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Necessary Evil Recap 19

September 25, 2016 @ 1:00-6:00 P.M.




Friday August 13, 2004 
Lemuria Secret Base 

I contacted them to go to The Docks in Star City and perform an extraction of a V'sori scientist named Dr. Aden who wanted to defect to our side. I told them to kill everyone else. No witnesses...  

Baron de Villain used his powers of invention to create a Yaschuk Aerodyne Flying Car with the modifications of Amphibious (4 Acc/15 TS) and Heavy Armor. 

[Vehicle power 5. 3 points for the base 500K model and then +1 for the other two traits.   Amphibious is essentially adding Aquatic to the Vehicle (1 power point) and Heavy Armor is usually 2 power points, but the Van can get Heavy Armor for 20K (and +3 versus +2), so doesn't seem game breaking for an Invent point in Vehicle. ] 

Wheeljack displayed his new ability for The Blood King and shrank The Blood King down to midget size and then it entered the modified Yaschuk. 

[Shrink as a Vehicle power.] 

Baron de Villain had the modified Yaschuk dive to go to The Docks and from there surface and approach Dr. Aden's lab in The Docks by flying low using the Yaschuk's Repulsorlift technology to try and avoid detection by the V'sori

Baron de Villain used his hacking abilities to open the doors and activate the elevator hatch to get into the V'sori lab. Once they got into the lab, Dr. Aden surrendered by putting his hands over his head and lying down. Three of the V'sori scientists took cover, with one of them drawing out his Blaster Pistol. The janitor brandished his broom and charged at Bubbles but missed.  

Baron de Villain's armor easily deflected the blaster fire of the foolhardy V'sori scientist. He swung his Electro-Lance at the scientist and struck him in the chest. He was surprised when it seared his lab coat but revealed heavy V'sori body armor underneath. Baron de Villain's next Electro-Lance thrust plunged through the V'sori scientist's right eye as the V'sori scientist was not wearing a helmet, merely laboratory goggles.

Bubbles took the janitor's broom. 

"Hey that is my broom! Give it back"--Derek, V'sori Toady Janitor 

She proceeded to stab it through the janitor's chest after he told her to give it back. The broomstick splintered as it was jammed into his heart and the janitor fell backwards with the bristles side pointing up towards the ceiling. 

"What a mess to leave to my V'sori masters to clean.u..."--Derek last words

Wheeljack teleported forward and remained invisible having The Blood King move forward and slash downward at the nearest cowering scientist. The Blood King without its pilot hit with the sword for the first time and knocked out the V'sori scientist 

The other V'sori scientist realizing that they meant to murder them all despite him not fighting back drew his blaster pistol and hit The Blood King. The Blood King folded its arms and blocked the attack from hitting its core.

[Here is where Randall realized that The Blood King without its pilot and shrunk is quite vulnerable since it does not have Bennies. The group burned through three Extra Effort Bennies to allow the AI to Soak at a single d10 to stop three wounds.] 

Wheeljack teleported behind the scientist and pushed his Fusion Rifle button on his wheelchair. The gun popped up and he fired at the V'sori scientist's back. He dropped with a smoldering wound

Baron de Villain altered the security camera video tapes to remove their presence on the records. He also found the silent alarm and deactivated the alarm. 

[Pretty ridiculous 15 on an Interface Knowledge Computers roll to discover the silent alarm.]

Meanwhile the Omegans thoroughly finished off the V'sori scientists before grabbing their bodies (and Derek's corpse). With their bodies removed, the V'sori wouldn't be able to tell who they had taken. Also with all the blood, it may not even be possible to tell who they had taken at all.

The Omegans took their time, but covered most of the angles before leaving to get to Baron de Villain's modified Yaschuk. They managed to get away to Warehouse 22 where they transferred Dr. Aden to a second Omega Cell for movement to a safe house and dumped the corpses into the Atlantic Ocean. The first of many such transfers before being moved to my lair. The Omegans took their Yaschuk to the Atlantic Ocean to return to Lemuria.

