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Necessary Evil Recap 30

December 9, 2017 @ 2:30 P.M. - 6:00 P.M.


Before Game Setup:

I used DramaScape's CityScape Vol 1 POD to create a track representing a route from Southpoint to Downtown to Uptown and ran a Dramatic Task/Chase scene. Note the route takes them from Southpoint in the south and around Downtown and Uptown in the center before heading north towards Prospect Point. I didn't tape them so they were loose (and we were subject to an attack by Meowth, Destroyer of Worlds when we went on a bio/smoke break).

For the second part, I made a route from Uptown to Prospect Point for the combat zone. Here the route heads northwest (the compass point where Prospect Point is located). If the convoy got as far as the northwest, they could have gotten away from the group with V'sori support.

Omega Cell 107 Report 30

Saturday January 1, 2005 New Year's Day
Setsuna's Secret Brothel, Southpoint, Star City

A New Year--2005. Another year that starts with the Earth still under occupation by the V'sori and their Fin lackeys. This is the year. This will be the year the Omegan Resistance finally throws off the yoke of the V'sori Empire occupation of Earth. My plan to strike a major blow to the V'sori is nearing completion. It is but a matter of time now. My New Year's Resolution? Same as last year; save the Earth. May it come true this year. 

The Omegans spent the day getting over their New Year's Eve hangovers. 

Sunday January 2, 2005
Setsuna's Secret Brothel, Southpoint Star City 

Getting my double-agent Lucian "elected" mayor has finally paid some dividends. As head of the corrupt collaborator government, Lucian was informed of a low priority V'sori op that had been handed to the SoCorp Elite Task Force. The V'sori had found Al Capone's safe somewhere in Downtown Star City. It was being held at the Downtown police station for transport to Prospect Point to V'sori Headquarters with further orders to fly it to Warlord Grypon. Lucian sent Omega Cell 107 a message to rush from Southpoint to try and intercept the convoy in Uptown between Downtown and Prospect Point. This would involve reckless driving throughout the city to get there on time, sure to draw the attention of SoCorp. Fortunately, Omega Cell 107 has Wheeljack, probably the best Omegan Resistance wheelman. 

Sunday January 2, 2005
Setsuna's Secret Brothel, Southpoint Star City to Uptown, Star City

The Omegans found no trouble in Southpoint with very little police presence. Wheeljack maneuvered their van around debris and other obstacles to reach Downtown.

The Omegans drew the attention of a couple of patrol cars when they ran a traffic light Downtown.  In the pursuit, one patrol car failed to make a turn and ran into a downtown fire hydrant and statue. The crash broke a water main and water poured out of the fire hydrant like a fountain. 

[Kevin spent a Bennie to make the water main break. Note that I change it from a statue tile to a fountain tile in the pics below.] 

Meanwhile the other police car was in hot pursuit when Bubbles got out of the van and activated her rocket boots and zoomed at the patrol car. 

[Chessie played Here I Come to Save the Day to reach the patrol car.] 

Bubbles reached the police car and opened the gas tank cap. Then she shoved a fusion grenade inside. The grenade exploded, damaging the patrol car and knocking out the SoCorp officers. However, the force of the blast and explosion caused a stream of fiery gasoline to spray Bubbles, lighting her on fire. 

[Note that Bubbles has Weakness [Fire] so this was particularly dangerous for her.]

Bubbles tried to stop drop and roll, but it didn't work against the gasoline fed flames. 

The next two patrol cars crashed into the police car that Bubbles had disabled. Bubbles rolled toward the broken fire hydrant and the water to wash off the gas as the fire spread from her torso to her arms.

Bubbles made it to the water main and rolled in the water spout to douse the gasoline fire off. 

Meanwhile, two patrol cars in Uptown pursued the group's van. The Blood King fired the heavy laser in the back of the van at a building. This caused bricks to crash into the road as it partially collapsed the wall of the gas station. 

[I changed that tile from normal to a pothole tile.]

One patrol car hit the bricks and leapt forward. The left front end was smashed and the police car spun into the corner of the bike shop. The initial crash killed the SoCorp police car driver and the secondary spin crushed the SoCorp police car passenger. The other car got around the corner in pursuit but was then shot by the Blood King. The hit on the left side of the police car curbed it from the force of the blast.

"Cue Benny Hill or Blues Brothers music."

Wheeljack narrowly avoided a construction manhole obstacle to get into Uptown. 

[On a club I changed the last tile to a construction obstruction as the complication.]

Meanwhile Bubbles had gotten out of Downtown when she was nearly mowed down by a patrol car in Uptown. However, she dodged out of the way and managed to catch up with the group as the police car crashed into the curbed patrol car. Another police car had their engine flooded and stalled.

[The other patrol car rolled a 1 on their Driving roll, meaning no progress in the Chase on a non-complication action card.]

Sunday January 2, 2005
Uptown, Star City

The Omegans found an armored car guarded by four armored SoCorp SUVs. 

 The Blood King jumped on top of the van then Wheeljack did a crazy set of maneuvers on two wheels allowing the van to catch up to the lead SoCorp elite escort SUV. However, the maneuver caused the Blood King to fall onto the roof of the right SUV. 

[Randall had Wheeljack do a couple of these maneuvers by using Never Knew I Had it in Me.] 

