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Necessary Evil Recap 23

February 19, 2017 @ 1:00-7:30 P.M.


Table Set Up Before Game, the Secret V'sori Arena.

I created this map from DramaScape's The Gym map by removing the center basketball court and keeping the outer bleachers, doors, walkways. I mounted it on foam core and then propped it up on foam from a monitor/TV to give it height and make the pit lower than the upper area. I used my green tablecloth as the base (If I had a brown one I would have used that instead). The 3d doors on each side of the arena are from DramaScape's printable SciFi Floor Tiles. That set has 3d walls and doors that can be used in conjunction with the tiles to create more of a 3d maze. The doors are useful to show where the fighters come out on the ground in the pit.

Next I added the V'sori and Drones to the map. I added force field generators (blue) and some light cover in from of the V'sori (partially as an additional source to protect the V'sori in case of force field failure and partially to replace the basketball hoop as the source of the shadows on the map) from a printable add-on from DramaScape's Modular Rocketship. I also added a V'sori Mbuna and Manta to the map on the foam ridges underneath The Gym to represent outside escape vehicles with some Fin technicians working on them doing maintenance until they were needed.  It was actually kind of neat to have these nooks to put stuff, as it saved table space like so:


Monday September 20, 2004
Setsuna's Secret Brothel, Southpoint, Star City  

The V'sori have struck a major blow to the Omegan Resistance by destroying Lemuria. It was a symbol of hope for escape from the V'sori for those in Star City and along the eastern coast of the United States. Omega Cell 107 has lost their base of power and need to rebuild their headquarters at Setsuna's Secret Brothel in Star City. Worse, with the destruction of the Lemuria Teleportation Tube, it would seem that the Baron and Monolith as well as most of the other Lemurians and human refugees are trapped in Atlantis. We also need to find a way to extract them and bring them back to Star City...

Tuesday September 21, 2004 to Friday October 8, 2004

Setsuna's Secret Brothel, Southpoint, Star City

Bubbles rested for five days to heal her remaining wound dealt by The HuntressShe went to the Farmer's Market for medical supplies after finding a small infirmary at the brothel mostly filled with a basic first aid kit for scratches and a medicine cabinet well-stocked against poisons and especially diseases. At the Farmer's Market she purchased some surgical kits, painkillers, salves, medical books, and other necessities. She took over a couple more rooms in the brothel to add a medical lab and a training room on healing and medicine. After that she studied the medical texts and she learned how to perform some basic surgical techniques.  

Wheeljack spent days scavenging for parts and scrap in junkyards and back alleys in Southpoint. He went to the Farmer's Market for replacement tools and workbench equipment, using them to make a workshop in an empty room in the brothel. He set up a garage and went to work with his new tools, making a large white van out of parts mostly taken from ice cream trucks.  

[Randall used Epiphany to gain d6 Streetwise for the Farmer's Market.] 

Ruin spent the time training on his katana fighting technique.

Setsuna spent the time buying some white gloves at the Farmer's Market. She also dealt with business matters such as getting her monthly take of brothel funds and familiarizing herself with recent developments with the brothel. She learned that the brothel was paying protection money to an organization called The Family who hated V'sori and supers alike, but that most of the money came back in the form of high level The Family clients. The Family generally kept the area around the brothel free of dregs and other filth which helped some clientele feel safe going to the brothel. They also kept mouths closed about the brothel which helped keep the secret location safe. This business arrangement was mutually beneficial at present her girls and bouncers told her.  Keeping it that way meant hiding the Omegans when The Family was around though.

[This scene allowed Bubbles to reassign her Lair points to Setsuna's base, adding a Medical Bay and Healing skill training area to the facility with Wheeljack getting his Repair Bay back and gaining a Garage to store his land vehicles. Wheeljack also got enough scrap for a four point land vehicle of low tech level, so made a Heavy Armor Van (2 points) with +6 Armor (2 points) for the session to get back four of his vehicle points after The Blood Queen's destruction last session. Ruin trained in Fighting. I asked Bobbie what she wanted to do, but she wasn't too concerned with doing much in the seventeen days of downtime.]

Saturday October 9, 2004 
Setsuna's Secret Brothel, Southpoint, Star City

Wheeljack tried to get his money for the month but found all his funds on hold. He suddenly realized that with the destruction of Lemuria and Baron de Villain trapped in Atlantis; there was no one to pay him. So the Omegans left for Warehouse 21 to get the Atlantean Seahorse. 

The Omegans encountered dregs in Southpoint but Wheeljack bribed them with drugs. 