[I drew a card for encounters to see if the K'tharen Strike Team saw them in The Docks on the way to the lab, for a 5 but everything just came up the group's way on this one.]

Saturday August 14-Wednesday August 18, 2004
Lemuria Secret Base 

Bubbles trained in her combat skills. Wheeljack worked on his boating skills with the Atlantean Seahorse. Baron de Villain researched Dr. Aden and found out he was mostly a V'sori scientist focusing on communications research.

Thursday August 19, 2004
Lemuria Secret Base
I informed them that a member of the United States resistance had known as Tula Michaels transmitted an urgent message for help.  

"The V'sori are working on a substance called Terror Gas which specifically targets humans. I need Omegan support in Tarrytown, New York now!"--Tula Michaels

I had Dr. Aden confirm the existence of this research. If this gas enters mass production, the V'sori will simply be able to destroy the courage of the remaining humans resisting them. Total absolute subjugation of the human race may be the end result. Without them, we Omegans are too few in number to stop the V'sori. I instructed the Omegans to procure a sample of the Terror Gas so we can formulate an antidote and blow up the research facility producing the gas before the V'sori could escape with the canisters. 

Baron de Villain called in a favor and got some explosives and a remote detonator for the demolition work. Baron de Villain used his modified Yaschuk to head to New York and then snuck up the Hudson River to get to Tarrytown.

Thursday August 19, 2004
Tarrytown, New York

The group surfaced outside of the campus of Marymount College within the larger Fordham University campus. They met with Tula Michaels there, camouflaging the modified Yaschuk in a grove of trees.  

Tula explained there were two ways to go about this. The smart way, sneak into the V'sori biotech facility through a steam pipe tunnel beneath the place or the stupid way, a frontal assault. After they got through the steam pipe, she would signal her Resistance Cell to make a distraction outside to try and lure the V'sori away from the biotech research facility. 

[Ted played Angry Mob which doubled the Resistance members in the assault.] 

Wheeljack teleported out of The Blood King and told it to stand guard over the modified Yaschuk. Bubbles and Ruin had gotten over their long rest and rejoined the squad. 

[Bobbie and Kevin didn't make it till like 3 P.M., so made it in time for the second half of the session.]

The Omegans followed Tula to a tear in the steam pipes that they could squeeze into to get inside the facility.

[Funny thing is that this "steam pipe" is just flipped over vehicles to make a tunnel.]

When they entered the steam pipe a G'rok appeared after simply phasing through the wall and attacked Tula at the front of the group.  The G'rok bit her and her Ablative Armor simply degraded to dust

Setsuna fell to her knees and crawling through the legs of the group. She managed to get up to the G'rok and touch its chest. Its armor degraded from her decay but it was not infected by her deadly disease. 

[Fairly impressive at an Agility -9 roll. -2 per character to squeeze past (5) +1 for Super Speed Level 1. But Bobbie did have to spend her Extra Effort chip.] 

Bubbles used her Super Speed to slide past Baron de Villain, Tula, and Setsuna. She attacked the G'rok but it simply shrugged off her attacks. 

Baron de Villain squeezed forward and used his Electro-Lance on the G'rok but the electricity didn't seem very effective.  

Wheeljack teleported behind the G'rok and used his fusion rifle to leave a smoking hole in its back.  

Tula retreated, drawing her Blaster Pistol.

Ruin transformed into to his Earth form for greater defense against the G'rok and assumed a defensive posture. 

The G'rok phased away to set up another attack. When it phased back into the steam pipe, it became tangible and moved to attack Wheeljack, angered by being wounded. But Tula Michaels aimed and fired, hitting the G'rok in the back, stunning the creature before it could hit Wheeljack. 

[Tula had a Joker and could interrupt the G'rok mid turn.]

Setsuna tried to squeeze through Baron de Villain's legs but couldn't move. In frustration, she decayed the leg armor of Baron de Villain away on the left leg. Fortunately for the Baron, his flowing armor moved to cover the left leg and seal him from her deadly disease. 

