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Return to 50 Fathoms Recap 7

October 21, 2016 @ 7:30-9:30 P.M.


Day 40

Captain Red Pirate Roberts found a favorable northwest wind and they sailed to Baltimus in record time. This was fortuitous, as they discovered after a poor day of fishing that they were down to a mere 40 provisions left. 

Unk tried to 'fix' the broken cannon, but just ended up making it completely broken rather than just busted. 

Scene 1 Day 41
The Port, Baltimus

The group was sent to the Great Harbor Master upon arrival by the City Watch who didn't recognize their vessel or them. They declared they were in Baltimus to buy supplies and claimed that a lost colony of the British East India Company called Vittoria founded by Angus McBryde was in desperate need of supplies. They didn't bring their paperwork, which annoyed Paikus Pathe. He also didn't believe them about the colony; he had never heard of Vittoria or Angus McBryde for that matter. He sent them back for the papers. Looking over the Spanish Guild papers upon their return he could tell they were forged. Paikus demanded 3,000 pieces of eight as a bribe and the forger or else he would impound their ship as British East India Company property (Why not simply impound it? He'd rather line his own pockets than the company. A Super who could forge at this quality was also a valuable commodity, perhaps more than the ship itself!). The group brought Equias to the Great Harbormaster to explain himself. After some negotiation (The group gained a Persuasion roll success, so I reduced the bribe by 10%), Paikus accepted 2,700 pieces of eight and took Equias into custody as a Super who had betrayed his oath as two City Watch seized him and took him to Baltimus Prison. Paikus forged them a fake bill of sale of his own for the bribe and put his seal on them, pocketing the cash. He even gave them back their fake Spanish Guild bill of sale and instructed them to use both copies with the appropriate organizations.  

He would later give 900 pieces of eight each to Bruno Baltimus and Edward Lazenby while keeping the other 900 pieces of eight for himself, joining in on the latest Debauchery with the money. There in his drunkenness he would talk to Bruno Baltimus and Edward Lazenby about the group and reveal that they were talking about some malarkey about Angus McBryde founding a colony called Vittoria on Torath-Ka and that they were in town to get supplies for the colony. They promptly called Paikus Pathe an idiot for not telling them sooner and dispatched City Watch to find the group to learn of Vittoria's location. But far too late, as a late night to early morning fog soon descended upon The Port and Mid-Town making their job impossible.  

Scene 2 Day 41
Mid-Town, Baltimus 

After that, the group looked for a merchant. The merchant sold them one cannon, 20 cannonballs, and 460 provisions for 810 pieces of eight. He sold Horventerous a bottle of wine for 4 pieces of eight.

[They gained three successes on Streetwise total. So I divvied this up into a success to find a merchant and two inns to carouse at later.]

Scene 3 Day 41
The Port, Baltimus 

The group went to go carouse, half of them heading to The Crow's Nest and the other half of them went to The Severed Head. Unk saw the head of a Red Man on a pole, got scared and ran back to The Crow's Nest followed by Natsu Nara. Red Pirate Roberts told her stories to Tarra Tarranos including tales about the lost British East India Company colony of Vittoria founded by Angus McBryde on Torath-Ka running out of supplies and tales of the great treasure of Stumpy Pete piquing her interest just before Unk busted into The Crow's Nest and cried about how there was a Red Man's head on a pike at The Severed Head.  

Tarra Tarranos related the tale of how the town was founded by Byron Baltimus who had abandoned King Amemnus of the Masaquani of Ograpog to his fate. He left Ograpog and traveled to the island of Cuwayo. By his mercenaries slaughtering the Red Men inhabitants of the initial landing spot, he established the starting location where the city of Baltimus would spring up. The Severed Head boasts of having the original leader of the Red Men's head on a pole to scare the other Red Men off of returning. Tarra Tarranos pointed out that it was no different than the tale of Captain Red Pirate Roberts about the new colony of Vittoria, civilized Masaquani and British colonizing an island and taking it from the savage Ugaks

This infuriated Unk and he left to return to The Severed Head. Sensing danger, Horventerous, Red Pirate Roberts, and Natsu Nara followed Unk to the other tavern. 

Scene 4 Day 41
The Severed Head, Baltimus 

Unk ran to The Severed Head and confronted the bartender, Earlas Erk. 

"You put my people's heads on poles?! I'll kill you!"--Unk 

"That's how we founded Baltimus by killing all the Red Men and we'll do the same to Torath-Ka someday as well, Half-Ugak savage. Guards! Kill this uncivilized brute!"--Earlas Erk

Is the bear skin rug an Ugak skin rug? Sure why not?! But it is in the room over there that your character can't see.

[DramaScape's The Hillside Tavern as The Severed Head, I didn't bother bringing up The Stables part of the map as it wasn't relevant to the scene.] 

[Ellen played Cursed Zone on Earlas Erk which inflicted a -1 penalty on his Fighting rolls for the combat.]

Unk's gaze forced one of the drunken sailors to flee out the front door. The drunken sailor saw the face of a savage Red Man with murder in his eyes.  

Two of the City Watch guards of the tavern attacked Unk but their long swords couldn't penetrate his thick leather armor and hide. Unk swept twice. The first sweep of his long sword took hair off the heads of the City Watch as a drunk ducked under the attack as he reached for his mug. But Unk's second swing beheaded all three of them. With that Earlas Erk withdrew a club and rapier from behind the bar and prepared to defend himself against Unk. The other drunks in the bar got up and ran towards the back of the tavern, hoping to lock the door to their rooms and keep the murderous Red Man from killing them as well.

