Thursday, February 23, 2017

Medieval Village Outskirts w/33% off coupon till 2/26/2017

#MedievalVillageOutskirts is a single level exterior and interior map of two medieval peasant houses in the west, a ruined mill next to a stream that has dwindled to a creek in the center surrounded by trees to the north and south with a clearing in the northeast containing a pen for livestock.

MedievalVillageOutskirts is intended for use in fantasy or medieval historical era games. It can also be useful in horror games. This map can also be spliced along the western creek line with the west part useful as part of a village and the eastern part could be used as a separate encounter in the wilderness.

Fun facts: This is #DramaScape's first fantasy map of 2017, and the first one released since early December.

Below is a link for 33% off, the link will expire on Sunday 26th February.

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