in The Shifter's power list so I added it.]
November 17, 2004
V'sori Ammunition Dump, Prospect Point

Setsuna drove them to the V'sori Ammunition Dump in Prospect Point. Once they got there, The Shifter presented his SOCorp papers to the gate guards and they were granted clearance to the facility.  

Setsuna drove the police van forward and dropped the prisoners off in a waiting V'sori Barracuda with handcuffs on them but not fully closed a detail that the Fins missed. Wheeljack got mouthy, so Setsuna used her stun baton on his legs, but it didn't do anything since he is paralyzed from the waist down. 

The Shifter requested a resupply from the armory. He grabbed a standard load-out including a light machine gun with HeroKiller ammo, a stun baton, and some Fusion Grenades. Setsuna refused to grab SOCorp weapons that The Shifter pointed out as standard for her SOCorp rank. She grabbed some Fusion Grenades to stuff into her bra and an AT-4 Rocket Launcher with a briefcase filled with three rockets. 

They left the Armory and headed back to the police car. 

"You aren't authorized to carry that weapon, Hu-man! Return it to the Armory immediately!"--Fin Technician

"Oh you want it back huh?"--Setsuna

"Yes, give it back now!"--Fin Technician

"OK!" [Pulls trigger]--Setsuna   

The Fin got it back alright, exploded to bits by a direct rocket hit. The V'sori Barracuda was almost struck, but Wheeljack teleported into the pilot seat and turned the vehicle right and away from the blast at the last moment.  

"You just couldn't go with the plan could you! Time to die insolent brat!"--The Shifter 

The Shifter pressed a button on his CommLink and sent a V'sori band transmission for reinforcements. Then he completed his betrayal of the Omegans by turning his hands into spears and plunging them into Setsuna's clavicles. I hacked into his CommLink off to prevent any sort of V'sori tampering with my device.

[Bobbie played You Have to Do Better Than That to avoid one of the attacks, but critically failed her Soak roll, gaining three wounds on the other attack.

The Gladiator fought with a K'tharen technician, eventually flanking him from behind and defeating him with his trident.

Bubbles took over the driver's seat as Wheeljack teleported to the Barracuda's turret seat. He used the turret to shoot the V'sori Mbuna which slid and flipped over, killing a Fin technician as he was twisted apart in a cage of moving steel.
Ruin flew up and came down on The Shifter from behind. His katana and Vibro saw slashed through The Shifter's back to his gut and neck to his pelvis, leaving him as three separate pieces. May all Quisling traitors meet such a grisly and deserved fate. 
Ruin moved toward the armory but then the V'sori and K'tharen commanders moved to defend the facility.

The Fins moved to flank the doorway as the commanders moved up along the wall. The Fins fired out the doorway and resumed their cover but missed Ruin. They managed to hit the V'sori Stingray and spin it instead. The tail of the craft came within inches of Ruin's eyes. War Spheres and Hyper-Drones activated their blaster cannons. Suddenly a group of Phantom Gangers charged the facility from the front, but many were cut down by the Hyper-Drone manned Flak-Guns in guard towers on the approach. 

[Randall played Angry Mob + Bennie. This did keep the attention of the gate drones south though, rather than inside the facility and made a good distraction that saved some attacks that could have targeted the group or the commandeered V'sori Barracuda.]

Setsuna tried an insane maneuver. She opened the briefcase and loaded the AT-4 and then moved to get a clear line of sight at the commander's bunker. Then she fired but instead hit the V'sori Stingray right next to her. The resulting explosion blew up the Stingray and caused secondary explosions as The Shifter's Fusion Grenades blew up. Setsuna was flung away from the explosion and she found herself outside the southwest wall.

[Bobbie used a Bennie + Out of the Frying Pan to survive this. Ruin thought about dropping his sword to grab some fusion grenades to roll into the enemy command bunker. 

"You think you can just drop me boy! I am your father!"--The Katana?  

I grabbed a Bennie and said the above, playing on Ruin's Delusion that the sword is his father. He could have still dropped it, but wouldn't have got the Delusion Bennie. The grenade plan was a good idea, could have done some real damage to the commanders and Fins though...] 