[Setsuna couldn't get through his legs and get the Agility roll this time. She erased Baron de Villain's leg armor completely to try and squeeze through. So the Baron lost 9 points of leg armor and then his flowsteel trappings took the remaining 45 points (head, torso, right leg, left and right arm) and covered all areas (45/6 = 7), leaving 7 points per area. Every hour Baron de Villain got a Vigor roll to recover his armor bonus from nanites as well.]  

Enraged by Setsuna, Baron de Villain brought out his Mega-Taser and hit her in the back of the neck. She got completely fried and fell to the ground twitching. 

[She took three wounds and was left paralyzed for 4 rounds.]

Wheeljack teleported backward and shot his Fusion Rifle leaving another charred wound in the G'rok's back. 

Bubbles used her Vibro-Knife to chop the G'rok into three chunks with a V-shaped slash. 

Wheeljack and Baron de Villain argued about a Med-Stim with the Baron giving him a Blaster Pistol for a Med-Stim to help Setsuna. He used the Med-Stim on her and she recovered except for a bit of scarring on the back of her neck.   

Baron de Villain used his hacking skills to look around the Biotech Research Facility, finding the first floor empty, the second floor having the terror gas chamber, and the third floor having a control room. 

When the Omegans were ready to enter the building, Tula gave the signal for her rebels to strike. So outside there were 20 rebels that were suddenly joined by The Blood King briefly and 20 drones led by a V'sori solo outside. 

[As this didn't really involve them and Wheeljack pulled The Blood King from the mass combat to do something during their assault in combat rounds, it was an opposed Knowledge (Battle) roll at d4-2 (Yes I was surprised that V'sori Solos don't have it too.). The group rolled an 8 for them and the Solo a 3. So for six rounds inside, the rebels went down a token and the V'sori four tokens. I could have put like 20 gangers, 20 drones, and the solo outside, but it would just have been window dressing as it didn't directly involve the player characters. Better to have a die roll determine things then have an actual combat between NPCs slow down play. Of course, if the PCs hadn't evened it out with Angry Mob, they probably would have got slaughtered with a -5 disadvantage in tokens.] 

The group got through the empty first floor and headed up to the second floor via the stairs.  

Setsuna decayed the door and then destroyed a drone by touching its armor and leaving nothing but a brain and thrashing spine hitting the ground. 

Ruin transmogrified to his fire form and hurled a fireball at a drone, melting the drone into a puddle, and then a second hurled ball of fire hit the door but merely activated a fire suppression system that stopped any real damage.  

Baron de Villain strode forward and used his hacking skills to open the door to the laboratory. Ruin saw a drone open the elevator door as two V'sori scientists carrying canisters entered the elevator. Two of the drones moved forward and fired at Baron de Villain but his armor deflected the attacks.

[Ted played a second card with a Bennie, mechanical malfunction.]

The elevator got up to the third floor and then simply stopped working as Baron de Villain sabotaged it with his hacking skills.  

Bubbles ran inside the lab and planted the explosives. She then moved around the room and took over three of the drones with her sai and Vibro knife. 

Wheeljack teleported to the roof using the eyes of The Blood King as a guide and he found a V'sori Mbuna waiting on a helipad on the roof for the V'sori scientists.
The Blood King ceased suppression fire on the drones outside and leaped across the campus, firing one of its shoulder missiles at the Mbuna and scoring major damage to the hull. 

The Mbuna targeted The Blood King but couldn't do much more than make it go out of control and nearly hit the Biotech Facility. 

Tula moved to the wall of the doorway for cover while peaking around the corner with her blaster pistol.

Golden hour added for new The Blood King figure.
--Or--It's my Onslaught and I will destroy everything in this well-lit path if I want to.  

One of the V'sori scientists stuck in the elevator, repaired the damage and they headed up to the roof, running towards the Mbuna. The other V'sori scientist loaded one of the fear gas canisters into the ship guns.

Baron de Villain extracted two canisters of the Terror Gas

Bubbles smashed the last drone on the second floor and headed to the third floor. One of the drones spotted her as she retreated and converted its blaster to incinerate mode but missed Bubbles. 

