Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Special Holiday 50 Fathoms Rule

I got a bunch of gold chocolate coins for Christmas, so I decided I'd make a Nomination Pool for Friday's Game. Rather than the normal Nomination chips one per player, a bunch of gold chocolate coins for Nominations. So if nominated by a player, the player gets the Bennie (or the player controlling an NPC) and then eats the chocolate coin to gain the benefit of a Bennie. I have like 6 of them, so its more than the standard number of nomination Bennies (more than my 3-4 players). You can find these at 50% off at most stores since Christmas is over. 

Everyone still gets their standard Bennies, which prevents the possibility of them eating all the chocolate coins and losing all their Bennies.

Have fun in your holiday games and stay Savage!

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