Sunday, October 8, 2017

DramaScape October First Release Medieval Dining Hall w/33% off coupon link valid until 10/15/2017

Medieval Dining Hall features an interior map of a dining hall in the center of an exterior map of a rocky plateau. The rocky ground is partially obscured by patches of grass (or perhaps moss). The stone building itself is on a higher elevation. Stone slabs stacked on top of each other form a staircase that ascends to the western open entrance. The center of the dining hall has a hearth surrounded by tables and benches. A set of stairs in the east ascend to a raised dais with the manor lord’s table on top. This table has three chairs with the lord’s banner behind them on the east wall. The lord’s best hunting trophies are mounted above the banners.

 Medieval Dining Hall is intended for use in fantasy or medieval era games.

Here is the link for 33% off, the link Expires on Sunday 15th October

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