Setsuna used decay on the drone, dissolving its armor, and making it turn into a case-less brain with spine tumbling down the stairwell as a gory tumbleweed. Tula moved to the next doorway and looked around seeing the brain roll past her and barely kept herself from hurling.  

Ruin converted to Wind form and used it to get to the roof.  The K'tharens targeted The Blood King with one of the guns and Ruin and Wheeljack with the Terror Gas spray. Unfortunately for them, the Terror Gas was deflected by Ruin's wind form and The Blood King's armor withstood the attack

Wheeljack teleported inside The Blood King and then sent a second shoulder missile at the Mbuna. This one blew up the Mbuna with only the two V'sori scientists jumping out at the last moment, one of them still holding the last remaining gas canister.  

Ruin used a whirlwind to hurl the V'sori scientists off the building, The Terror Gas canister hit the ground and exploded, leaving three of the rebels panicked and seeing their worst fears come to life. 

Bubbles used her super speed to get to the control room door on the third floor, killing a drone with her Vibro-Knife. She then opened the door with a lockpick but the door exploded leaving her holding her ears. She shook it off and charged at a Fin inside but missed with her sai thrust. 

Setsuna ran after her and decayed two of the drones by the elevator inside the control room.

Tula moved up the stairs and took cover at the corner

Baron de Villain used the elevator to get to the roof and Wheeljack grabbed him. The Blood King leaped away from the battlefield. The Blood King put Baron de Villain on the ground, Wheeljack teleported out of The Blood King, and The Blood King shrank as they all entered the modified Yaschuk

[Randall had to leave early.]

Setsuna moved to strike the two remaining Fins, destroying their armor, and killing one with her infectious disease. 

[Bobbie played Omega Strike, doubling her decay and improving her Death Disease to Vigor -4, which one of the Fins got with an 8 on a d10 surprisingly.]

Bubbles followed up Setsuna's attack by using her Vibro-Knife to slash into the Fins exposed ribs and then used her sai and Vibro-Knife to finish off the last two drones. 

Tula moved to the next door but found nothing to attack inside the control room.

Ruin used his wind form to fly to the ground and then turned into his earth form. He used his earthshake power which started making the building sway. 

[Kevin played Shakin' in their Boots!]

The V'sori Solo called for retreat as his morale broke. Too many Omegans, no more air support, a giant enemy walker, and the very buildings themselves threatening to topple over him and crush him to death left him running with his remaining drones covering his escape route to a hidden V'sori Stingray outside of Tarrytown to the northeast. 

Omega Cell 107 didn't give chase and was more concerned about Tula and her rebels. A very odd moment of compassion and mercy from Omega Cell 107. 

Bubbles grabbed Tula as her and Setsuna headed to the ground floor. Three of Tula's men had become inflicted with a permanent fear as if their worst nightmare were real and tormenting them. The group decided to take them with them. When the modified Yaschuk returned, the Omegans and three maddened men left with them. The rebels and Tula scattered. 

The modified Yaschuk took flight as Baron de Villain activated the remote detonator behind them blowing the biotech facility to bits. 

[It was a very Lethal Weapon weekend.]  
Setsuna regenerated her scarred neck tissue on the way back to Lemuria. 
Friday August 20, 2004
Lemuria Secret Base

Baron de Villain used the new medical lab that had been added to the base to produce four fear antidote vials. He used three to heal Tula's rebels and kept one. He sent the antidote formula to me while keeping the last Terror Gas canister. The antidote is far more important to me. Plus Hydra believes he could synthesize the Terror Gas by reverse bio-engineering the antidote if necessary but it's of little use against the V'sori except against their human toadies from the mayor of Star City to S)Corp to gangs on the streets in their pay. Careful with that Terror Gas canister considering your 'allies' Baron... 

He returned the three rebels to Tarrytown with the modified Yaschuk.    

Saturday August 21, 2004- Wednesday 25, 2004
Lemuria Secret Base

Baron de Villain researched into biology at the medical lab. Ruin trained at throwing using stones and skipping them over the Atlantic.   

