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Necessary Evil Recap 27

August 19, 2017 @ 1:00-6:00 P.M.

It's been awhile! Busy summer schedules and a need to shift the game to Saturday afternoon made scheduling a nightmare. Hoping to get back to playing this one at least once a month.

Before Game Setup:

Omega Cell 107 Report 27

Wednesday, December 1, 2004-Monday, December 6, 2004
Setsuna's Secret Brothel, Southpoint, Star City 

The Pugilist delivered a message to Ruin.  

"Dear Madame Setsuna,

We are saddened by your choice of some super freak bouncer over our protection. We will no longer be protecting your facility or conducting business at your establishment. Good luck with the dregs. We ever see your bodyguard in our territory again, he is gonna take a nice swim with some great feet accessories.

--Sincerely, The Family."

Ruin showed the letter to Bubbles and Wheeljack but they were disinterested. He shoved the letter under the door to Setsuna's quarters. She was inside her room sleeping off the concussion she had obtained from the concrete blocks that had struck her when Ruin dropped the ceiling onto the Mayor's podium while she was holding him. 

[Bobbie was at another event until late in the session.] 

From my perspective this is very bad. The Family was doing a good job of keeping the secret location of the brothel and keeping the dregs from attacking the building or their clientele. 

Wheeljack headed out to a junkyard and grabbed enough scrap with The Blood King to repair the robot if needed. 

[About one wound's worth of scrap.] 

The rest of the group attempted to train. Bubbles had an accident in the medical training bay and the cleanup took days. 

Wheeljack relaxed and watched some television. On the evening news, he learned that Lucian had been "elected" Star City's new mayor. Getting my double agent into a position of power had required removing the mayor and the legless body of the traitorous V'sori Warlord Darb as proof of Lucian's loyalty to the V'sori. Quite the coup for the Omegan Resistance as we have a double-agent as V'sori puppet. But perhaps he may gain some useful information in the position of toady to the whims of the V'sori even if it is just through surface reading and perhaps altering of minds. 

Tuesday December 7, 2004
Setsuna's Secret Brothel, Southpoint, Star City

I asked Omega Cell 107 to investigate a clandestine V'sori operation off the coast of Labrador in Newfoundland. Find out why the V'sori were dredging the Labrador Sea in that location and preferably capture whatever they were interesting in discovering. In the event of being unable to capture it--destroy it to prevent it falling into enemy hands. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2004
Warehouse 21, The Docks, Star City

At the last submarine pen, Ruin and Wheeljack assembled torpedoes for the Atlantean Seahorse. They then got in the submarine by having The Blood King grab Bubbles and drag her inside due to her claustrophobia and headed northeast to Canadian waters.

Friday, December 10, 2004
Labrador Sea

The Omegans snuck up on two V'sori Mbunas guarding a V'sori Sargasso, tugboat, and a big ice cutter that were pulling up an antique WWII era submarine. The submarine was covered with ice and bore insignia of the Rising Sun. The ocean was covered in ice chunks many of which seemed to have slid off the rising sub.  

Suddenly, Ruin launched a torpedo that sunk the right V'sori Mbuna. Then he launched a second torpedo that struck the old Japanese submarine. Well whatever they were dredging up may be gone, but at least it won't fall into V'sori hands.

The Blood King opened the side door.  

The Gladiator left the Atlantean Seahorse and summoned a whirlwind.     

Bubbles was afraid of the cold waters due to her new cryophobia from being contained within the ice cold submarine and shivering as her claustrophobia continued to play tricks on her. But her claustrophobia was stronger than her fear of the ice cold water. She activated her rockets boots, leaping from icy island to island then she activated her Vibro saw and slashed the left V'sori Mbuna in half. She proceeded to stab her sai into the back of the V'sori Sargasso exposing the engine and then stabbed again with her sai blowing up the engine.

She then sliced through the cutter in a Z-pattern.


As the ships started to sink into the Labrador Sea, a V'sori and two humans escaped the cutter. The humans had costumes. One of them wore a yellow and green suit with a horseshoe emblem on the front and the other one a red, white, and blue suit with four white stars on the front. The Omegans recognized them as 4-Star and Lucky except Bubbles. Wheeljack and Ruin remembered that those super heroes had once fought The Shugenja, a legendary Japanese super-spy, before their disappearance.

Chunky salsa...remnants of the dead of five ships?

Lucky swam towards Bubbles and tried to punch her, but just couldn't reach her.  4-Star struggled to swim and made no progress.

The V'sori flew up from the cold water and formed a force field around 4-Star. Half the remaining V'sori drones cut the tug lines to prevent the tugboat from sinking with the WWII submarine. The other half fired at Bubbles with heat rays but missed.

Wheeljack moved the Atlantean Seahorse forward.   

Ruin left the Atlantean Seahorse and managed to reach the bulwark of the tugboat holding onto the lines that the drones had just cut that were hanging down.

Bubbles hit Lucky with everything she had. Lucky's extraordinary luck allowed him to dodge every hit except the last one when her Vibro saw pierced his super armor. Lucky's eyes went from glazed over to aware and he screamed in pain before plunging into the sea unconscious.

