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Necessary Evil Recap 20

October 16, 2016 @ 2:00-7:30 P.M.




Thursday August 26, 2004
Lemuria Secret Base.   

I was getting reports of Omegan hunters within the confines of Star City. Some sort of Super Drone that Dr. Aden confirmed was a V'sori research product to create drones from Omegans with their super powers intact. If the Super Drone program is successful, no Omegan will be safe from these hunters as they will have powers the equal of their preyI sent Baron de Villain a map of Star City with the locations of confirmed Super Drone attacks and bade his team, Omega Cell 107, to do what they do best--seek and destroy.  Destroy the Super Drones and whatever secret V'sori laboratory is creating them. Unfortunately Dr. Aden can't help with that as the V'sori organize their research teams similar to the way we organize Omega Cells so that they only know principally about their own research and lab locations.  

The V'sori Super Drones had destroyed Warehouse 22 and 20. They had also attacked and killed the Phantom in McGlothlin Park and the Revenger at Star City University.  

[Randall played the Love Interest card to start the session.]

"Through advanced AI programming I am now capable of understanding the emotion love. I love you Wheeljack. Do you love me?"--The Blood King AI 
"Yes, I love you."--Wheeljack

After that, Wheeljack made modifications to The Blood King, changing its voice modulator and body type to become The Blood Queen. 

[Then fade to black as what a robosexual does in the privacy of his own repair bay is his, her, or its business.]  

Baron de Villain used their new medical lab to make a sedative for Bubbles so she could sleep in the submarine on the way there but it didn't work as she got sick instead. 

The group decided to take their submarine to Warehouse 23. Bubbles had a near heart attack on the way there due to her claustrophobia. As they headed north towards Downtown, they were spotted by a V'sori patrol of five Fins with a V'sori leader piloting a Stingray in a destroyed part of Star City and they were told to surrender. The Omegans refused of course.

The Blood Queen grew to huge size and Wheeljack teleported inside the cockpit. The Blood Queen jumped over and tried to grapple the Stingray but the V'sori pilot dodged by driving the Stingray out of the way of the grab attempt. The V'sori inside pressed a button on the control panel and seemed to be talking on the comms. One of the K'tharens at the weapon panel opened fire on The Blood Queen, giving her a nasty torso wound as she leaked oil from her chest. 

Bubbles used her rocket boots to barely roller skate through the center debris and then used her Vibro Knife to slice through both Stingray turrets and destroy the Stingray. The V'sori inside took a wound to the back as he was flung from the explosion that consumed the vehicle and Fins inside.   

Wheeljack teleported out of The Blood Queen and started using wreckage from the V'sori Stingray to repair The Blood Queen's wounds.

Bubbles was told to knock out the V'sori by Baron de Villain, so she punched through his helmet visor and left him near unconscious. 

[Chessie played Inspiration on this attack to succeed.]

Setsuna ran up and decayed part of the V'sori's battle armor. 

The V'sori transmitted a repeat message for reinforcements before getting up and trying a Mind Blast that Bubbles and Setsuna blocked with their will. 

[Bobbie played Get Savage! for Improved Dodge to avoid the attack.]

Baron de Villain used his Mega Taser to knock out the V'sori completely before helping Wheeljack repair The Blood Queen.  

Ruin made a cyclone that moved some cars around before summoning a storm.  

Bubbles "took" the V'sori's Vibro Blade with telekinesis. Bubbles decayed the rest of the V'sori's battle armor and his blaster.  

[Ted played Revelation earlier.] 

After a while, Baron de Villain's research queues into the Super Drones paid off. He learned that the V'sori was using dead Omegans and super powered people to make the Super Drones. He saw the video footage of the V'sori invading Dr. Steel's lair and taking him and his entourage as well as a video of them experimenting on a dead Brick trying to use drone technology and drugs to revive the body tissue and preserve the brain.  

[If he had got a Raise on his Knowledge (Computer) check, he would have gotten the video of what happened to The Huntress and The Verde Ranger as well.] 

Suddenly a V'sori Barracuda arrived. The Barracuda had five drones in the clothes of Dr. Steel's entourage, a massive brick with venous muscles encased in drone armor, and Dr. Steel was driving the vehicle. 

The Blood Queen unleashed a missile that struck and destroyed the Barracuda. The drones were killed in the explosion but the Brick and Dr. Steel were thrown forward, hurting their ribs as they both were hurled face forward to the ground.  

