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Necessary Evil Recap 22

January 8, 2017 @ 1:00-7:00 P.M.


 Table Set Up Before Game, the Lemuria Secret Base


Sunday September 19, 2004

Lemuria Secret Base
Suddenly my CommLink signal to the Omegans went dead as if it was completely jammed. I fear something awful has happened to them...  

--Dr. Destruction, personal journal records.

[What happened outside the purview of Dr. Destruction with his CommLink jammed:

The power went out on the secret base, flickering. Baron de Villain screamed as he was trapped in the Teleportation Tube, physically in Atlantis and Lemuria simultaneously. Bubbles ran to the kitchen and grabbed a turkey baster and glassware. She returned to the Power Room and used these devices to repair the power with the Revelation card and an insane Repair roll (16+).  

Meanwhile, Ruin used his Mechanical Genius to create a small generator that he used to power the Teleportation Tube and free Baron de Villain. The Baron stopped screaming and fell forward unconscious. The group had a Lemurian Security Guard take him to his room where they found the broken manacles that had held the Huntress. 

They heard other screams through a broken air duct grate that Setsuna noticed. She followed the air duct grate to the garage and saw The Huntress standing over an unconscious Wheeljack. She ripped off a piece from his wheelchair and went invisible. Setsuna dropped into the room and heard a strange metallic sound as she checked on Wheeljack. Unconscious but not dead. The Dragon Queen was strapped to a repair rack. The female AI voice kept repeating, "Stay alive my love I will save you" and "I will kill her for harming you! as a protective and vengeful subroutine seemed to have her paralyzed" As Setsuna turned around, a machine gun barrel busted after attempting to fire from a Mechanical Malfunction card play but self-repairing Nanobots fixed the machine gun to functional again. 

When Setsuna moved towards the gun it fired another burst in Sentry mode (DramaScape's C15W Growler Machine Gun from our SciFi Equipment Cards) but Setsuna dodged out of the way and managed to decay the entire machine gun into sparkling, metallic dust with one touch of her hand. Ruin transmogrified into his wind form and moved through the grate. Bubbles ran towards the sounds of the machine gun fire but she was interrupted by The Huntress who ripped her Vibro Saw off her arm and then used her device to rip open Bubble's guts in a brutal disarm and slash maneuver. The Huntress took off Bubble’s armor and started putting on her mesh armor, but Setsuna touched her in the chest, wounding her. Ruin switched to his Earth Form and fell through the ceiling into a super villain pose as he smashed into the floor and then punched The Huntress unconscious reaching over Setsuna to land the blow. Ruin then repeatedly smashed her head with his foot. 

A V'sori strike force was on its way to attack Lemuria. Ruin took Bubbles to the medical bay and stitched her guts back together. Setsuna told the Lemurians that they needed to evacuate, but they told her only the Baron could work the movement and submerging functions of Lemuria due to his security settings. Ruin, Bubbles, Setsuna, and a few of the humans fled to the Atlantean Seahorse and escaped.

Wheeljack woke up and released The Dragon Queen. He found the remains of the machine gun as speckled dust and the headless remains of The Huntress with a pool of blood and only a mask remaining where her head was once attached. He dragged her off the island with the help of a shrunken Dragon Queen after hearing the alarm klaxon and orders to evacuate the island thinking her body the source of the V'sori homing beacon. He found Monolith activating the Teleportation Tube and dragging Baron de Villain through followed by the Lemurians and remaining human refugees. Wheeljack found Baron de Villain's keycard dropped during his forced evacuation on the floor. He used it to start submerging the ship. 

The Dragon Queen stood outside and awaited the V'sori fleet.

The Dragon Queen used her missile fingers to take down the V'sori Sargasso bomber and it crashed into a MBuna.  


The Dragon Queen used her heavy lasers to take out the King Crab, the remaining V'sori vessels destroyed The Dragon Queen, Hangar, and Repair Bay with their laser return fire. Wheeljack left the control room and used the Teleportation Tube to escape to Atlantis, leaving a half-submerged, helpless Lemuria.

Their defenses crushed and propulsion destroyed in the battle, the remaining V'sori Warmaster called in a laser strike on the island to finish the job and the remaining three ships left for Prospect Point in Star City with a boss laser caused explosion in the background as they sped away.]