"Lucky...No! You'll die for this Nazi super-agent scum!"--4 Star

Wheeljack maneuvered the ship around the maelstrom. The Blood King did a back flip on top of the Atlantean Seahorse and fired a laser at the V'sori. But 4-Star leapt in front of the attack and absorbed it with his force field! 

[Randall played Villainous Verbosity!] 

The V'sori started to blather about his master plan. 

"I am the extraordinary V'sori Explorer B'loc! I have used my formidable mental powers to control these super heroes sealed in ice for sixty years and will use them to defeat you! You are nothing but Nazi super-agents after all!"--V'sori Explorer B'loc  

"Wait...that's your whole plan?"--Ruin 

The Drones fired at Bubbles again but she dodged them with her super speed. 

The Gladiator moved the maelstrom closer to the tugboat. 

Ruin slashed one of the drones and took it out while holding onto the rope along the bulwark. 

4-Star moved towards Bubbles and unleashed his shooting star attacks on her which she dodged with her super speed.  

Wheeljack accelerated the submarine and sped past 4-Star and Bubbles. His submarine missed the V'sori agent B'loc, but The Blood King was on top of the submarine and smashed into him. B'loc was immediately crushed and fell into the Labrador Sea. 

4-Star was released from B'loc's mind control and Lucky returned to the surface on a chunk of ice unconscious. 

[I rolled Harder to Kill and he got an even roll.]

"'re alive!"--4-Star

The Drones fired at The Gladiator and struck him in the head and leg. He died instantly and the maelstrom that nearly reached the tugboat dissipated. 

Ruin lashed out in anger, levitating the ship with his katana's air power and then slashed it in half while cutting through the remaining three drones.

Wheeljack turned the ship around and rescued Lucky from the iceberg. Wheeljack gave him a Medi-Stim and he quickly regenerated his wounds within half a minute. 

They convinced 4-Star and Lucky that the V'sori were aliens that were aligned with the Axis powers and had descended from the sky shortly after they were frozen. The war had dragged on for over sixty years and most of the Earth was destroyed. 4-Star wept for the world and the decimation of the United States. He vowed to defeat the alien Nazi collaborators with his sidekick Lucky.

[Meanwhile the unfrozen Shugenja had gotten away by using Super Sorcery to become Invisible. When the Omegans left, he changed it to Flight to get to the mainland of Newfoundland and ascertain the truth of what had happened.] 

Monday December 13, 2004
Warehouse 21, The Docks, Star City

The Omegans left the Atlantean Seahorse in Warehouse 21 with no fuel or torpedoes. 

Monday December 13, 2004
Setsuna's Secret Brothel, Southpoint, Star City

The Omegans returned to their lair and 4-Star and Lucky left after being disgusted with the den of iniquity. They had the Pugilist take them to another Omega cell. But the Pugilist had jawed at Lucky and got beat up by his Lucky Strike. When he returned he had been severely wounded. 

Meanwhile, Setsuna read the letter after waking up from her long nap and was furious. She got up and left her room. She decayed her own front door and then touched the back of the Pugilist's head after he had returned to guard the doorway. 

[Bobbie played Angry Mob which brought eight The Family gang members and Shaking in their Boots which made everyone Shaken after she melted the skull and brain of the Pugilist.]

This disgusted the eight The Family gang members who had been sent to kill The Pugilist. 

"You one of those super freaks too Madame Setsuna?! Looks like we are gonna have to kill you and take over this valuable property and business!"--The Family ganger

"Nope. You are gonna leave here and tell your boss that I killed The Pugilist and fixed the problem. Here take his body."--Setsuna 

"Do you want to die? Didn't you see what she just did to that guy's skull?"--Ruin

The Family ganger was persuaded and intimidated to go along with the plan. But the other seven gangers were not having any of it. 

"Kill all these freaks and that traitor too!"--The Family gangers 

Bubbles activated her rocket boots and dropped four of them with a series of sai and Vibro saw attacks. 

Ruin turned into his fire form and burned away the last three gangers. 

"So you are gonna tell your boss that your gang and I killed the Pugilist but it cost him seven gang members. Only you survived. Take the body as a token of my apology to The Family's leader. Tell him about us being supers and we will find you and we will kill you too."--Setsuna. 

[This second scene was cool because it gave Bobbie something to do when she showed up for the last thirty minutes of the session.]

Well hopefully that solves The Family problem and restores the status quo of their business arrangement. Somehow I doubt it though. 

--Dr. Destruction, personal journal records.

[End of Session]

XP: 3. Miss XP 2, Minimum XP = Veteran (52) 


Figures and vehicles include those from HeroClix by WizKids and Necessary Evil Figure Flats by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. DramaScape vehicles used are from Pay What You Want (PWYW) Above Decks (The tug boat), 65 ft Yacht, and a submarine from Submarine Pen Dock 7 (I just cut out the submarine). 

Submarine Pen Dock 7  

GM Section
I added Great Luck and Harder to Kill to Lucky. The other thing I'll add after an advance is Jinx which should be fun (which causes attacks against Lucky to go awry). 

For the frozen waters of the Labrador Sea I made it into a 2d6 ice damage field if they ended their turn in the cold waters. This would have been a great battlefield for Siberian to fight on if he were still alive.

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