Ruin transformed into his normal form and tried to slash Dr. Steel with his katana. The attack hit but the katana clanged off. 

"As if you could use steel to harm Dr. Steel!"--Dr. Steel Super Drone 

Then Ruin punched him, and it simply clanged off his metal back. 

"Hahaha! As if weak punch could harm me!"--Dr. Steel Super Drone

Bubbles tried to use rocks and debris to smash into Dr. Steel but they did little against his steel body.  

"Rocks? Please. I am made of steel."--Dr. Steel Super Drone

Then Bubbles tried Mind Control but failed.   

"Trying to get in my head? My resolve is made of steel as well."--Dr. Steel Super Drone 

[Chessie played Villainous Verbosity + a Bennie.]

Dr. Steel got up from the ground, shook off the pain to his body from hitting the ground after the explosion and laughed.

"I will defeat you all before even my reinforcements arrive!"--Dr. Steel Super Drone 

Baron de Villain took cover and changed his invisibility device into an intangibility device.

Setsuna tried to kill the Brick but he was just too tough. 

The Brick countered by infusing himself with drugs and getting bigger but then completely missing his attack as he tripped in the storm in a puddle of water. 

"I kill you with one punch girlie! Ouch I fall, stupid rain why you come and make me slip! I use two punches next!"--Brick   

As the Brick got up and tried to punch Setsuna after growing even bigger from the combat drugs, Ruin sprang into action. 

Ruin turned into his fire form and sent a cone of flame at the Brick and Dr. Steel. The fire actually hurt Dr. Steel, partially melting his alternate form. His body heat made the rain around him turn to steam and burn Dr. Steel, the Brick, and Bubbles. 

"Arghh. I am melting! How is this possible?!"--Dr. Steel Super Drone

The Brick flailed his arms weakly at Setsuna, as the sudden heat and steam seemed to blur his vision. 

"Stupid rain why you steam and burn now! I gonna kill you girlie! I'm gonna kill you all!"--The Brick

[Ruin had the Joker from Kevin's Seize the Day play and interrupted the Brick's turn leading to a Shaken result, so stopped his turn in the middle essentially.]

Setsuna unleashed four touch attacks, atrophying some of The Brick's flesh. 

[Bobbie played Adrenaline Surge + a Bennie.

Dr. Steel used his laser blaster on Ruin but it didn't seem to affect him. However, Setsuna was blinded by the light of the laser

[Bobbie critically failed against the light trick of the blaster laser.]

Bubbles moved away from Ruin as Dr. Steel missed his counterattack and used Mind Control on the Brick. 

"Kill Dr. Steel!"--Bubbles telepathically.  
The Blood Queen used her jump jets to stomp on the Brick and he took a wound to his back. 

 Baron de Villain activated his phasing device. 

Suddenly, a massive dragon-headed walker appeared with hands with missile launchers for fingers, and a massive drill tail. 

"I need Dracozord power now!"--The Verde Ranger Super Drone

The Dracozord turned on some sort of /dance program and seemed to go into several martial arts poses including some sort of bizarre warrior yoga poses one which had its right hand go close to the ground

With the Brick mind controlled, Bubbles considered this situation handled and tried to attack the Dracozord with her Vibro Knife, finding out it was much tougher and heavily armored than a V'sori Stingray. 

Baron de Villain moved towards the Dracozord by phasing through a car. 

The Blood Queen drew out her dual-linked heavy lasers and shot at the Dracozord. Her attacks missed or deflected off the Dracozord's armor. 

The mind-controlled Brick moved at Dr. Steel and punched him in the torso, knocking him to the ground. He followed it up with a brutal finishing punch to his head. 

"What are you doing? I'm not the enemy! Nooo!--Dr. Steel Super Drone.    

Ruin returned to his normal form and used his katana to cut down The Brick. 

Blind, Setsuna moved off to the east near a building, decaying pieces of its foundation, hearing glass shattering as window sills simply vanished beneath the windows

A hidden enemy struck out at Bubbles. She could see her shimmer as she walked in front of the Dracozord and heard the sounds of Vibro Saws whirling to life. She caught a break when one of them was suddenly shorted out by a lightning bolt from the storm. But the other attack struck Bubbles in the abdomen and she was barely able to keep standing. 