[Chessie played Peace to avoid the encounter.]  
Saturday October 9, 2004 
Warehouse 21, The Docks, Star City

Bubbles lost it in the confined space of the Atlantean Seahorse and ran off as her claustrophobia returned. When she regained her senses, she was surrounded by Longshoremen vampires. She made a duplicate and fought back to back with her dupe against the vampires but a couple managed to bite her. Her body resisted the vampiric disease but she did get wounded in the neck before she managed to fling off the vampires surrounding her and use her rocket boots to escape back to the submarine

Meanwhile, Ruin put together a VR helmet of a wide open space. When Bubbles returned he put the helmet on her, fooling her mind into believing it was in an open space rather than the submarine for the trip. 

[A brilliant use of his Mechanical Genius for the session, and a great Bennie worthy idea by Kevin.]

Saturday October 9, 2004 to Friday October 22, 2004
Star City to Atlantis and back to Star City

The Omegans traveled to Atlantis and back, rescuing Monolith, Baron de Villain, and two human survivors from Atlantis. However, when they returned to Warehouse 21, the Atlantean Seahorse was completely out of fuel. 

Saturday October 23, 2004
Setsuna Secret Brothel, Southpoint, Star City

The Omegans had a pizza party for rescuing their friends. Wheeljack finally had the funds block ended by Baron de Villain for rescuing him. 

I contacted the Omegans about a mission. My double-agent Lucian reported about an opportunity to capture or kill a V'sori Warlord named Darb. He needed Omegan agents to infiltrate a secret bloodsport arena being run by rogue V'sori. So I set up a meeting between Lucian and the Omegans that night. 

Sunday October 24, 2004
Southpoint Back Alley Meeting, Star City

Lucian entered Wheeljack's van and he explained his plan. He needed two Omegans to don V'sori nullifiers to be entered into the arena as combatants, hopefully with some way to get back to the ground floor from the pit floor after the force field is disabled. Meanwhile he needed other Omegans to disable V'sori escape vehicles outside, destroy force field barrier generators on the ground floor of the arena, and perhaps one more to free captured low level supers inside the pit. The Omegans decided they weren't ready yet and went to the Farmer's Market. They bought a couple of Warp Shunts with a power flaw, only able to teleport the user a short distance but quickly.

Monday October 25, 2004
Southpoint High School Gym, Southpoint, Star City

The Omegans met with Lucian and hammered out the plan. Ruin and Setsuna would act as gladiators, equipped with the warp shunts they had purchased. Wheeljack would bring down the force field generators. Bubbles would incapacitate the guards of the vehicles outside to disable them. With that he put the V'sori nullifiers on Ruin and Setsuna and Wheeljack drove them to Southpoint High School. Lucian took his prisoners out of the van's side door and moved them into The Pit. Wheeljack used his invisibility to sneak into the ground floor of the Gymnasium. Bubbles waited for a signal from Lucian on when to move. 

Lucian entered the arena with Setsuna and Ruin and released them from the V'sori Nullifiers as two G'roks came out of the door on the other side. Lucian announced them as Chronus (Ruin) and Medusa (Setsuna).

Lucian signaled Wheeljack and Bubbles to move. The G'roks approached the group and Setsuna activated her power to decay its natural armor and kill it with her lethal disease while Ruin slashed the other one in half with his katana. Refusing to make much of a show of it against the G'roks, V'sori Warlord Darb promptly released two pit fighters to make it a better show. One was an Atlantean with a trident and net wearing partial plate armor. The other one was a human with two spiked gauntlets, a leather vest, and black boxing trunks.

Meanwhile, Wheeljack used his invisibility to get close and disable two of the force field generators before teleporting to the other side of the gym to try and get closer to the ones on the other side. Bubbles raced to the V'sori Manta and used her telekinesis to attack a Fin working on it from behind with a dodgeball and a basketball, knocking him out. She then rocketed to the other side of the Gym and used her dupe to help her subdue the two Fins working on the V'sori Mbuna.

Meanwhile, in the arena, the Atlantean announced that his name was The Gladiator as he twirled his trident in a circle and the human announced his name was The Pugilist as he held his spiked gauntlets up high over his head.

With no use for showmanship, Setsuna moved to the middle of both of them and was promptly attacked by the reach of The Gladiator's spear. Setsuna weaved through the attack by dodging low and jumping high to touch The Gladiator, destroying his armor but he didn't succumb to her diseased touch. She tried to charm The Pugilist using her decay power to essentially striptease her clothes away thread by thread. Unfortunately for Setsuna, this worked a little too well. The Pugilist tackled her and pummeled her with his fists as he became consumed with blood lust

[Bobbie played Villainous Verbosity and forced him to spend a round sweet talking to her about what his next punch was going to feel and taste like.]

