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Return to 50 Fathoms Recap 5

September 16, 2016 @ 8:30-10:30 P.M.


[Chessie continued to play Rosetta since her new character concept didn't quite make sense for introduction this session.]

Scene 1 Day 25 Flotsam Sea 

Horventerous woke up the unconscious Louis and tried to salve the acid blistered skin of Smithers. The ship carpenter, Joe, took a look at the ship and pronounced it sea worthy if not as aesthetically pleasing with holes in the wooden hull from the rusty blades of the Octopon warrior and the wood stained but not warped from the acid blast of the Octopon warlock. He told Red Pirate Roberts that the cannon hit by acid was melted and her last shot had busted the cannon barrel. It wouldn't fire straight anymore. He recommended keeping the cannon for intimidation reasons, but it should go overboard if needed for more cargo. 

Scene 2 Day 26 Flotsam Sea 
No Escape

Suddenly a Giant Octopus appeared behind the ship and threw two zombies onto the upper deck. A sailor screamed at the sight of the zombie and yelled, "It's John Smith, he has returned for vengeance!" Horventerous also screamed, "It's Caras Cath, back for revenge!" Both ran to the back of the ship, waking up Equias.

Equias went to the bow of the ship and opened up the hatch. He screamed up at the three sailors, two holding the delirious sailor from jumping off the ship, "What's all this about dead sailors coming back?" 

Red Pirate Roberts slowed the ship down and drew her pocket pistol. She shot the zombified John Smith in the face. His skull cracked open and his brain matter exploded out as the zombie fell off the aft of the ship to the starboard side. 

Smithers brandished his spear and stabbed it into the chest of the zombified Caras Cath. He pushed his boot into its chest and pushed the zombie off the aft of the ship to the port side. 

The giant octopus flailed its tentacle arms in what appeared to be frustration.  

Horventerous cast three water bolts at the giant octopus. All three bolts of water with a screaming elemental at the tip struck its body, but the giant octopus seemed unaffected. 

[The difference between a single heavy bolt and many small light bolts is shown here. Against a big foe, a single heavy bolt will often do better than three light bolts.]  

Rosetta stopped studying her Tome and went to the top of the ship. She drew her crossbow and then aimed it at a tentacle and fired. The bolt went through the tentacle and it fell off into the Flotsam Sea. 

[Usually you need slashing damage to do this, but this was a good way to demonstrate you could lop off the tentacles.]

The giant octopus lashed out with its three remaining tentacles. Red Pirate Roberts ducked the attack. Smithers was struck in the head and left muddled. The angered creature though grabbed Rosetta and then squeezed leaving her severely wounded.  

The creature missed Red Pirate Roberts as she jumped over the tentacle, but it struck Smithers in the chest with a sickening crunch as ribs shattered. 

Red Pirate Roberts dropped her pocket pistol and drew out her grapple gun. She fired it at the tentacle that was squeezing the life out of Rosetta. The hook tore into the creature's tentacle and she pulled it back like a fisherman bringing the tentacle onto the ship and sending Rosetta hurtling to the deck. 

Louis ran aft from the bow of the ship and stabbed through one of the creature's tentacles with a spear thrust. 

With the tentacle exposed, Horventerous drew out his Kraken bone sword and sliced the tentacle in half. 

Equias came up from below decks and dragged Rosetta to the relative safety of the lower deck. 

The giant octopus seemed to change as its eyes went from a glazed over look to eyes bulged in fear as if whatever was controlling it could no longer control its basic instincts. It spewed a massive ink jet that left Louis covered in black ichor as the creature ran away.  

Scene 2 Day 27-28 Pirate Sea 
Sunken Ruins

The group spent a couple of days exploring a submerged ruin. They pulled out a silverware set, a plate of fine china, three silver rings, and a five statue set of Masaquani stone figurine sculptures

Scene 3 Day 29 Pirate Sea

The group met the Kiera merchant sloop they had saved from the great white shark. They had repaired the ship and got more crew by selling their iron and were returning with timber to Kiera. Horventerous sold the merchant the various treasures he had recovered from the sunken ruins. He normally wouldn't have bothered with such trinkets, but he did owe Horventerous his ship, and the lives of himself and most of the crew. He asked what had happened to Calico O' Malley and Red Pirate Roberts replied, "She fell off the ship."

[I got a merchant ship draw, so called back to their earlier encounter.]

Day 31

Rosetta recovered her last wound from natural healing.  

Scene 4 Day 34 Bluth's Crown

The group arrived at Bluth's Crown in the afternoon and gained 1,900 silver pieces and two potions for goods and completing the first part of Pars' mission.  Horventerous identified them as a Potion of Speed and Restoration. Rosetta sold Pars the rings she had got from the Sunken Ruin.  The group spent the night and decided to head to Azy Cay.

Scene 5 Day 35 Pirate Sea

Red Pirate Roberts spied two pirate vessels, a Brigantine and Galleon, fighting each other. She maneuvered The Adrienne away while they were otherwise engaged with each other. Horventerous finally healed his last wound after ten days. Smithers remained severely wounded.

[Joker for 2d20, two Pirates on two 6s. One of the Pirates won and the other lost with no interference from the group, so now a Black Face card means a Pirate draw in this area without a random roll. Smithers is a Henchman (Wild Card wound levels but no wild die) carrying around three wounds, so it's really hard for him to heal with such a low Vigor.] 

Scene 6 Day 36 Azy Cay

The group arrived at Azy Cay and we called it for the night.

[End of Session]

XP: 3 (I decided to add +1 XP since the combat last session was pretty rough and I should have made it XP 3 last time. So it's a retroactive bonus XP). 

Loot: 1 china plate, 1 silverware set, 3 silver rings, 5 stone statues of Masaquani (various items from the Sunken Ruins).


   I used our two tablecloths to represent green land and blue sea on the tabletop. DramaScape's River Barge is used for the small fishing boat we are using as The Adrienne. Cannons are from DramaScape's Western Keep. Tri-folds used are from the 50 Fathoms Figure Flat Pack by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. The 50 Fathoms metal miniature is also from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. I also used some HeroClix from WizKids for this one. Jace from Magic: The Gathering Arena of the Planeswalkers makes an appearance as Natsu Nara. DramaScape's Fantasy Creatures Paper Miniatures is used for the Giant Octopus in the only combat.

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