Thursday August 26, 2004
Lemuria Secret Base.   

I was getting reports of Omegan hunters within the confines of Star City. Some sort of Super Drone that Dr. Aden confirmed was a V'sori research product to create drones from Omegans with their super powers intact. If the Super Drone program is successful, no Omegan will be safe from these hunters as they will have powers the equal of their preyI sent Baron de Villain a map of Star City with the locations of confirmed Super Drone attacks and bade his team, Omega Cell 107, to do what they do best--seek and destroy.  Destroy the Super Drones and whatever secret V'sori laboratory is creating them. Unfortunately Dr. Aden can't help with that as the V'sori organize their research teams similar to the way we organize Omega Cells so that they only know principally about their own research and lab locations.  

--Dr. Destruction, personal journal records. 

[End of Session]

XP: 3, Minimum XP: 35

Loot: Two Terror Gas Canisters (one from a Windfall play). One was used to make the antidote for the Terror Gas for the three rebels and one extra antidote vial for Baron de Villain.

[I was impressed with my pacing this session. Plot Point Seven completed and then Terror in Tarrytown done with multiple combat scenes in five hours. Thirteen days of in game-time completed too.]


    I used DramaScape's Sector 15 for the map of the lab in Plot Point Seven. Sector 15 works extremely well for this scenario with cover for the scientists to duck behind and enough space to accommodate a potential big battle. 

    I used some long foam core pieces for the steam pipes underneath the science building, DramaScape's Campus Blocks for the outside, PWYW Biolab, and our SciFi Tiles Print on Demand (POD) for the inside of the science building to make up the scenes for the Savage Tale Trouble in Tarrytown. Using some small map pieces for the interior allowed me to have the Campus Blocks available for the roof scene and outside battle scene if one of the characters decided to help the rebels fight during the distraction. Sector 15 could have been reused here but would have taken up a lot of the map space for the Campus Blocks which it turned out we needed as the scenario progressed. In retrospect I wish I had the time to print off Level 1 for the ground floor linked to the steam pipes and the rooftop temple and replace the center temple piece with a helipad of some sort for the roof, but it worked out okay for this scenario with the pieces that I used. 

     Figures used are HeroClix by WizKids and Necessary Evil Figure Flats by Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

Sector 15


GM Section

The Blood King

Base--Light Stealth Walker, Science Fiction Companion.

Size: 6 (20' Tall/Wide), Strength d12+4, Toughness 20 (5), Pace 24' +2d6 Run, Jump Jets 50'

Dual-Linked Heavy Laser Guns Hand Held (Range 75/150/300, Shooting +1, Damage 3d6+3, RoF 3, HW, AP 60)

[These are from the Vehicle Heavy Weapons from Necessary Evil]
2 x Heavy Missile Shoulder Launchers (Range 40/80/160, Damage 4d10, RoF 1, HW, AP40, SBT)

[Equivalent to an Atlantean Torpedo + SBT added]

Giant Falchion Blade Hand Held (Str +2d10, AP 6, HW, AP 40, SBT)


AI (d10 Trait die with no pilot)

Secure Access (Wheeljack only)

Stealth Paint (-4 to notice/attack) until The Blood King attacks. 


Normal 20', Size 6, Strength 1d12+4, Toughness 20 (5) , +2 to see/hit from Size

15' Size 4, Strength d12+2, Toughness 18 (5), Blade reduced to AP 4, +2 to see/hit from Size

10' Size 2, Strength d12, Toughness 16 (5), Blade reduced to AP 2

6' Size 0, Strength d8, Toughness 14 (5), Blade reduced to Str +2d8, no AP

3' Size -2, Strength d4, Toughness 12 (5), Blade reduced to Str +2d4, no AP, -2 to notice/hit

I'm putting this up in case anyone else gets a Stealth Walker with the Shrink power. Note that the Science Fiction Companion is used as a template for the core walker, but weapons are based on Necessary Evil tech rather than SciFi Companion tech with the exception of the Falchion Blade.

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