Ruin turned into his fire form and blew up one of Fins and one of the War Spheres with fireballs

The Fins and Fin Commander fired at Ruin. The Fin Commander's Blaster Machine Gun wounded his fire form and Ruin started billowing out black smoke. The Fins in front moved to the Armory after firing.

The Gladiator jumped on the police van while running and the roof caved in. He got up and brushed himself off. 

Bubbles rotated the V'sori Barracuda 180 degrees and Wheeljack used the heavy laser turret to drill a hole through the bunker and kill the Fin Commander. The surviving Phantom Gangers took out the war spheres.

Setsuna dropped the AT-4 + briefcase and grabbed two fusion grenades from her brassier. She threw them but missed the two Hyper-Drones completely, instead exploding the fuel tanks in the southeast and blowing up a guard tower and killing one of the Hyper-Drone guards as the guard tower fell on top of the drone.

The V'sori commander fired his blaster pistol at Ruin but missed. The southwest Flak-Cannon killed the Phantom Ganger commander.  The remaining Hyper-Drone fired at the Phantom Ganger lieutenant, but his armor blocked the shot. 

 [That thing in the southeast corner is Randall's $10.00 3d printed dice tower]

Wheeljack used the heavy laser to drill a second hole in the bunker and kill the V'sori commander. The Phantom Ganger lieutenant found his commander dead and fired three times on the guard tower, taking out the hyper drone inside. 

Ruin turned into his air form and retreated to the V'sori Barracuda as The Gladiator moved towards The Armory after killing a Fin with his returning Trident.  

Bubbles landed the V'sori Barracuda. Bubbles attacked with her sai to kill the other Hyper-Drone at the gate and grabbed Setsuna and dragged her back to the ship. Setsuna then broke her hold and tried to go back for the briefcase and rocket launcher.   

Wheeljack moved into the vacated pilot seat with a teleportation and moved the V'sori Barracuda to avoid a blaster cannon bolt at the last second.  

Bubbles went back and used her telekinesis to grab the briefcase and rocket launcher and grabbed Setsuna again to drag her back to ship.

Wheeljack flipped the ship around and swung past The Gladiator, allowing Ruin to grab The Gladiator after he returned to human form and pull him onto the ship.

Bubbles used her telekinesis to "grab" the Fin Commander's Blaster Machine Gun as they left. 

The Omegans escaped to the southeast dodging the remaining laser fire of the Fins and War Sphere. They were helped by the surviving Phantom Ganger who blew up the War Sphere and used suppressing fire to keep the Fins' heads down but he retreated when he saw an incoming V'sori Mbuna. As they headed towards Southpoint, they saw The Pugilist fighting a group of men in suits in a city slum.

[Chessie played Love Interest on The Pugilist.]   

Well with The Shifter a confirmed traitor, I know now the fates of over four Omega Cells. The Shifter betrayed them all and led them to their doom at the hands of the V'sori before changing forms and identities to do it all over again. The V'sori and Fins are our enemy, aliens from another world. But Quisling humans, hybrids, and Atlanteans have a choice. Side with the Earth or with the aliens. Edwin Rawls made the wrong choice and sided with Earth's enemies. I wish Omega Cell 107 managed to blow up that ammunition base, but with Rawl's betrayal they were lucky to get out alive. Sarna's Safe-House was hit today too, more of that bastard Rawl's handiwork. I hope she escaped unharmed. It is about time we taught these Quisling traitors a lesson...

--Dr. Destruction, personal journal records. 
[End of Session]
XP: 3, Miss XP 2, Minimum XP = Veteran (45)
Loot: US AT-4 Rocket Launcher, 2 Rockets, 1 Fusion Grenade, Blaster Machine Gun, Duraweave Suit, Tactical Helmet, Stun-Baton


Figures and vehicles include those from HeroClix by WizKids and Necessary Evil Figure Flats by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Police Van from Outriders by DiceFestGames available on DriveThruRPG. The left fighter craft is from DramaScape's The Partisan Passenger Version. The 3D door is from DramaScape's SciFi Floorplan Tiles PDF/Print and Play version.

Steel Fort

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