A V'sori strike force had attacked the island, overrun its defenses, and then I saw a V'sori laser space to ground satellite attack beam utterly destroy Lemuria. 

I feared the worst, Omega Cell 107 dead, but they had survived. Most of the team had gotten out in the last Atlantean Seahorse and escaped to Warehouse 21 in the confusion of the battle. The remaining Lemurians, humans, and Wheeljack--as well as Monolith who had grabbed an unconscious Baron de Villain--had escaped through the Teleportation Tube to Atlantis before Lemuria's destruction. The Dragon Queen had been lost in the battle to try to save the island. Wheeljack managed to teleport to the rest of the Omegans at Warehouse 21 somehow with his personal teleportation power from Atlantis. Hmmm.

The Omegans managed to travel to Setsuna's Secret Brothel without incident. Setsuna collected her income from the brothel and the Omegans rested after barely surviving the last encounter with the V'sori. 

Monday September 20, 2004
Setsuna's Secret Brothel, Southpoint, Star City  

I warned the Omegans about the Southpoint Slashers. These ruthless dregs were sponsored by the V'sori and had access to V'sori Vibro Blades. Their path of destruction had them heading south towards Setsuna's brothel. They would soon be a potential threat if not to the Omegans, to Setsuna's minions at least.

The Omegans snuck up on the Southpoint Slashers as two of their members were being "initiated" slaughtering unfortunate souls in two back alleys. 


Setsuna snuck up on two Southpoint Slashers from the right road from behind and melted their flesh with her decaying touch. 

Bubbles used her rocket boots to run in from the left road and summoned her duplicate to fight the Southpoint Slasher initiate on the ground gleefully slaughtering an innocent homeless man with a Vibro blade.  The duplicate stabbed the center thug on the ground as she took out the two dregs on the left side with her sai and Vibro saw. 

Ruin moved stealthily along the right wall. 

Wheeljack used his rocket wheelchair to get to the Southpoint Slasher leader, shooting her in the back with his Fusion Rifle and leaving a gigantic hole in the center of her mass as she fell over dead. 

Ruin moved towards the three remaining dregs and used a power stunt with his katana, buffeting the three thugs with a huge gust of wind, knocking them over. 

Bubbles and her duplicate moved in and finished the Southpoint Slashers and initiate on the ground with sai and Vibro saw attacks.

Ruin transformed into his earth form and grabbed a couple of Vibro Blades as the group ran before V'sori or SOCorp patrols showed up. 

[Setsuna grabbed a couple but they disintegrated as she was out of her special gloves that keep her decay power from working...]

After returning to Setsuna's Secret Brothel the group rested and tried to figure out where to go from here.  

The V'sori have struck a major blow to the Omegan Resistance by destroying Lemuria. It was a symbol of hope for escape from the V'sori for those in Star City and along the eastern coast of the United States. Omega Cell 107 has lost their base of power and need to rebuild their headquarters at Setsuna's Secret Brothel in Star City. Worse, with the destruction of the Lemuria Teleportation Tube, it would seem that the Baron and Monolith as well as most of the other Lemurians and human refugees are trapped in Atlantis. We also need to find a way to extract them and bring them back to Star City. 

--Dr. Destruction, personal journal records. 

[End of Session]
XP: 2, Miss XP 1, Minimum XP = Veteran (40)
Loot: 2 Vibro Swords


I used DramaScape's SciFi 6 x 6 Tiles Set 02 and part of the Repair Bay Print on Demand map to form the Lemuria Secret Base. I also used part of DramaScape's City Ruins Print on Demand map for the encounter with the Southpoint Slashers in Southpoint.   

Figures and vehicles used are from HeroClix by WizKids and Necessary Evil Figure Flats by Pinnacle Entertainment Group.  We are using Jace from Magic The Gathering Planeswalkers Arena by Wizards of the Coast for Ruin's air form. The Machine Gun is from DramaScape's SciFi Floor Tiles printable version. 

SciFi 6 x 6 Tiles Set 02 Printable

SciFi 6 x 6 Tiles Set 02 Virtual Tabletop

GM Section

Although I had originally planned to use the chocolate coins as extra Bennies in 50 Fathoms, I ended up playing Necessary Evil first due to a couple of cancellations, so used the chocolate coins in this game instead. Fun little mechanic, and a great way to use those Christmas coins. 

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