Ruin asked The Gladiator if he wanted to get out of the pit alive.

[Kevin played Sidekick.]

The Gladiator responded by sending a whirlwind at him that moved him to the ground floor through the weakened western parts of the force field. Grinning, Ruin burst into his fire form. The combination of his fire form and the wind form caused a conflagration that started a fire in the west bleachers, incinerated several spectators, and smoke to start filling in the gym. Ruin used a cone of flame to torch drones and a third force field generator and the entire force field went down. This sent spectators running towards the exits. 

Lucian used this opportune distraction to leave and go down below to free prisoners in the pit. 

[This inadvertent power combination was a really cool moment.] 

Meanwhile outside, the V'sori Internal Police or V.I.P. arrived in V'sori Stingrays accompanied by drones and war spheres. They stopped outside the west door and headed to the northeast doors on the other side. The western team entered the wrong door; they were immediately immolated by the back draft of the conflagration that Ruin had started. The eastern team passed a hiding Bubbles in the V'sori Mbuna as they headed for the northeast door.

Ruin moved south and used a cone of flame to burn two of the V'sori's near Darb but he managed to avoid the fire by ducking behind the V'sori immediately next to him, using him like a shield against the heat 

Setsuna realized that The Pugilist seemed somehow immune to her disease power and with her already wounded his next punch could be her last breath. So she used her Warp Shunt to teleport next to Darb and grabbed at his legs. This removed his leg armor, but he didn't die from her disease, perhaps somewhat shielded from it by the heat of Ruin's attack killing Setsuna's microbes before they could get to him.  

Darb ordered the drones to kill Ruin, and they unleashed a volley of blasts that left him unconscious and seared his left leg clean off.  Darb aimed and fired his blaster pistol at Setsuna's hands to make her release him. He then kicked off Setsuna and headed towards the southeast door. The eastern VIP team entered through the northeast door and told him to surrender for crimes against the V'sori Empire. Darb ordered the drones to concentrate fire at the VIP instead of the unconscious Ruin and wounded Setsuna as he fled out the southeast door. 

Wheeljack teleported to the Mbuna and used its guns to eliminate the VIP's Stingray and back up war sphere support with Bubble's help. He then turned the ship around to get to the southeast gate. 

The Pugilist fled after Setsuna ran away. The Gladiator moved his fiery cyclone and caught several drones on fire before following after him.

Setsuna grabbed Ruin and headed for the southeast gate dodging blaster fire from errant VIP team shots fighting Darb's drones. Two VIP took cover outside and picked off the remaining drones as Darb, the freed Pit Fighters, and the Omegans got away in the confusion. 

The Omegans returned home using the V'sori Mbuna. 

Tuesday October 26, 2004-Saturday October 30, 2004
Setsuna's Secret Brothel, Southpoint, Star City
Wheeljack scrapped the Mbuna and used its lasers to make laser cannon arms for a new walker. Wheeljack used a Medi-Stim to help Ruin recover his wounds but Setsuna had to go to the Medical Bay for rest. 
[This gives Wheeljack four high tech vehicle points, which he can use to replace the light walker chassis.] 
Lucian and The Gladiator arrived. Lucian explained he was of little use as a double agent until Darb was captured or killed. If the VIP get to him first, he will not be able to return to that role. With some VIP surviving, Darb was wanted by the V'sori now; he may even be holed up somewhere in Southpoint. The Gladiator offered his trident as an ally to Ruin for saving him. As for The Pugilist, he had lost sight of him after they had fled the through the smoky, burning hallways of the high school
The Omegans failed to get Darb, but saved many other supers and stopped the bloodsport arena for good by burning it to the ground. After eliminating the Southpoint Slashers, this is another good thing they have done to keep their new secret base safe as V'sori bounty hunters won't be patrolling the region looking for supers to fight in the arena anymore.    

--Dr. Destruction, personal journal records. 

[End of Session]
XP: 2, Miss XP 1, Minimum XP = Veteran (40)
Loot: None


See initial section for the map set up for some information about the pictures. The Gym with its basketball court removed works perfect for the description of the map in Necessary Evil for the Alien Bloodsport Savage Tale

Figures and vehicles used are from HeroClix by WizKids and Necessary Evil Figure Flats by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The Partisan Passenger Version add-on fighter was used for the V'sori Manta.   

The Gym

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