Friday, December 9, 2016

DramaScape Second December Release Frozen Fortress w/30% off till 12/11/2016

Winter is coming. (Seriously a polar vortex is coming for me in Ohio!)

“Go not to the north. You will find only a barren land covered in hoarfrost where the dead rule.”—Villager’s Warning

Frozen Fortress is an exterior map of a large castle on a mountainous plateau in a frozen wasteland.

Frozen Fortress is a location for larger outdoor battles such as a battle to capture or defend the frozen castle. Its also a good location for infiltration by small squad such as the players characters trying to brave the elements and avoid castle patrols to get inside the castle.

Last week's Grand Hall makes an excellent interior throne room for the inner keep of the castle.  

Frozen Fortress is intended for use in fantasy and horror games.

In Savage Worlds, this map makes the most sense in ice-themed settings such as Hellfrost or Winter Eternal. It could also be an interesting adventure location in 50 Fathoms such as in the interior of the frozen island of Arfk. Who built it? Certainly not the nomadic Grael...

And here is a link for 30% off, the link expires on Sunday 11th December.

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