The Dracozord unleashed heavy missiles from its two hands. The missiles hit creating small explosions with the first two missiles, becoming medium explosions with the next two missiles, with the final missile causing a large conflagration.  

"Dracozord Missile Strike!"--The Verde Ranger Super Drone  

The missiles hit The Blood Queen but did no damage to the walker although it did destroy a car in front of the mech. The missiles missed Setsuna but hit the building next to her that she had damaged. The building toppled partially on top of her but she somehow avoided being completely crushed despite being blind. 

[Agility -6, and Bobbie got 10 to avoid 4d6 damage.] 

Bubbles tried to Mind Control the Verde Ranger, but found his mind full of hatred and resistance to the control of outsiders

The shimmering form of the Huntress attacked Baron de Villain but it missed through his intangible body and she moved away from the Dracozord

Setsuna finally free of the blindness moved toward the Dracozord.

Baron de Villain moved next to Bubbles and drew his Electro-Lance. 

The Dracozord whirled its body around and swung its drill tail at Baron de Villain and Setsuna. The attack missed Baron de Villain as it phased through his body. The attack struck Setsuna dead in the chest and caused her to become stuck in a car from the knockback with several wounds to her ribs. 

"Dracozord Tail Whip!"--The Verde Ranger

[Kevin played Spurred On + a Bennie to reach the Dracozord.]

The storm parted as Ruin rushed towards the Dracozord and slashed at its left leg. The Dracozord's left leg was completely cut off as Ruin ran past the mech. The Dracozord nearly fell on Bubbles but she used super speed to dodge the falling mech. The Verde Ranger was injured as the mech tumbled downward face first and the cockpit was damaged

[Kevin used Deadly Blow + a Bennie to deal 78 damage to the leg. I soaked two of the fourteen wounds honest!]

The Blood Queen jumped and smashed the head of the Dracozord. 


Setsuna struggled to get out of her entanglement in the twisted wreckage of the car but couldn't escape.  

The Huntress sliced off The Blood Queen's leg and the Blood Queen fell on top of the Dracozord injuring Wheeljack inside the mech as he was stuck in wiring as the Huntress dodged the falling walker. Wheeljack tried to teleport out of the cockpit but couldn't get out of the walker due to entanglement in cables.

"I"--The Blood Queen

Ruin slashed at the Huntress, but she parried his katana with her Vibro Saw.

Bubbles used her Vibro Knife to open the back of The Dracozord and try to get to The Verde Ranger. 

The Verde Ranger tried to free himself from entanglement in the cockpit but couldn't right himself. 

Baron de Villain phased back into reality and swung his Electro-Lance at The Verde Ranger. It hit him right in his Verde Morpher and his real identity Tommy was shocked to death. 

[Ted played Read the Enemy with a Bennie and dealt an insane 32 damage with the Electro-Lance.]

Setsuna got out of the car by decaying the pieces holding her in the wreckage and then ran up to the Dracozord, decaying its leg and torso, as well as attached tail completely.

The Huntress slashed at Ruin with her Vibro Saw but he countered the blow with his katana. 

Ruin slashed at the Huntress again, wounding her. 

Bubbles used Mind Control on the Huntress. 

Baron de Villain used his Interface ability to turn off the V'sori satellite receivers on the Huntress.  

The Baron explained that maybe he could save the Huntress.

Bubbles disarmed the Huntress of her devices.  
Wheeljack teleported out of the Blood Queen. He tried to use pieces of the V'sori Barracuda and the Dracozord to repair the walker

Ruin chopped off the left arm of The Blood Queen and Baron de Villain chopped off the right arm of The Blood Queen. Wheeljack touched the Draco Dagger and Verde Morpher and then a huge flash of light blinded everyone. 

[Randall spent his Golden Bennie, just gained this week to partially repair his walker!]

The Blood Queen and Dracozord had combined! Still wounded in the torso and leg, the new Dragon Queen has the Dracozord's arms and the Blood Queen's head, chassis, and leg!  

Baron de Villain created a healing device and healed the wounded with the help of others but became extremely exhausted. Wheeljack used his last Medi-Stim on Bubbles.  

The group spent far too much time on the battlefield. After they limped out of there, they were chased by heavy V'sori reinforcements to Warehouse 23. Although they got away in the Atlantean Seahorse with a V'sori and the Huntress as prisoners, Warehouse 23 was blown up by a V'sori King Crab. There is only Warehouse 21 remaining as a secret sub pen in The Docks. The Omegans returned to Lemuria.