Meanwhile outside the inn, Horventerous tried to murder one of the City Watch guards watching the door but his bone sword hit the stone wall next to his head instead. Natsu Nara stabbed a City Watch guard in the abdomen and gutted him. Red Pirate Roberts went through the entrance and hurled expletives as she tried to run with her peg leg slowing her down.  

The City Watch guard outside attacked Horventerous but he pulled his Kraken bone sword out the wall and parried the attack as Natsu Nara stabbed him in the left side of his ribs from the blind side. The guard crumpled. The drunken sailor ran out of the bar screaming past Horventerous and Natsu Nara

"Guards! Guards! The Red Men have returned!"--Drunken Sailor
Red Pirate Roberts ran into the tavern and drew out her crossbow, somehow hitting Earlas Erk in the chest despite the cover of the bar.

[Run -2. Cover -2. Draw a weapon -2. So -6 to hit, and Ellen rolled a 14 to get a Raise anyway.]

Horventerous ran inside the tavern entrance.

Earlas Erk came out from behind the bar, stumbling towards Unk after failing to leap over the bar to get to him. He dropped the club and put his rapier in his right hand. Then he suddenly got a second wind and rushed at Unk. But although he struck him square in the chest, the rapier didn't penetrate through his thick leather and hide. Earlas Erk was dumbfounded as the last thing he saw was Horventerous' water bolt screaming and snaking around Unk to hit him in the chest. 

Unk severed his head and put it on a spatula.   

[He had three wounds, so his base Pace was 3+ Run die. And Agility -5 to get over the bar was an attempt that went nowhere. But then he drew the Joker with Horventerous and was able to make a single attack but only rolled 10 damage off d4+d6+4.]

Meanwhile outside four City Watch guards trained their muskets on Natsu Nara and told him to surrender, drawn to the inn by the sounds of the drunken sailor. Natsu Nara tried to distract them by throwing up his hands and hoped to throw a bolt at them, but they didn't fall for his distraction. 

"Hey! Look! A mermaid!"--Natsu Nara

"We are on land. Ain't nobody falling for that."--City Watch Guard

[Summer played Mermaids but the trick didn't work because they had the Joker making a 5 on Smarts into a 7 which was insurmountable.]  

Horventerous ran out and sent bolts at the guards, followed by Natsu Nara. Suddenly four City Watch guards standing turned into two. They fired their muskets at Natsu Nara but missed as the shots clanged next to her head on the stone wall. Red Pirate Roberts ran outside. She quickly loaded and fired her crossbow but missed

Horventerous killed another City Watch guard. The last guard dropped his musket and fired his pistol at Natsu Nara, but again it clanged on the wall near her face, a miss. Natsu Nara grinned and sent an earthen cannonball at the last City Watch guard, the last thing he ever saw grew large as it hurtled to his face and struck him dead. 

Unk jumped over the bar and ran outside, replacing the severed head of the Red Man on a pole with the head of Earlas Erk. 

The sounds of more City Watch boots on the ground stomping and approaching their location dissuaded them from staying and looting the bodies.   

Scene 5 Day 41
The Port, Baltimus

The group was chased by the City Watch firing muskets at them.  Red Pirate Roberts was injured by a musket shot in the back but Horventerous healed her.

[Andrew played Rolling Fog]

Suddenly a heavy fog descended upon The Port and partially obscured Mid Town. The group managed to escape the guards in the thick fog and return to The Adrienne.

[Natsu Nara got away because of Chessie's We Stand Together play, allowing the whole group to spend Bennies on his Agility running rolls to get out of the fog and get back to the ship.]

When the surviving drunks were interrogated by the City Watch, they learned the identities of the four murderers of Earlas Erk, an unmistakable human woman in red leather with a norwhale peg leg, a blue-black Kraken in bone armor with a bone sword, a purple haired, gold eyed man in orange robes, and a savage Red Man with a hook hand matching the description of Unk from the party sent to found a colony in Torath-Ka with Angus McBryde except for the lost hand.

Equias was tortured for the information about Vittoria but he didn't actually know it because he was carousing at a different part of the Shipwreck Surprise when the conversation occurred. He also confirmed all their identities as Red Pirate Roberts, Horventerous, Unk, and Natsu Nara for their Wanted Posters which correlated with the descriptions the drunks had given them. 

Orders were sent out, the four were wanted alive to reveal the location of the colony of Vittoria and to be publicly executed in Baltimus in front of the cliffs near Baltimus Prison. The party of four has the Wanted [Major] Hindrance for The British East India Company. Unk is worth 6,000 pieces of eight for the murder of Earlas Erk and at least three Baltimus citizens and vandalism of The Severed Head, Natsu Nara 2,000 pieces of eight for the murder of at least two citizens of Baltimus, and Horventerous and Red Pirate Roberts 1,000 pieces of eight each for aiding and abetting their escape. Privateers are going to be gunning for The Adrienne. 

[This sets up for some interesting differences with our first 50 Fathoms run where we were actually cozy with The British East India Company and now in this run, they've made themselves bitter enemies, not to mention the major complication that this will cause later in our story...] 

[End of Session]

XP: 2

Loot: None


I used our two tablecloths to represent green land and blue sea on the tabletop. DramaScape's POD River Barge is used for the small fishing boat we are using as The Adrienne. DramaScape's Hillside Tavern is used for The Severed Head. The Hillside Tavern works quite well for a tavern in 50 Fathoms as it's literally built into a cliff, fitting most of the locations in Caribdus built into higher ground but working particularly well for Baltimus. Cannons are from DramaScape's Western Keep. Tri-folds used are from the 50 Fathoms Figure Flat Pack by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The 50 Fathoms metal miniature is also from Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

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