Bubbles used her rocket boots to get to the back of the armored car. She used her Vibro saw to cut open the back door. But then her rocket boots gave out as they had become water-logged and pressed to the limit to keep up with the van. She stuck her sai into the fender of the armored car and skitched on the back of the van. 

Ruin laughed and turned into his earth form and leapt on top of the armored car's hood. The weight caused the front axle to snap. But this caused the armored car to slide backwards and smack the front end of the two back SUVs. This caused the armored car, Ruin, and Bubbles to flip on top of the other two SUVs. But suddenly, the Blood King grew to its maximum height and width. Ruin managed to land on its back and the Blood King grabbed Bubbles. The three cars formed a pyramid as the people inside were crushed to death and the safe fell out of the back of the van during the flip.

[Kevin played Mechanical Malfunction on the armored car. Then he played Inspiration with Destiny's Child as he soon realized the gravity of the situation as 10d6 collision damage hit the table (2 inches back for the armored car, 4 inches momentum each for the two SUVs = 10 inches. Randall played his Golden Bennie to save the Blood King who had no Bennies to soak with. By growing 4 sizes, it gained +8 Toughness, enough to stop 2 wounds and avoid Incapacitation. Kevin rolled a soak that removed all of his wounds and Bubble managed to soak enough that she was still conscious with 3 wounds. But this crushed the armored car and two SUVs and their crew. Leaving only a large safe that Chessie doubled in size by playing Windfall with an additional play Bennie cost represented by a die.]


The last SoCorp SUV did a quick 180 degree turn around as the Hyper Drone readied its mouth cannon and the police officers in the back readied fusion grenades. 

The Blood King did a combination attack with Ruin. It threw Ruin at the remaining police SUV and smashed the front end of the  SUV. This shattered the SUV's windows and then Ruin's damage field of spikes extended and killed the driver and hyper drone in the front seats. The SoCorp Elite in the back became shaken as their heads smashed into air bags deployed from the force of the attack.

The remaining SoCorp Elite shook off their disorientation. One of them opened a car door and stumbled off to the right. The other one rolled its fusion grenade at the van's back left tire, and caused massive damage to the undercarriage of the van. 

Bubbles freaked out as she was held by the Blood King and gained a phobia of large machines. She struggled to escape and tried to mind control the AI of the robot. 

Wheeljack stopped the van and then teleported to the Blood King. 

[Randall played Ace with a Bennie to maneuver the van successfully and prevent a crash into the building (The Driving roll was at -7...even -5 with Ace due to the difficulty of the maneuver and wounds.) This action saved their getaway vehicle.]  

Inside the Blood King, Wheeljack ordered the Blood King to throw Bubbles at the enemy but the Blood King shut down instead. Wheeljack repaired the Blood King's AI by rebooting Linux.


One SoCorp Elite on the street tossed a grenade at Ruin but missed, destroying a building. The one in the SUV opened the door and took cover behind the van.  

Ruin changed into his fire form. He threw a fireball over the patrol car and hit the SoCorp Elite hiding in front of the van then strode forward at the last SoCorp Elite. His intense heat caused his to sweat profusely and then a flaming fist cooked him inside his suit. 

The Blood King put down Bubbles and grabbed the safe on the ground then placed it into its cockpit. Then it turned to stealth mode to get back to base. 

Wheeljack teleported out of the Blood King and into the van as Ruin returned to human form and Bubbles ran into the back of the van.

Sunday January 2, 2005
Uptown, Star City to Setsuna's Secret Brothel, Southpoint Star City

Wheeljack's van was pursued by the remaining SoCorp police cruiser in Uptown. The SoCorp police passenger threw a fusion grenade, but it missed and created a rubble roadblock that prevented them from pursuing them further. 

Sunday January 2, 2005
Setsuna's Secret Brothel, Southpoint Star City

The group met back up with the Blood King. Ruin used McGyver to make a bobby pin key for the safe and open it. They found 400,000 in gold bars which they split three ways with Ruin taking the slightly bigger share for busting open the safe, a map to the Maryland east coast, and a note. It said Al Capone wasn't dead. Follow the map, revive him, and he will give you his weapons cache as a reward. Wheeljack used his McGyver to repair the Blood King and 500 lbs. of scrap to repair the van. 

[Healing a wound on both.]

Monday January 3, 2005
Setsuna's Secret Brothel, Southpoint Star City

Ruin stole a van for Wheeljack to scrap. 

[Kevin played Get Savage! with a Bennie to get the Scavenger edge, so I allowed him to steal a van without any real opposition since they had a Magic Unstable event at 7 pm.]

Ruin tried to use the scrap to heal the Blood King but ended up damaging the robot instead. 

[He critically failed his Repair roll, wasting 500 lbs. of scrap of 2 tons and causing a wound.] 

Use those resources wisely Omegans. The final battle with the V'sori will soon be upon us. Hmmm, super gangster Al Capone may be alive?! How interesting...

--Dr. Destruction, personal journal records.

[End of Session]

XP: 2. Miss XP 1, Minimum XP = Veteran (56) 

Loot: None


Figures and vehicles include those from HeroClix by WizKids and Necessary Evil Figure Flats and Modern Vehicles freebie by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. One of the police cruisers used is from DramaScape's Parking Garage. The other police vehicles are from Outrider by DiceFestGames.

DramaScape's CityScape Vol 1 PDF

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