--Dr. Destruction, personal journal records. 

[End of Session]

XP: 3, Minimum XP: 39

Loot: Vibro Blade


    I used DramaScape's Modern Ruins 5 for the map this week as part of a destroyed part of The Docks.  The crater in the middle of the map was difficult terrain. I added vehicles on top of the wrecks on the map just in case anyone wanted to use them as cover or improvised weapons to keep track of them. Modern Ruins 5 just makes a great map for a big boss, giant monster/kaiju, or giant robot/walker fight. 

     Figures and vehicles used are from HeroClix by WizKids and Necessary Evil Figure Flats by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Vehicles also from Pinnacle's Distressed Modern Vehicles Freebie.

Modern Ruins 5

GM Section

I used Dr. Steel, The Verde Ranger, and The Huntress for this fight. Jonathan was only able to play once; Dr. Steel was a huge hit in that session though. I thought this combat could use his bluster and the shock of him being immune to steel attacks hit the group hard which made the encounter more interesting than it could have been otherwise. Jonathan has been unable to play because Sunday is just a bad scheduling day for him.

The Verde Ranger was played a couple sessions by Jeff. Jeff is moving to North Carolina again last I heard, so unlikely to return to our Ohio game. I thought adding the Dracozord (see below) would add some interesting combat with The Blood King Queen. 

Both characters were also previously encountered as clones in the Colonel Clone scenario but at 0 XP rather than the Veteran (40-45) power level here. The Huntress "died" but we decided she was actually a V'sori plant since she acted so out of character that day (Bobbie was out of it. Her "mute" character was talking, she nearly blew up the transport they needed to get in space, and while in space she took out a Fusion Grenade and tried to blow them all up. It all seemed like things a V'sori plant would do rather than an Omegan, so the story was rewritten).  In truth, the V'sori captured her for the super drone project and turned her into a super hyper drone, making her permanently mute with a blaster cannon while sending an imposter back to the party fully healed (should have been a clue heh heh heh) who would sabotage the group from the inside, thus the plant earlier. I used The Brick from their earlier dreg encounter for the final piece here. It's close to what the Necessary Evil book has too for the scenario. It's was a Brick, Blaster, and Scrapper, with the Speedster being replaced by an Armor Clad hero in a way. 

Dracozord in case someone wants a dragon walker design. You could add fire breath (I'd suggest the flamethrowers from SciFi Companion), but the head was the escape route for this walker. 

The Dracozord

Base--Medium Walker, Science Fiction Companion + Dragon Savage Worlds Core

Size: 8 (30' Tall/Wide), Strength d12+9, Toughness 22 (4), Pace 18' +2d6 Run

[I shifted three points of Toughness to Strength to make it have the same Strength as a Dragon and has close Armor/Toughness as a result too.]

2 x Heavy Missile Finger Launchers (Range 24/48/96, Damage 3d6, RoF 1-2 (RoF 1 per hand, but must choose to fire both hands or one hand, cannot fire each hand separately. Firing only one hand avoids a recoil penalty that round.), HW, LBT, AP 5, Costs 5 shots per use, per each hand, 100 shots, 50 per each hand)

[The above weapon works as a SBT for the first two missiles, MBT for the next two missiles with an LBT by the fifth missile. Rather than making individual missile attacks, each hand is multi-missile strike that causes an area attack. So it's essentially Blast with a bit of AP).

Giant Drill (Damage Str+3d6, AP 10, HW, Reach 3, Vibro Weapon)


AI (d10 Trait die with no pilot)

Amphibious/Submersible Pace 12'+1d6 Run Underwater

Armor +4, Heavy Armor

Secure Access (Can only be controlled by the wielder of the Draco Dagger)

Size +8/Huge +4 to hit

Summonable (1 round, wielder of the Draco Dagger can teleport to the cockpit when summoned. However must do poses and gloat during this round). 

Tail Lash (Cone Template. Fighting or Driving versus Agility or Driving. Does Str 1d12 + 7 damage. HW. Attack causes Knockback 1d4" per Success and Raise. Targets smaller than Size 8 that are also at least Shaken are automatically knocked prone. Walkers use Falling Rules instead versus this attack. Huge or Gargantuan Creatures may make an Agility or Strength roll to remain standing

V'sori Improved Stabilizer: Removes up to -2 ranged attack penalties. 

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