Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Used Car Lot with four cars/six cargo containers page add-on and 50% off coupon till 1/22/2017

Used Car Lot. This map includes a used car lot, two abandoned warehouses--one industrial, one commercial--and an old abandoned drive-in diner with a back alley running north to south bisecting the map into two halves. This week's map is useful as a slums in modern urban games or as a post-apocalyptic map. The included four vehicles have two beat up used cars and a wrecked car and truck for either scenario. The included six cargo containers have three dirty, used cargo containers and three very old, weathered ones for use in either scenario as well. With the tools given, game masters can tailor the maps for their particular session needs.

And here is a link for 50% off, the link will expire on Sunday 22nd January

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